Marlene Gerber Fried and other RJ Activists: "Understanding Reproductive Justice: A Response to O’Brien"

Marlene Gerber Fried, CLPP Faculty Director, in collaboration with Loretta Ross, SisterSong Reproductive Justice Collective; Rickie Solinger, Author; Toni M. Bond Leonard, Activist/Reproductive Justice Expert; and Jessica Danforth, Native Youth Sexual Health Network, wrote an article titled, "Understanding Reproductive Justice: A Response to O'Brien". On April 25th, Jon O'Brien of Catholics for Choice wrote an article for RH Reality Check, Why We Must Remain Pro-Choice

The article begins by saying, "We see the history and content of the reproductive justice framework and movement, and its critique of choice, quite differently. Because Catholics for Choice is a strong ally in the struggle for reproductive justice, we feel it is especially important to offer our perspective."

Be sure to check out both articles at RH Reality Check's website to get a full perspective of the discussion. The conversation around pro-choice, reproductive justice, and reproductive health is a large one to be had. Don't let the history and the intersectionality of the reproductive justice movement get lost. "O'Brien is concerned that reproductive justice does not allow for focused advocacy. We disagree. Having a broad, intersectional analysis does not mean that every organization has to fight on all fronts all the time. Achieving reproductive justice does require countering an opposition that is itself broad and intersectional, as it pursues an anti-woman, pro-patriarchal, and racist agenda. No one organization can possibly do this alone. It is precisely because we do not and cannot all work on the same issues that we need the cross-cutting analysis and shared values encompassed in reproductive justice."  -Understanding Reproductive Justice: A Response to O'Brien

“Reproductive justice is not a label—it’s a mission. It describes our collective vision.” 

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