RRASC Interns

Aisha Mahama-Rodriguez | 2020
College/University: The University of Texas at Austin
Academic Concentration: Government & English; Minor in French & Political Communications
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Aisha is a second-year Government and English double-major minoring in French and Political Communications at the University of Texas at Austin. She’s invested in decarceration and civil rights law and pursues social justice through combining social science research with political activism. Her previous work includes interning at the Texas Civil Rights Project and interning with the Texas House of Representatives. Her other passions include cinema, cooking & baking, and the search for the best cup of coffee.
Alex Hernandez | 2020
College/University: University of Texas at El Paso
Academic Concentration: Marketing
Hometown: El Paso,TX
Born and raised in El Paso, TX, Alex thrives off of close relationships and the sense of community. She loves to have everyone around me feel at home and safe (which is one of the reasons she got into social justice). She is in marketing to learn the ropes of allowing non-profits to reach their full potential.
Alyssa Stenson | 2020
Intern with: Advocates for Youth
College/University: Rutgers University-Newark
Academic Concentration: Women and Gender Studies; Minor in Sociology
Hometown: Huntingtown, MD
Alyssa is a Women and Gender Studies major at Rutgers University-Newark. Full-time Megan Thee Stallion enthusiast, hates bras, and loves tattoos. She is passionate about reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ issues, and sex education.
Andrea Ponce Mata | 2020
College/University: University of California, Berkeley
Academic Concentration: Legal Studies; Minor in Political Economy
Hometown: Richmond, VA
I was born and raised in Mexico until the age of four. I come from a single-parent household of strong and independent women. I enjoy reading and I consider myself a life long learner. I envision myself becoming a lawyer and increasing representation for women of color in every space possible.
Anupriya Rachel Jacob | 2020
Intern with: SIECUS
College/University: University of Washington
Academic Concentration: Public Health (BA); Minor in Anthropology and Law, Societies, and Justice
Hometown: Chantilly, VA
Anupriya is a third year at the University of Washington studying Public Health, Anthropology, and Law, Societies and Justice. She is interested in the constraints surrounding choice in reproductive care and is excited to learn more as she goes on in life. She is South Indian and very proud to be. Anupriya coordinates youth voter registration efforts with WashPIRG's New Voter's Project and is also doing activism in Seattle's South Asians for Black Lives Matter movement. Otherwise, she is at home petting her dogs, eating snacks, or creating chaotic playlists on Spotify.
Araya Dunne | 2020
Intern with: SisterLove, Inc
College/University: University of Iowa
Academic Concentration: Social Justice; Minor in Music
Araya Dunne is a second-year student at the University of Iowa, where she holds a leadership position for the largest multicultural organization on campus, "Walk It Out". She is involved in many student organizations catered towards racial minorities and first-generation students, including, The Iowa Edge Program, UIOWA Womxn's Summit, Black Student Union, and TRIO Upward Bound. She hopes to rise into more leadership positions and will work as a Residence Assistant for new and returning students in the following school year.
Aura Lindo | 2020
Intern with: The Doula Project
College/University: University of Central Florida
Academic Concentration: Social Science; Minor in Cultural Anthropology, Global Sociology, Women’s & Gender Studies
Hometown: Boston, MA
I’m Aura, I am a queer Afro-Caribbean woman & I have a passion for helping people in intimate ways. I’m also a student, older sister, birthworker & a future community organizer! Rooting for everyone black!!
Baylor Andrews | 2020
College/University: Georgia State University
Academic Concentration: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Minor in Political Science
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
I am Baylor Andrews from Atlanta, Georgia and I use any pronouns. I am a senior at Georgia State University majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minoring in Political Science. I am passionate about issues such as prison abolition, transformative justice, and community care, and labor rights. I am an organizer with Southerners on New Ground and 9to5: Winning Justice for Working Women. I am highly influenced by my grandmothers, paternal grandfather, bell hooks, Anna Julia Cooper, Mariam Kaba, and Rosa Parks.
Carizma Forbes | 2020
College/University: Howard University
Academic Concentration: Health Education; Minor in Biology, Chemistry
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Carizma Forbes is a second-year health education student at Howard University. She currently aspires to be able to work to educate the general public on and advocate for women's health rights. In her free time, she loves to listen to music and do anything that you could find in Michael's.
Cheyanna Duran | 2020
College/University: New England Conservatory
Academic Concentration: Oboe; Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Conifer, Colorado
Originally from the mountains in Colorado, I am an oboe major and gender and sexuality studies minor at New England Conservatory in Boston. I am the president of my school's Student's Advocating for Gender Equity (SAGE) club, where I plan events that showcase womxn and non-binary students at NEC. I also utilize the club as a support group for students and provide resources for those struggling with gender-based issues on and off-campus. I recently became a volunteer with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), working with its Community Awareness and Prevention Services program.
Denisce Palacios | 2020
College/University: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Academic Concentration: Political Science; Minor in International Business & Theatre Performance
Hometown: La Feria, Texas
Denisce Palacios (she/her/hers) is a first gen student & first-gen Mexican-American at UT Rio Grande Valley where she helped co-found the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and Civic Engagement Departments at her university. She's the RGV Campus Organizer for TFN's youth issue advocacy and electoral organizing program Texas Rising, a Teen Vogue Voter Committee Member, and has organized for progressive political campaigns. She's especially passionate about immigration and environmental justice.
Elí Alejo | 2020
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Latin American/Latinx Studies, Political Theory, and Studio Art
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Elí is a rising senior at Hampshire College studying Latin American/Latinx Studies, Political Theory, and Studio Art. Their studies focus on addressing the effects of colonization, US intervention in Latin America, and showcasing the history of Latin American and Latinx resistance. Elí has worked in multiple sectors ranging from grassroots to federal in hopes of utilizing their experiences to support community efforts working to change policies/gain autonomy. In the near future, they are hope to pursue an MA in Public Policy and Studio Arts.
Eric Qiu | 2020
College/University: The University of Texas at Austin
Academic Concentration: Finance
Hometown: Houston, TX
Eric is a third year student at the University of Texas at Austin. They are also pursuing a certificate in human rights and social justice and aim to dismantle systemic oppression by empowering communities that have been historically marginalized at the intersections. Along with social justice, they are passionate about community building, art, and popular culture. They aim to pursue law after undergrad to satisfy their desire to provide direct services to underprivileged communities.
Fiona Kennedy | 2020
Intern with: Teachers Unite
College/University: Tulane University
Academic Concentration: Public Health; Minor in Political Science
Hometown: Williston Park, NY
My name is Fiona (she/her pronouns) and I am currently a junior at Tulane in New Orleans (my favorite city in the world!) Some of my interests within RJ include the Black Birth Matters movement, criminal justice reform, and sex workers' rights. I also previously volunteered as a doula and love to talk about birth! Outside of classes, I enjoy photography, reading, and working on my thesis (which examines the Louisiana discourse on policies expanding reproductive health access for incarcerated women). This summer, I will be working with Teachers Unite as a RRASC intern!
Iesha Phillips | 2020
College/University: Oberlin College
Academic Concentration: Africana Studies and Law and Society; Minor in Rhetoric and Composition
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Iesha-LaShay Phillips is a second-year at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. She is double majoring in Africana Studies and Law & Society with a minor in Rhetoric & Composition. When she has free time, you can always catch Iesha dancing, eating, or speaking out about injustices. At Oberlin, Iesha has earned the honor of being a Law and Justice Scholar, Bonner Scholar, and QuestBridge Scholar. She enjoys dancing with her hip hop dance group, AndWhat!?, and volunteering as a Writing Tutor at Oberlin High School.
Jhossett | 2020
College/University: William Paterson University
Academic Concentration: Sociology and Women & Gender Studies; Minor in Public Health
Hometown: La Romana, Dominican Republic
I'm a junior at William Paterson University majoring in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. I'm originally from La Romana, Dominican Republic and I will be interning at Sadie Nash Leadership Program this summer. I am a passionate, loving, caring, and responsible person, and I always give my all when it comes to the things I do. I am overprotective over the people and things I love, and I'll always be there for anyone who needs me as long as they let me.
Julia Teresa Martinez | 2020
College/University: Agnes Scott College
Academic Concentration: History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Snellville, GA
Julia Martinez is a second-year student at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia where she is interested in the humanities. Although she has yet to declare, she’s considering a double major in History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.
LaKia Williams | 2020
College/University: Tulane University of Louisiana
Academic Concentration: Neuroscience and Africana Studies
LaKia Williams is a current intern at SisterSong: The National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Reproductive Justice Action Collective (ReJAC). LaKia is an experienced student activist at Tulane University, she is the Founder of Big Easy EC that provides free sexual health supplies, including Plan B, she is also the founder of the Louisiana Student Activist Reproductive Justice conference.
Laura Ramirez | 2020
College/University: University of California, Davis
Academic Concentration: International Relations; Minor in Sociology & Human Rights
Hometown: Redwood City, CA
Hello! My name is Laura and I have the privilege of being part of RRASC 2020. My passion for social justice has driven me to sustain an open mind and heart that I hope to further develop this summer as a part of RRASC
Linh Ngoc Bui | 2020
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Hello! I go by either Linh or Ngoc and I just finished my first year at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Gender Studies and (possibly) Sociology or English. I love beauty, life, and justice. In my free time, you would see me having Moge Tee's Uji Matcha 0% sugar no ice with extra regular boba binging Brooklyn 9-9 or complaining to my mom about how much I miss Vietnamese food. I love reading and having existential crises/social justice angst and bell hooks is my favorite author so far. So excited for the internship!
Madison Hill | 2020
College/University: DePaul University
Academic Concentration: Women's Studies; Minor in LGBTQ Studies
Madison Hill is a rising junior at DePaul University. She is a Women's Studies major with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. In her free time, she enjoys singing, listening to music, and finding out the latest Taurus horoscope.
Minerva Garcia | 2020
College/University: Texas A&M University College Station
Academic Concentration: Psychology
Hometown: Austin, TX
I’m a Junior Psychology undergrad at Texas A&M University. I am really interested in finding an intersection between mental health and reproductive justice. Some might say that sometimes I get a little too angry about the disparities that many people face, but I want to be able to fight for those who have been silenced for so long.
Omar Lazcano | 2020
College/University: The University of Texas at Arlington
Academic Concentration: Political Science; Minor in Spanish
Hometown: Irving, TX
I grew up in Irving Tx a shy kid who loved reading and who feared asking questions/inconveniencing others. My mom called me "compassionate." I often tried, and still try, to figure the world out for myself and on my own terms. The school was a time of great highs and lows, especially high school when I made some of my most enduring friendships but also struggled academically with mathematics.
Ricardo Vega | 2020
Intern with: Teachers Unite
College/University: Wesleyan University
Academic Concentration: American Studies and English; Minor in Education Studies
Hometown: Irving, TX
I am a junior at Wesleyan University from Dallas, TX and I am majoring in American Studies and English and minoring in Education Studies. I am a first-gen queer Latinx college student and I am passionate about helping empower marginalized voices through community organizing and education. I hope to become an educator after graduating from college. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, listening to music, and watching videos and shows online (especially Steven Universe, Sex Education, and High School Musical the Musical the Series).
Sami Watts | 2020
College/University: New England Conservatory
Academic Concentration: Flute Performance; Minor in Women and Gender Studies
Hometown: Boston, MA
Sami Watts, age 20, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Flute Performance and a Liberal Arts minor in Women and Gender Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music. At NEC, she continues to cultivate her musical understanding and develop her artistic sound under the direction of the esteemed and enthusiastic, Paula Robison.
Sarah Szilagy | 2020
Intern with: NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio
College/University: Ohio State University
Academic Concentration: Journalism and Political Science; Minor in Criminology
Hometown: Columbus, OH
I am a third-year at Ohio State studying journalism and political science with a specialization in inequality and justice. In addition to being an editor for Ohio State’s student newspaper, I am a Relationship Education and Violence Prevention ambassador, meaning I educate students on healthy relationships and consent. I’m passionate about reproductive health and abortion access, intersectional healthcare, disability rights and sexual violence prevention.
Selah Wilks | 2020
College/University: Western Washington University
Academic Concentration: Pre-Med and Social Justice
Hometown: Baltimore / New York, New York
Hello! I am Selah Wilks and I am from Seattle! I am a Freshman at Western Washington University and I have an interest in being a midwife in the future. I love cooking and being outside and I want to become a film buff!
Sonya Bhatia | 2020
College/University: Tufts University
Academic Concentration: Sociology and Pre-Med track
I identify as an Indian cis-woman, and am a rising senior at Tufts University studying sociology on the pre med track. I feel that my purpose in life is the lifelong learning of the ways in which systems of oppression, particularly racism, compound and intersect to damage the body in physical and emotional ways and to heal with this framework in mind in the capacity I can. I am a kinetic learner who leads with emotion, loves to write, learn, connect with others, and crack (sometimes funny) jokes.
Sonya Sehgal | 2020
College/University: University of Texas at Austin
Academic Concentration: Women and Gender Studies; Minor in Psychology, South Asian Studies
Hometown: Helotes, TX
Sonya Sehgal is currently perusing a joint Bachelors and Masters degree in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Their academic interests include postcolonial theory, cyberfeminism, solidarity work, mental health care, and enviromental racism. Sonya is an active leader on her campus and community, currently acting as the Director for the Queer Trans People of Color Agencies and a founding member to the Mutual Aid Collective amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sun | 2020
Intern with: SisterLove, Inc
College/University: Georgia State University
Academic Concentration: Psychology
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Sun is a Black queer organizer based in Atlanta whose work focuses on building relationships and understanding. They come from a working-class background which has helped shape their political analysis which centers abolition, ecology, decolonization, and reproductive justice. They use the collective power of their comrades to move work in the South that has an impact on Black communities and creates southern solidarity.
Veronika V Granado | 2020
College/University: Univeristy of Texas at San Antonio
Academic Concentration: Mechanical Engineering; Minor in Math
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Veronika is a Mechanical Engineer minoring in Math at UTSA, as well as a storyteller, activist, and organizer for Reproductive Justice. I'm a Leo and a vegetarian!
Vishu Chandrasekhar | 2020
College/University: Case Western Reserve University
Academic Concentration: Political science and economics; Minor in Social Justice
Hometown: New York, NY
Vishu is a freshman economics and political science major, and hails from New York City. She is very passionate about reproductive justice, specifically in areas regarding health policy and inequities in access to care. Vishu enjoys reading comic books, thinking about sneakers, and wandering her neighborhood looking for dogs to befriend.
Yiwen Bao | 2020
Intern with: Forward Together
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Politics and Film and Media Studies
Yiwen Bao (she/they) is currently a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College studying Politics and Film and Media Studies. She has been working on projects in the field of labor rights and reproductive justice, and she aspires to go into the field of public interest law. In the meantime, she is interested in exploring how art and movements can be combined in advancing social justice and catalyzing fundamental political change. In her free time, you can find her binge-watch New Wave films, read novels, or watch millions of cat videos.
Zahria Thomas | 2020
Intern with: The Afiya Center
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Sex Education, Reproductive Justice; Minor in Photography
Hometown: Dallas,TX
A native to Dallas, TX, Zahria grew up one zip code away from one of the biggest teen pregnancy hubs in the state of Texas. From attending the first all-girls school in the state and being active in the community, she worked to find a way to ensure other teens received the same information she did. After a semester-long Sex trafficking course with the NEST Foundation, Zahria went the extra step to forge a connection with the North Texas Alliance To Reduce Unexpected Pregnancy in Teens (NTARUPT). 2018 marks three years Zahria has been working with NTARUPT.