RRASC Interns

Read about some of our 2015 RRASC interns in our latest CLPP Newsletter!
Bella Week | 2016
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Critical Social Thought
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Bella's studies at Hampshire College involve a lot of thinking about the ways in which race, gender, and power shape the world. Before coming to Hampshire I spent four years organizing in the LGBT movement in California. Now I'm looking forward to the summer, and spending ten weeks with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project working towards the kind of justice that I want to see.
Claire Herrmann | 2016
Intern with: Prison Birth Project
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Reproductive Health in Public Policy
Hometown: Hopkinton, New Hampshire

**Claire is sponsored through funding from the Denice O'Neill Fund at Hampshire College. Claire is from a small town in New Hampshire and now lives and works in Northampton, Massachusetts while in school. She is a third year at Hampshire College studying Reproductive Health in Public Policy, focusing on how sexuality and gender play a role in access to reproductive healthcare. Claire spends her free time reading, drawing, drinking tea and taking naps. She is very excited to be working with and learning from the staff at The Prison Birth Project this summer.

Dima Alhesan | 2016
Intern with: Amnesty International
College/University: Texas Tech University
Academic Concentration: Political Science, Global Studies
Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dima is a junior at Texas Tech University. Majoring in political science and global studies, she aspires to work for UN humanitarian programs. Previously, Dima partook in local and state-wide grassroots campaigns to elect representatives who support social justice, worked with school programs that prepare low-income students for college, and defended-and continues to defend-the importance and integrity of performing arts. Currently, Dima is working to decrease the environmental footprint at her college campus.
Dominique Steele | 2016
College/University: Wellesley College
Academic Concentration: Spanish
Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Dom is a junior at Wellesley College in eastern Massachusetts, majoring in Spanish and minoring in Health & Society. Post academia, they hope to work as a queer youth activist organizer in the South, mobilizing within the academic spaces that so often marginalize QTPOC within overly conservative systems. They have been a part of Wellesley's black queer student organization, blackOUT for the past 3 years and an active leader for 2. If they're not taking pictures, you'll likely find them searching for a farmer's market or brunch, reading Nayyirah Waheed or scrolling through Netflix.
Elijah Dixon | 2016
College/University: Pomona College
Academic Concentration: Public Policy Analysis
Hometown: Mauk, Georgia
Elijah is currently a 2nd year student at Pomona College with intentions to major in Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Psychology, as well as a minor in Media Studies. With his bachelors degree, Elijah hopes to join a non-profit organization and advance its missions of liberating oppressed and marginalized groups of people. As a hobby, Elijah enjoys reading books on methodologies for decolonizing his mind and creating fun and entertaining hip-hop choreography, mostly to Beyonce.
Elliott (Lauren) Eddings | 2016
Intern with: Safe Passage
College/University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Academic Concentration: Social Thought & Political Economy
Hometown: Amherst, Massachusetts
It's natural to be attached to reproductive justice and organizing because RJ is truly everything. Elliott would feel very pleased about a future in Nursing, specifically to support LGBTQ specific family planning resources and to support other sex and sexuality educators towards rebuilding curriculums/how we talk about bodies and agency with youth. James Baldwin is her favorite writer and the wind and the willows is her favorite film. Elliott loves bikes, diners, trains, mountains, shiba inu's, tbc.
Emma Barnett | 2016
Intern with: Young People For
College/University: Kansas State University
Academic Concentration: Political Science, International Studies
Hometown: Hutchinson, Kansas
Emma is studying Political Science and International Studies with minors in Nonprofit Leadership Studies and Women's Studies. I'm a small town girl with Midwestern roots. My areas of interest include rural reproductive health care, comprehensive sex education, ending abortion stigma, lowering sexual violence on college campuses and much more. My hobbies include watching documentaries, baking, crocheting and listening to spoken word poetry. I'm so excited to be a RRASC Intern and continue to learn more about social justice!  
Grecia Magdaleno | 2016
College/University: Arizona State University
Academic Concentration: Women and Gender Studies
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Grecia is a Latinx/Chicana, queer, first-generation college student from Phoenix, Arizona. As a youth organizer, activist, storyteller, and artist, she focuses on working on interethnic and antiracist campaigns that best serve her local community. She also serves as a Youth Rising Fellow for PP Generation Action and a patient advocate for PP Action Fund. To round her out, Grecia attends Arizona State University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies. She hopes to make the language of reproductive justice mainstream and accessible to marginalized communities!
IonaPearl Reid-Eaton | 2016
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Reproductive Justice
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

**IonaPearl is sponsored through funding from the Denice O'Neill Fund at Hampshire College.  IonaPearl was born in New York, grew up in North Carolina, and attends school in Massachusetts. A rising fourth year at Hampshire College, IonaPearl studies Reproductive Justice with a focus on abortion [access, politics, procedures, etc.] and sexuality education, as well as journalism.

Isabella Soto | 2016
College/University: Northwestern University
Academic Concentration: Journalism & Latino/a Studies
Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Isabella Soto is a first-year student at Northwestern University double-majoring in journalism and Latino/a studies. In her free time, she's involved with numerous student groups on campus including Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators, as well as a student-run programming board. She got her start with reproductive justice in her hometown of McAllen, Texas as an abortion clinic escort, and she's been in love with it ever since! Her dream job would combine her love for writing to help tell the stories of marginalized voices around the world.
Jamie Shore | 2016
College/University: Gordon College
Academic Concentration: Political Science and Sociology
Hometown: Salem, New Hampshire
Jamie is a junior political science and sociology major from Gordon College who believes deeply that reconciliation and justice are possible. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy, specifically within Christian spaces and loves exploring the interplay of identity, advocacy, and liberation. In her free time she enjoys rock-climbing, playing card games, and pretending to be an artist.
Jasmine Errico | 2016
Intern with: Prison Birth Project
College/University: Holyoke Community College
Academic Concentration: Liberal Arts
Hometown: Northampton, Massachusetts
Jasmine is a full time student and doula working toward a brighter future for all parenting people. As a momma breaking the cycles of generational poverty, mental illness and domestic violence- I strive to bring empowerment and support to the community from which I came. Through birth and reproductive justice work, I hope to break down the cages of structural violence and assure support and success for all mothers, regardless of their socioeconomic status. In my spare time I enjoy pretending to be tigers with my son, over eating cookies and karaoke road trips.
Jaydee Lee | 2016
College/University: Washington University in St. Louis
Academic Concentration: Education Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Cupertino, California
Jaydee is a East Asian feminist undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis studying Education Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She strives to work for intersectional, inclusive, and brave spaces in all of the works and organization she engages in. She loves spending time with friends as well as critically consuming and analyzing pop culture.
Jeanette Pacheco | 2016
Intern with: Tewa Women United
College/University: University of Texas Austin
Academic Concentration: Social Work, Women's and Gender Studies
Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
Jeanette's personal and professional experiences as a low-income Queer Xicana and first-generation college student have positively contributed to her passions for social change and justice, particularly for indigenous women and all women of color. I aim to contribute to the creation and sustainment of safe spaces for indigenous women and women of color to heal and thrive in and for the assured accessibility to reproductive and mental healthcare.
Jes Heppler | 2016
College/University: SUNY Geneseo
Academic Concentration: Women's & Gender Studies
Hometown: Holbrook, New York
Jes is a junior philosophy major and women's & gender studies minor at SUNY Geneseo. When she's not thinking about Plato or the metaphysics of gender, she devotes her time to educating others on gender equality, feminism, and Title IX rights as president of Women's Action Coalition (WAC). This summer, she looks forward to completing a RRASC internship at the Center on Reproductive Rights & Justice at UC Berkeley Law. Though Jes' post-baccalaureate plans are unclear, she hopes to bridge the gap between theory and practice to make a difference in the lives of women and LGBTQ+ people.
Jocelyn Ramirez | 2016
College/University: University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign
Academic Concentration: Political Science
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Jocelyn is a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying Political Science and Communications. She is passionate about gender equality, environmental sustainability, and animal rights. Jocelyn is very excited to work for the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health. Her sidekicks include her husky Lola and her nephew. In her free time, Jocelyn likes to read ecofeminist theory, play cello, do yoga, and cook vegan dishes.
Kassandra Rendón-Morales | 2016
College/University: University of Nevada Reno
Academic Concentration: Women's Studies & Spanish
Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Kassandra is a proud queer women of color who is growing more and more in tuned with her body and mind everyday. I tend to typically eat vegan/vegetarian based food, except when it comes to mexican foods.. I love tacos! I am an avid reader, and have a compulsion of always wanting to go through used book stores in hopes of scoring a good deal. I am a first generation college student pursuing a bachelor degree in Women's Studies and Spanish. I will be graduating December 2016.
Kate Hall | 2016
College/University: University of Louisville
Academic Concentration: Political Science
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Kate is a Junior Political Science major at the University of Louisville, with minors in LGBTQ Studies, Social Change, and Philosophy. I'm also labor/economic justice organizer in Louisville, KY. I run a pro-labor group on campus called Cards United Against Sweatshops. I hope to be a union organizer after college, and then go to law school with the hope of using the law to benefit those most effected by state violence.
Kiara Galloway | 2016
Intern with: Women With A Vision
College/University: University of Cincinnati
Academic Concentration: Fine Arts
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
I'm Kiara! I am a Fine arts student at the University of Cincinnati and social justice is every part of me. I am an artist with a concentration in painting, collaging and digital art, and also enjoy writing poetry. I am an intersectional feminist and activist and am specifically passionate about social justice for women on color in all areas. #Blackgirlmagic
Kris Glad | 2016
Intern with: Gender Spectrum
College/University: University of Utah
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies and Linguistics
Hometown: Layton, Utah
Kris is a third year student at the University of Utah, studying gender studies and linguistics. E is currently working with the Honors College at hir school to better foster social justice and create opportunities for students to learn more about oppression and their own privilege. In addition, e is also researching the linguistics of English nontraditional gender pronoun usage. In hir spare time, Kris enjoys knitting, cooking, and petting dogs.
Lexus Phillips | 2016
Intern with: Advocates for Youth
College/University: Spelman College
Academic Concentration: Comparative Women's Studies
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Lexus is a third year student at Spelman College, originally from Memphis, TN. She is a Comparative Women's Studies major, focusing on gender and sexuality, and minoring in Sociology. She is passionate in her belief that building relationships between communities is the best way to understand, celebrate, and work across difference. As a poet, she is particularly interested in the use of creative arts as both a healing practice for marginalized communities, and a tool to use in social resistance movements.
Mary-Alyssa Chambers | 2016
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Currently undeclared (most likely neuroscience)
Hometown: Burlington, Vermont
Mac is a first year at Mount Holyoke College. She is hoping to major in Neuroscience and is committed to pursuing social sciences and the humanities as well. She hopes to attend medical school and eventually practice medicine with a strong focus on education and advocacy for patients. She is an intersectional feminist and volunteers with social and reproductive organizations in her communities at home and at school.
Maya Perry | 2016
Intern with: Aid to Inmate Mothers
College/University: University of Alabama
Academic Concentration: English and Political Science
Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
Hi! I'm a 20 year old sophomore from Montgomery, Alabama. My mom and my baby sister (lol she's like 18) are my entire world. I'm a Potterhead (yes I wrote fanfiction). As I am a born and raised Alabamaian, I'm committed to doing whatever I can to ensure that by state improves despite patriarchal and racist( let's be real here) forces that are dominating.
Meg Denny | 2016
College/University: Northwestern State University
Academic Concentration: Humanities and Social Thought
Hometown: Mandeville, Louisiana
Meg is a sophomore at Northwestern State University in small town Natchitoches, Louisiana. Mostly, she spends her time working at the university newspaper, or leading meetings for the feminist organization on campus. In her spare time, she also participates in BAPS, a spoken word group, and works with sexual assault prevention advocates to help create a safer campus. She studies "humanities and social thought" at the honors college, and is still trying to figure out what classes fit under that category. To clear her head, she likes to drive, camp, and cook.
Rachael Strickler | 2016
Intern with: Justice Now
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Reproductive Justice and the Carceral State
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, California
Rachael is a Division III student at Hampshire studying reproductive justice and the carceral state. She has been one of CLPP's Student Group coordinators for the past two years in addition to interning for Loretta Ross. In her academic and personal ventures she hopes to learn what can be done to work towards and achieve justice. She's from the west coast (best coast), loves cool socks (especially ones with dinosaurs), and wants her next tattoo to match the image of Lady Justice featured on SCOTUS tickets (like the one that got her into oral arguments for Whole Woman's Health).
Samantha O'Brien | 2016
College/University: Amherst College
Academic Concentration: Sexuality, Women and Gender Studies
Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey
Sam is originally from Chatham, New Jersey and am currently studying Sexuality, Women and Gender Studies & Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought at Amherst College (yes, I know it sounds like six majors but believe it or not it's actually only two). One of life's greatest pleasures is running long distances through the great wilds of suburban NJ at an embarrassingly slow pace, while listening to alt-J and fantasizing about the day when I finally get to fight the neoliberals in the court of law in the name of reproductive justice.
Stephanie Mascorro | 2016
College/University: University of North Texas
Academic Concentration: Social Work
Hometown: Mckinney, Texas
Stephanie is a senior at the University of North Texas and is majoring in Social Work and has a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Stephanie is the public relations officer in the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at UNT and through FMLA, they dedicate their time advocating for women's rights, especially reproductive justice and is also a board member with the Texas Equal Access Fund, an organization that helps fund people's abortions.
Stephnie Igharosa | 2016
College/University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Academic Concentration: Biology
Hometown: Benin, Nigeria
Stephnie is a freshman still in awe that she'll be participating in this internship. In high school, she ran for both cross-country and track, performed in theatre and poetry competitions, and served on her student council. Now, she is pursuing dance in the UMASS Amherst Ballroom team, along with combating social injustice through club involvement and participation. She absolutely loves learning and experiencing new things and is open to, and sometimes even pursues, change.
Teanna Holmes | 2016
Intern with: The Doula Project
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: History
Hometown: New York, New York
Teanna is from New York City and currently attends Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. I am a history major, theater minor and currently on my pre-health track. I am a trained birth doula and passionate about reproductive health and social justice. This will be my first summer working with reproductive health and justice, and I look forward to the learning experience.  
Tierra Fenderson | 2016
College/University: Spelman College
Academic Concentration: Sociology
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
I feel like I am a modern day hippie. I try to be more in tune with nature and spirituality. I'm just a young radical trying to maneuver within a hypocritical society.
Verdah Ahmad | 2016
College/University: Stony Brook University
Academic Concentration: Sociology
Hometown: Irvington, New Jersey
Verdah is a second year student at Stony Brook University studying Sociology. After graduating, she hopes to spend a year in non-profit work before matriculating into Stony Brook University Medical School through the Scholars for Medicine Program. She is passionate about a number of social justice causes, particularly combating racism and Islamophobia in her local community. She loves to explore new places, eat fabulous food, and laugh at her own jokes.
Victor Bene | 2016
College/University: Hamilton College
Academic Concentration: Africana Studies and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Lynn, Massachusetts
Victor is a first year Posse Scholar at Hamilton College, currently double majoring in Africana and Environmental studies with a concentration in philosophy. He is interested in the ways that colonization and enlightenment philosophy have lead to environmental degradation. As a chicanx queer nonbinary transgender man, he believes that the personal is political, and that every privilege offers opportunity to help elevate marginalized voices in speaking power to truth. He began community organizing at fourteen, and is ecstatic to build power with SONG this summer!
Vivian Martinez | 2016
College/University: University of California Santa Barbara
Academic Concentration: Global & International Studies and English
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Vivian is a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara and takes full advantage of the year-round warm weather by going to the beach as much as she can. She will graduate next year with a double major in English Literature and Global & International Studies. On campus, she can be found advocating as an active member of the UN Girl Up initiative and hopes to continue her passion for reproductive health and education this summer with California Latinas.
Xuan (Cindy) Li | 2016
College/University: Washington University in St. Louis
Academic Concentration: Biochemistry; Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Cindy is a junior double majoring in biochemistry and women, gender and sexuality studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Having spent three years in the Show Me State, Cindy feels deeply connected to the St. Louis community and could not imagine going anywhere else for college. She is a plant biologist in the making and plans to pursue a PhD after graduation, but this summer she wants to take some time off from science and explore her activism dimension!