Miscarriage of Justice: Purvi Patel & The Criminalization of AAPI Women

In July 2013, Purvi Patel went to an Indiana hospital for post-pregnancy care. Ms. Patel’s next stop was an Indiana jail. This caucus will examine how the murder and neglect charges against Ms. Patel were fueled by a toxic interplay of anti-choice rhetoric, stereotypes about AAPI communities, and misuse of laws meant to protect pregnant people. As the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum supported Ms. Patel and documented the unfair circumstances of her case, NAPAWF found that Ms. Patel’s case and Indiana’s laws provided a unique look into anti-AAPI hostility--with Indiana prosecutors using the law to punish only pregnant AAPI women. We will use this discussion to build our capacity as abortion advocates and anti-racism advocates within and for the AAPI community.


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