WV Free

As West Virginia’s leading reproductive health, rights and justice organization, our vision is centered in our respect for people’s lives with the belief that access to reproductive health care and education is a fundamental human right, essential for equality, health and dignity of all people. We believe in the human right to bodily integrity, reproductive autonomy and the ability to parent children in healthy and safe environments. We understand our work to be part of a larger social justice/reproductive justice movement to ensure the rights of all families. We canvass and build the power of young people, women and people of color to vote, educating them on reproductive health issues. We have renewed our commitment to work for racial justice through partnerships and alliance building. We are deeply committed to working in coalition and place a high value on nurturing authentic relationships. We understand intersectionality to be the strength of social justice movement building.


WV FREE envisions the elevation and empowerment of all West Virginians through the promotion of dignity and autonomy of women and families.
WV FREE builds stronger communities by advocating for reproductive health, rights and justice, using an intersectional approach.

Internship description: 

Because we have multiple teams/departments within our organization, we have the opportunity to offer multiple internships each year.
Our interns have the opportunity to work in one of the following areas:
-Development and fundraising
-Outreach, communications and voter engagement
-Office management and graphic design
-Trainings and Education

Internship skills needed: 

We're looking for someone who is excited and ready to learn and really get involved in the work that we do during their time with us.


  • Charleston
  • WV

Work hours: 

Flexible scheduling, an average of 20 hours per week

Dress code: 


Office building accessibility: 

There are buses and lyfts/ubers available, but there are also several apartments within walking distance of our office. We do also have a large parking lot for folks who may be driving.

How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 


Internship dates: 

Internship final reports: 
2019Kati Hurd