Southern Birth Justice Network

The Southern Birth Justice Network (SBJN) provides free and low cost doula services as well as run two community programs called Circle of Mamas and Young Mamas Leadership Institute which provides young parents with advocacy, different career pathways in social justice, community lobbying and organizing skills as well as political education. Also, SBJN is currently working on a Birth Justice Bill of Rights that is a Know-Your-Rights and Advocacy tool as well as the Birth: By Us For Us Project, which is a project to create pregnancy, birth and lactation education materials for our community which is Black and Brown and Queer and Trans and Disabled. This project believes that inclusion requires intentionality. SBJN also provides an annual Birth Justice Doula Training on an affordable sliding scale.

Midwifery care is holistic, healing, and humanistic. It has a rich herstory and legacy in communities of color. Our vision is to make this care accessible to all peoples- especially Black, Brown, youth, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ+, low-income and other marginalized communities. Our mission is to expand Birth Justice by using story telling, popular education, and community organizing to improve access to midwifery and doula care.


  • Reproductive Justice

Internship description: 

On-boarding, Relationship Building and Learning

  • Will develop 1:1 Relationship with SBJN Staff
  • Will develop a deep understanding of the birth justice framework
  • Will learn about all the different SBJN programs
  • Will provide reflections utilizing evaluation tools

Program Support, Membership Recruitment and Development - 30%

  • Will help with Coordination of Young Mamas Leadership Institute
  • Will engage with Birth Justice Mentee Doulas, Mentors, Circle of Mamas and Young Mamas Leadership Institute Participants

Base Building Development - 20%

  • Will conduct outreach using various methods to SBJN program participants
  • Will have the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with community members / partner organizations

Project Planning and Research - 20%

  • Will coordinate with Director to provide support around Birth Justice related projects
  • Will conduct research on Birth Justice Bill of Rights, Birth By Us and For Us and related issues

Internship skills needed: 

  • Must have a strong race, gender, and class analysis or willingness to develop a strong analysis on these issues.
  • The ability to meet deadlines under pressure.
  • The ability to be a self-starter and team player.
  • Someone who can work independently on projects and assignments that can manage their own workflow and timelines.
  • The ability to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Commitment to study and self-discipline. The intern will be asked to participate in collective readings and discussion to further develop birth justice analysis.

Office information:

The building is ADA accessible with several different work stations, and the location is accessible by public transportation. Currently remote.

*COVID-19 changes*

We have moved our meetings to Zoom / Google meet. We have extended self-care stipends. We have conducted several trainings on virtual tools.


  • Miami, FL

Work hours: 

28 hours per week

Dress code: 

Come as you are.

How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Internship final reports: 
2021Aisha Revolus
2020Selah Wilks