Love Your Birth Control? Tell Congress!

Valentine for Birth Control

Last week, President Obama reaffirmed that women will be able to access no-copay birth control even if they work for an employer or attend a college that does not want to provide it. If an employer or school has decided not to provide contraceptive coverage on religious grounds, insurance companies will be required to provide no-copay birth control coverage to women directly. While the Catholic Health Association has already come out in support of this solution, Republicans in Congress are only increasing their efforts to roll back birth control access.

This announcement is a clear victory for women's health, but the fight is far from over. It's going to be tough, but we have the power to make politicians in Washington back down from their continuing attacks on our independence and bodily integrity. We all need to make our voices heard.

During the week of Valentine's Day, we’re showing our support for birth control on our campuses and in our communities by joining the Birth Control 4 Us campaign. Join us and create a Valentine's Day ruckus!


Email Congress by signing this petition and urging them to protect access to birth control.

"Twitter Storm" Congress with #BC4US valentines.

If you’re in the western Massachusetts area, stop by the CLPP office in Franklin Patterson Hall, room G-17. We’ve printed out valentines you can use, and we’ll take your photo in front of a snazzy backdrop!

*by sharing your photos via our Facebook Page or email, you give permission for these photos to be used for any Civil Liberties and Public Policy materials, including but not limited to websites and printed publications. All photos must be of people age 18 or older.

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