Meet one of the 16,000 reasons for CLPP's work

Like you, we are deeply concerned for reproductive justice and the safety of our communities. We stand with those who are most vulnerable and will continue fighting to create a more just world. CLPP's inspiring, fierce students and alums give us reason to be hopeful for the future. Their voices, their actions, and their leadership are vital—now more than ever.

From leadership programs to an activist conference to summer internships, CLPP is educating, inspiring and training rising young activists who are working on the front lines of reproductive justice.

Meet one of our 16,000 alums:

Rage Kidvai is smiling and looking into the camera. Pink-text quote reads: "At CLPP, I had some of my most meaningful and life-changing conversations about identity, oppression and intersectionality. My first CLPP conference inspired me to become a prison abolitionist because it provided me with an entry point into important conversations about bodily autonomy and self-determination, and how we have to prioritize incarcerated people, trans  people, and people of color in these conversations. There is no doubt, CLPP’s call to action continues  to lead me to the work I do today.” Underneath, text reads: "Name: Rage Kidvai CLPP Alum: Student Group 2007; Conference Speaker 2007, 2015 Now: I am a queer Pakistani Muslim immigrant committed to ending prisons, detention, policing, and other forms of state violence. My training as a criminal defense attorney has allowed me to work at public defender offices in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and New Orleans. I am also a former equal justice works fellow at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, with a focus on representing trans, gender nonconforming, and intersex people on their immigration cases.

CLPP alums are bending history, striking down injustice, shaking the world. Many of them continue to courageously and tirelessly fight for reproductive justice throughout their careers.

They are strong, smart, and accomplished. And they are changing lives.

We believe in this future. Join CLPP in creating a cascade of change: Invest in the Rages of tomorrow.

In hope and solidarity,

Mia Kim SullivanAmy CryselMarlene Gerber Fried
CLPP Co-DirectorCLPP Co-DirectorCLPP Faculty Director

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