RRASC Interns

Adiba Khan | 2017
College/University: University of California Berkeley
Academic Concentration: Public Health
Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
Adiba is a Bangladeshi-American from Norman, Oklahoma. She is a third year student studying Public Health and Legal Studies. She is a Founder and the Director of UC Berkeley's first undergraduate pro-choice student organization, Students United for Reproductive Justice at Berkeley (SURJ). With SURJ, Adiba has been the leader and driving force of the movement to implement medication abortion services at college student health centers across California and is currently advocating for passage of CA Senate Bill 320.
Alexandra Mitchell | 2017
College/University: Lewis-Clark State College
Academic Concentration: Nursing
Hometown: San Leandro, California

Alli is a mixed Peruana and Black, senior BSN student at Lewis-Clark State College in North Idaho. Along with nursing school, she is simultaneously working towards becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant through Portland State University. She is passionate about sexual and reproductive health and access, birthing justice, breastfeeding disparities, and racial inclusivity in the medical profession. Between studying, she works as a certified birth and postpartum doula, nanny, and small time chef at an olive oil boutique!

Avery Walton | 2017
Intern with: Class Action
College/University: The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina
Academic Concentration: English & Spanish
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Avery is a first generation college student from Williamsburg, Virginia. He's the oldest of 5, is bilingual, and lived abroad for six years. He played football, ran track, and acted in high school and is a member of a military drill team, rugby player, and president of 3 clubs in college. He attends the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina and is double majoring in English and Spanish and minoring in Fine Arts with the hopes of becoming a high school English teacher and an Army officer in the National Guard after he graduates.
Cal Goulet | 2017
Intern with: Gender Spectrum
College/University: University of Texas at Austin
Academic Concentration: Women's and Gender Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX

Cal is interested in higher education teaching and faculty development. Cal is a former intern at the University of Texas at Austin's Gender and Sexuality Center, and Cal has learned almost everything they know about social justice issues from the Center. Cal also enjoys educating others about social justice issues-- especially ones regarding gender identity, intersectional feminism, and many more. They are non-binary. Cal loves dogs, lizards, chicken nuggets, and pineapple on their pizza.

Chelsey Foster | 2017
Intern with: The Doula Project
College/University: University of Michigan
Academic Concentration: English
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Chelsey is a proud Detroit native and sophomore at the University of Michigan. She is majoring in English and is also on a pre-med track. She is passionate about altruism and Women's health, and she wants to go into the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology after medical school. Chelsey loves to get out and meet new people. In her free time, Chelsey likes to listen to music (lots of J. Cole) and watch Love and Hip Hop.

Daisy Orellana | 2017
College/University: University of California, Santa Cruz
Academic Concentration: Community Studies & Feminist Studies
Hometown: San Jose, CA

Daisy is a junior at University of California, Santa Cruz double majoring in Community Studies and Feminist Studies. She is a strong believer in "paying it forward" and "unconditional positive regard." Daisy's inspiration to join the reproductive justice movement comes from her mother, who moved to the Bay Area in the hopes of finding a safe and healthy environment to raise her children. Since a young age, Daisy has been interested in being an involved community member and passing along the resources she discovers along the way.

Danielle Johnson | 2017
College/University: Indiana University-Bloomington
Academic Concentration: Environmental Health
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Danielle is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in Environmental Health with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. She would like to attend medical school upon completion of her undergraduate. Her interests include the impact of climate change on human health and how environmental hazards add to health disparities. She looks forward to working towards environmental justice this summer. Danielle is a foodie with a special love for ice cream. She also enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and keeping up with pop culture.

Danisha Harris | 2017
Intern with: SisterLove, Inc
College/University: City University of Seattle
Academic Concentration: Applied Psychology
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Danisha is a second year student at City University of Seattle, where her passion for youth advocacy and social services leads her to pursue a degree in Child/Adolescent Psychology. Growing up in both Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD, she is passionate about bridging the achievement and opportunity gap for students of color. You can find her exploring her creative interests (singing, writing, and the visual arts) in her spare time, or planning and hosting community education events for people of African descent with her community organization, The Afro Collab.

Emily Cuarenta | 2017
College/University: Mercer University
Academic Concentration: Women's and Gender Studies
Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA

Emily is a first generation Mexican-American, as well as a first generation college student. Emily cofounded an intersectional feminist organization at Mercer University, named F.O.R.G.E. (Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality). Emily came to college with the mindset of being a "normal" college student, but the tension between races and sexes on campus made her into the activist she is today. Around her campus, she is known to be the outspoken feminist because of her Facebook rants and participation at rallies.

Isa Zuluaga | 2017
Intern with: Justice Now
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Critical Housing Studies
Hometown: Miami, FL

Isa is a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College, currently designing her own major in Critical Housing Studies. She specifically focuses on how past and present housing policy in the U.S. affects Latinx people. Isa was born in Bogotá, Colombia and is the proud hija of a Peruvian mother and Colombian father. She's lived most of her life in Miami, FL. In her free time, she finds joy by using watercolors and gel pens to fill-in coloring books, collecting quotes, and looking at cute animal videos.

Jadielis Muñoz Nieves | 2017
College/University: San Diego State University
Academic Concentration: Women's Studies
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

Jadielis is studying Women's Studies and Counseling and Social Change in San Diego State University. As a queer Latina, she is committed in creating spaces for her communities where they can heal, exist, and celebrate one another. By being a member of the Association of Chicana Activists, she is passionate about providing resources and leadership positions for women of color. In her spare time, Jadielis enjoys listening to spoken word poetry, reading, and growing with important people in her life.

James Ding | 2017
College/University: University of Texas at Austin
Academic Concentration: Biology & LGBTQ Studies
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX

Jimmy is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Biology. Through his work with the Trevor Project, he has developed a passion for LGBTQ rights and hopes to make the healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Jimmy plans to attend medical school after graduation.

Jonathan Bridenbaker | 2017
Intern with: Amnesty International
College/University: University of Southern Mississippi
Academic Concentration: Communication Studies & History
Hometown: Gulfport, MS

Jonathan loves anything involving speech and advocacy. From being the vice president of his college's speech and debate team to working in a communication center helping people with their speeches and presentations, Jonathan is convinced that speech is the ultimate power. Jonathan has a passion for social justice galvanized through work in his college's chapter of Amnesty International and volunteer work with social justice organizations and disaster relief around Hattiesburg, MS.

Kaylie Vezina | 2017
Intern with: Safe Passage
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Theater and Dance as Healing Techniques
Hometown: South Portland, ME
Kaylie is a rising senior at Hampshire College where they study the use of theatre and dance as healing techniques for those who have experienced sexual trauma. Kaylie spends a lot of their time working in the theatre at Hampshire and is on an improv troupe called the NDC. Kaylie loves their cat, Georgie, taking naps, and spaghetti. They are very excited to be working with Safe Passage this summer!
Kristin Sanders | 2017
College/University: Florida State University
Academic Concentration: History
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kristin is an activist hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she works on reproductive health education, policy, and legislation affecting marginalized communities. As an Afro-Latinx, West Indian, first generation college student, her passion includes organizing millennials around social justice issues with an emphasis on the importance of diversity.

Lauren Alexander | 2017
Intern with: All-Options
College/University: Indiana University-Bloomington
Academic Concentration: Biology & French
Hometown: New Albany, IN

Lauren is a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in Biology. Post-academia, she plans to work in a reproductive healthcare setting with a focus on providing affordable and accessible care. When she is not meditating, biking around town, or dreaming up her ideal future in an intentional community, she can be found working with Students Against State Violence, a group of activists at her university fighting racism, imperialism, capitalism, and patriarchy.

Liam Sanders | 2017
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies
Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Liam grew up in California and attends school in Massachusetts. A soft-spoken second year student at Hampshire College, he concentrates in Gender Studies and Ethics with a focus on activist coalition, social justice movements, and prison abolition. He's also interested in alternative education and radical pedagogy.

Madeline McCubbins | 2017
College/University: University of Louisville
Academic Concentration: Women's and Gender Studies
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Madeline studies Women's and Gender Studies and Social Change at the University of Louisville. She is President of a group called Students for Reproductive Freedom. She gets frustrated with basically every institution she is a part of. Madeline has no idea what she'll do once she graduates, but wherever she ends up, you can always count on her to wear fabulous earrings.

Nathaniel McGuigan | 2017
College/University: Humboldt State University
Academic Concentration: Cellular Molecular Biology
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Nathaniel is a fourth year student attending Humboldt State University and is majoring in Cellular Molecular Biology. While attending Humboldt State, Nathaniel has been involved in activism campaigns, with groups such Mecha, some of which have intersected with reproductive rights. As an aspiring biologist Nathaniel plans to pursue a PhD after graduation and later work to reduce health disparities among indigenous communities.

Nicole Villacrés-Reyes | 2017
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: Gender Studies
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador and Fayetteville, AR

Nicole is a junior at Mount Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts, majoring in Gender Studies with a minor in Latino Studies and a Five College Certificate in Reproductive Health Rights and Justice. She is also a varsity athlete on the rowing team. Post graduation, Nicole hopes to join a non-profit that focuses on public policy surrounding housing rights or immigration. She plans to attend law school and become a feminist legal scholar so that she can critique public policy through a feminist lens. Nicole enjoys trying new restaurants and going on hikes.

Nina Zamarripa | 2017
College/University: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Academic Concentration: Psychology
Hometown: Pharr, TX

Nina is a Chicana from the border town of Pharr, Texas. She's a third-year student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley majoring in Psychology with minors in Biology and Chemistry. Nina is currently the chapter leader for Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity and takes part in other social justice organizations on her campus. She's an advocate for reproductive justice, immigration rights, and mental health - as well as dismantling machismo/marianismo in the RGV.

Nora Cameron | 2017
College/University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Academic Concentration: Public Health
Hometown: Boston, MA
Nora is a sophomore at UMass Amherst studying Public Health, Social Work, and Arabic. She interns at the Center for Women and Community, a sexual and relationship violence prevention organization at UMass, as an Educator Advocate, focusing on consent education promotion. Her passions within the public health field include sexual health education, LGBTQ+ health rights, and mental health work.
Olivia Wargo | 2017
College/University: Hampshire College
Academic Concentration: Reproductive Health
Hometown: New York, NY

Olivia is a third year at Hampshire College, studying reproductive justice, creative writing, and sculpture. From Brooklyn, NYC, she has fallen in love with the quiet woods and sprawling cornfields of Western Massachusetts. She spends most of her free time loving her friends, taking baths, and finding new walking paths. Right now she is reading "Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth," by Warsan Shire and listening to Noname's album "Yesterday" on repeat.

Sonia Mohammadzadah | 2017
Intern with: Advocates for Youth
College/University: Mount Holyoke College
Academic Concentration: English & Anthropology
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Sonia is a junior at Mount Holyoke College double majoring in English and Anthropology, with a Five College Certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice. She has previously volunteered with the American Cancer Society and Planned Parenthood, and she hopes to continue non-profit work post-graduation. For the past two years, Sonia has been a writer for a student-run publication, MHRadix, intended to showcase diverse student voices on social justice issues.