Southerners on New Ground


SONG is a home for LGBTQ liberation across all lines of race, class, abilities, age, culture, gender, and sexuality in the South. We build, sustain, and connect a southern regional base of LBGTQ people in order to transform the region through strategic projects and campaigns developed in response to the current conditions in our communities. SONG builds this movement through leadership development, intersectional analysis, and organizing. Our current work is running local anti-criminalization Free From Fear campaigns to stop bleeding points that are contributing to police and state violence. We are developing Black queer and trans leadership through our BlackLivesMatter cohorts. Our queering immigration work is held through developing our mulit-lingual capacity and stopping police and ICE collaborations on the local and national levels.



Internship description: 

The intern would be apart of our daily grassroots organizing efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Recruiting and outreach
  • Planning and implementing meetings
  • Meeting logistics
  • Building relationships with our membership base
  • Attending key regional convenings for leadership development and regional strategizing
  • Admininstrative support (filing, turning-in receipts, etc..)
  • Door knocking, petitioning, phone banking, etc...
  • SONG Offices Include: *Atlanta, GA - our office is located in the West End Atlanta which is a mile away from the Marta train station a historically Black neighborhood that is being gentrified. *Richmond, VA - we have an office in Richmond and a developing campaign. It has a population of about 250,000 people. *Harrisonburg, VA - Very small town, not sure of the public transportation. (Communications coordinator is located in Harrisonburg, VA).

Internship skills needed: 

  • Ability to talk with, listen to, and relate to humans
  • Have a politic that reflects the value of working-class, Black, Brown, queer and trans lives
  • Some basic computer skills (can input data, internet research, social media postings
  • A communications genius (writing content, editing, documenting, social media amplification, etc)
  • Have a willingness to be transformed in the service of the work
  • **Sometimes we do outreach that requires interns to be 21 years old. Most events and activitites do not have an age requirement.**

Languages required: 



  • Atlanta, GA

Work hours: 

Varies, usually 10-6pm with a lot of flexibility due to the nature of organizing. Some weekends will be required

Dress code: 

Comfortable! No dress code.

Office building accessibility: 


How many people work at the organization: 

9 ppl spread out across the South

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

No, not yet.

Internship dates: