Emily Cuarenta


Mercer University


Lawrenceville, GA

Academic Concentration: 

Women's and Gender Studies


Emily is a first generation Mexican-American, as well as a first generation college student. Emily cofounded an intersectional feminist organization at Mercer University, named F.O.R.G.E. (Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality). Emily came to college with the mindset of being a "normal" college student, but the tension between races and sexes on campus made her into the activist she is today. Around her campus, she is known to be the outspoken feminist because of her Facebook rants and participation at rallies. Emily is an unapologetic feminist and hopes to center her life's work around it. After undergraduate school, she wants to go to nursing school to get her Master of Science in Women's Health. Emily's dream is to work with Planned Parenthood and help women of lower-income.