No Milk For Your Cookies: A Critical Look at White Allyship in the RJ Movement

More recently, there has been an influx of white-led and white-centered organizations presenting their work as Reproductive Justice; through a variety of leadership networks, national convenings/conferences, and media-based resources, several patterns have been noticed across these organizations. When in community engagement spaces, the erasure of the intellectual and emotional labor of Black women is often paired with information that lacks the racial concentration and cultural competency that the RJ framework requires. Throughout this workshop, the participants will participate in critical thinking, group discussion, small group activities, and interactive media presentations that solidify the importance of Black women, race-specificity, challenging co-opting spaces and organizations, and ally/accomplice-ship as integral parts of the Reproductive Justice movement. This session is Part II of a two-part workshop series and will build upon Part I: "A Seat At The Table: Exploring Disruptive Leadership with a Solange Soundtrack." Join us for one or both sessions!


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