RRASC Interns

Amari Sutton | 2018
College/University: Emory University
Academic Concentration: Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Amari is a second year student at Emory University majoring in Sociology and WGSS. She facilitates a black queer safe space for self-identifying students on campus, and is currently a student researcher around black queer folks and their unique spaces. She gives high value to the arts, and has continued her legacy as a local vocal performer at Emory and around the community. She is ultimately an aspiring hybrid of a critical race and queer theorist, with a sprinkle of a sociologist.
Bennett Sambrook | 2018
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies
Hometown: Dorset, VT
Ben is a third year Gender Studies Major at Mount Holyoke College with a particular investment in queer/trans youth organizing, prison abolition, and equitable and affordable healthcare. Ben works as a Social Justice Peer Educator and as the Mount Holyoke LGBT Oral History Archive Assistant, blending his passion for storytelling and community building with political action and resistance. In his free time Ben enjoys queer cinema, printmaking, and reading poetry.
Berly | 2018
College/University: Ramapo College of New Jersey
Academic Concentration: Law and Society
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Berly Rivera (She, Her, Hers ) of Newark, NJ, but born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a proud Latina, Libra, Bisexual, and first generation EOF student. She is senior (but not graduating) Law and Society major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Berly identifies as an intersectional feminist who is passionate about advocacy, civil law, social justice, calling out white feminism, women’s rights, destroying biphobia/the stigma surrounding bisexuality and improving the lives of marginalized women of color.
Caesar | 2018
Intern with: Miami Workers Center
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Film and Creative Writing
Hometown: Boston, MA
I love stories and I love Black people! As a film and writing student, I am currently studying the many different stories of imprisoned Black folks, especially trans Black folks. Reparative justice for Black womyn and femmes and transwomyn is extremely important to me and is the center of my work. I make music under the alias 'CAESHER' — some raunchy, some political, some just plain ol' fun! I enjoy getting my nails done (that is something very special to me) and I live for a pink lipstick and gold choker. Those things have become part of my day-to-day signature.
Caitlyn Caruso | 2018
Intern with: Advocates for Youth
College/University: University of Nevada Las Vegas
Academic Concentration: Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: New York, NY/Las Vegas, NV
Caitlyn Caruso is currently a student at University of Nevada Las Vegas studying Gender and Sexuality Studies and surviving spirit murder with plans to graduate in December 2018. They have been involved in activism and the reproductive justice movement since they were 15. She has two kitten sisters named Onyx and Opal, and she loves to go out with friends. When she's not doing community-based organizing work, Caitlyn emphasizes the importance of community care and preserving organizers' youth and adolescence.
Corryn Sullivan | 2018
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: History and Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Reading, PA
My name is Corryn and I use they/them pronouns. I study histories of grassroots organizing against state violence in the U.S. and Latin America at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. I am also in a program through Mount Holyoke College where I will receive a license in Early Childhood Education in addition to my bachelor's degree from Hampshire. I hope to be a first or second grade teacher. Before moving to Massachusetts for college, I lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. I was born in Reading, PA but most recently lived in State College, PA.
Desta Cantave | 2018
Intern with: The Doula Project
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Africana Studies and Art
Hometown: Princeton, NJ

**desta is sponsored through funding from the Denice O'Neill Fund at Hampshire College.

Ehidebamen Uadiale | 2018
College/University: Spelman College
Academic Concentration: Political Science and Comparative Women's Studies
Hometown: Oakland, CA
My name is Ehidebamen Uadiale but I go by Deba and I'm a Nigerian American from the Bay Area! I've been organizing around social justice issues ever since 2014 but I was first introduced to the world of reproductive justice last semester through my school's URGE (Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity) chapter and it's been such an amazing experience. I'm excited to be a 2018 RRASC Fellow!
Emma Ratshin | 2018
Intern with: Safe Passage
College/University: Amherst College
Academic Concentration: Undeclared
Hometown: Seattle, WA
"There once was a girl who cared deeply About all the world and it's peopl-ee In college she found For the world do go round She couldn't share Facebook posts cheaply Dining hall posters she saw About RRASC--an internship! Ha! Applying for it With dextrous wit Application's accepted! Aha! Safe Passage will be her work place A group that helps victims with grace She'll file some forms And help with reforms All with a smile on her face!"
Janessa Waiters | 2018
College/University: City College of New York
Academic Concentration: Psychology and Sociology
Queer. Woman of Color. Mother. Lover. Healer. Carrot Cake Aficionado. Poet. Expert Grilled Cheese Maker. I have a slightly irrational fear of squirrels. Babies, Pregnant People, and PDA make me smile.
Jilliana Rodriguez | 2018
College/University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Academic Concentration: Public Health
Hometown: Lynn, MA
I'm a Puerto Rican who grew up just north of Boston. I attend UMass Amherst and am studying Public Health and Spanish with a certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice. Fun Fact: I also love dancing for many different cultural organizations on campus.
Karolina Ware | 2018
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: political & social theory, queer theory, critical race theory
Hometown: Fort Washington, MD
Originally from Fort Washington, Maryland, I'm a third year at Hampshire College, focusing on prison abolition, conflict resolution, and alternative ways of addressing harm through the perspectives of queer theory, critical race theory, and black feminist theory. I'm part of Black & Pink's pen-pal program with LGBTQ people who are incarcerated and absolutely adore the friends I have made through B&P. I also really enjoy drinking coffee, cooking/baking (but mostly eating), reading, photography, and loving on cute animals.
Kathryn Grey Ammon | 2018
Intern with: Tewa Women United
College/University: The University of Kansas
Academic Concentration: Political Science, History, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Kathryn is a mixed white Latinx from Fort Worth, Texas. They are in their third year of studies towards a degree in History, Political Science, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas. They are the president of Students United for Reproductive and Gender Equity (SURGE) and have interned, volunteered, and worked for both networks of reproductive health clinics in the state. Kathryn wants to work in organizing and campaigns after graduation, before attaining a dual MSW/JD degree.
Katri Schroeder | 2018
Intern with: Justice Now
College/University: Smith College
Academic Concentration: Sociology and the Study of Women and Gender
Hometown: Manchester, VT
Katri is a junior at Smith College studying Sociology in conjunction with the Study of Women and Gender and is currently pursuing the 5 College Queer and Sexuality Studies Certificate. Katri is a passionate advocate for access to queer and trans competent healthcare, alternatives to dominant medical practices, and trauma informed models to care. Much of Katri's academic work is focused on analyzing power relations within state institutions. Katri is an aspiring social worker and hopes to provide this kind of care in the future.
Leslie Lopez | 2018
College/University: University of North Texas
Academic Concentration: Psychology
Hometown: Irving, TX
Leslie is an Afro-Latinx feminist from Irving, TX and a freshman at the University of North Texas. Her passion for social and reproductive justice began in high school and she continues to educate herself on current issues. She is a member of IGNITE, an organization that encourages young women to run for office, and FMLA, her school's local feminist alliance. Leslie is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Psychology in hopes that she can one day give back to her community by offering affordable services to low income individuals and LGBTQ+ youth.
Leslie Tsosie | 2018
College/University: Navajo Technical University
Academic Concentration: Business Administration
Hometown: Standing Rock (Tse'ii'ahi'), NM
I am a Native American Woman helping tribal communities and furthering my education for a purposeful impact. I always remember to take of myself first before I can be there for others. I am achieving my Bachelor Degree and will continue into a Master Degree. I will one day have a non-profit organization.
Moira Tan | 2018
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Moira Tan is a third year pre-law student at Hampshire College. Her studies examine the intersection of gender, race, and identities through the framework of the legal system both domestically and internationally. She envisions a world free of sociopolitical inequalities and hopes to help work towards universal healthcare access, gender economic security, and the destruction of pervasive patriarchal perceptions.
Nohelya Zambrano | 2018
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies
Hometown: Queens, New York
Nohelya is an Ecuadorian-born, NYC-raised first year at Mount Holyoke College. She is a Gender Studies major and working towards a Five College Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice certificate. Nohelya has always been interested in nonprofit and community action work, but recently has found she's particularly passionate about access to reproductive care for low-income persons, POC, and queer people. In her free time, you can catch Nohelya watching One Day at a Time on Netflix or spontaneously performing In The Heights for her friends.
Oumoul | 2018
Intern with: Women With A Vision
College/University: Trinity University
Academic Concentration: Anthropology
Hometown: Weslaco, TX
*bathing in the divinity of blackwomxnhood* My name is Oumoul and I am currently a junior at Trinity University. I am an anthropology major and women and gender studies minor x global health minor interested in minority x gender health issues x the social determinants of health. My hobbies include dreaming about meeting Assata Shakur and thinking about my two favorite scents, lemon and peppermint. I'm an astrology ~fanatic~ and currently working on a project that links my astrological signs to my ancestral Yoruba Orisha ;)
Ruby Ferguson | 2018
College/University: California State University Chico
Academic Concentration: Multicultural & Gender Studies and Psychology
Hometown: Benicia, CA
I am a third year college student at Chico State. I have a strong passion for social justice and am very involved on campus. My friends and family mean the world to me and I am a very fun loving person who is always down for an adventure! I make sure to surround myself with people who have good energy and I cannot wait to meet more people to vibe with!
SabriAnan Micha | 2018
College/University: Amherst College
Academic Concentration: Sexuality, Women, and Gender Studies
Hometown: Starkville, MS
My name is SabriAnan Micha (they/them). I am currently a third year at Amherst College studying Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies. I am from a small town called Starkville in Mississippi. I work in the Amherst College Women's and Gender Center as a Program Coordinator. After Amherst, I hope to pursue graduate studies in Medical Anthropology with a focus on transgender healthcare. In my free time I like to play violin and embroider.
Sara Webber | 2018
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Public Health and Reproductive Justice
Hometown: Westfield, NJ
Sara is a student at Hampshire College, and is not entirely sure what her self-designed area of study will end up looking like. She is very interested in the intersections of public health, reproductive justice, and the environment. Sara left public high school in the middle of 11th grade, and it was probably the best decision she ever made. She finished her high school studies at Princeton Learning Cooperative, a self-directed learning center in New Jersey.
Shea Leibow | 2018
College/University: Smith College
Academic Concentration: Environmental Science and Policy and the Study of Women and Gender
Hometown: Seattle, WA
I'm a sophomore at Smith College studying Environmental Science and Policy and Gender Studies. I'm a Jewish Sagittarius Sun and Moon, friendly ENFJ, I play ultimate frisbee and love to run around, and am passionate about issues surrounding reproductive/environmental/food justice. I am very excited to meet everyone and begin the RRASC program!
Sheila Suarez | 2018
College/University: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Academic Concentration: Social Work
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Sheila (Shayla) Suarez is an outspoken Nicaraguan/Peruvian American who is a student at UMBC in Baltimore, Maryland, studying Social Work with a minor in Critical Sexuality Studies. She has done reproductive rights education and outreach for over 6 years, with the goal to one day go to Widener University to get a Masters in Human Sexuality and see where the world takes her. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix food documentaries, go out and tip her server well, and also go out dancing.
Sonethaninh | 2018
Intern with: Gender Spectrum
College/University: San Francisco State University
Academic Concentration: Philosophy
Hometown: Memphis, TN
I love to run ( but I actually run everyday), through the woods, through new places near and far. I want to climb Mount Everest one day. I'm also an aspiring ER trauma surgeon and computer scientist. In my core is my chosen family and everything I do is centered around uplifting our QTPOC community.
Sophiatou | 2018
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: International Relations
Hometown: Bronx, NY
As a daughter of two West African parents, I knew from the early age that I wanted to learn about the great nations that my family members migrated to. I traveled to many places like Ghana, Togo, Senegal, France, and Belgium. And on each journey, I understood the importance of education and the power of knowledge and access. When I entered Hampshire College, I decided to study International Relations and African Politics, and with every course that I have taken thus far, human rights are one of the focal points to understanding the injustices that many ethnic groups faced historically.
Ty Ruwe | 2018
Intern with: The Theater Offensive
College/University: Smith College
Academic Concentration: Psychology
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
My name is Ty, I'm a junior at Smith College, and I'm not good at writing bios. I am relatively good at writing poetry, though! And short stories. Sometimes. Outside of that, I generally like to watch Hulu, act if I've got the time, and sit in the sun. I'm also usually friendly!
Yvonne Hamel | 2018
Intern with: SisterLove, Inc
College/University: Foothill College
Academic Concentration: Sociology
Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA
My name is Yvonne Hamel. I am a 19 year old aspiring community organizer based out of the Bay Area. I am very family and community oriented and I love spending time with my people.