Reproductive Health in Nursing

Our organization was created to support nurses doing reproductive health work, with an emphasis on abortion care. We are expecting to launch our website soon, and we will need assistance with our social media presence, and continuing our engagement with other clinically-oriented reproductive health and reproductive justice organizations.


Our Mission: To champion and build the capacity of nurses to provide patient-centered sexual and reproductive health and abortion care. Nurses are essential to the delivery of quality sexual and reproductive health care, yet they are often not considered as a part of the abortion care team. Our organization was founded to reach out to nurses who are currently providing abortion care, and to ensure that educational programs for nurses at all levels includes robust exposure to sexual and reproductive health. We are writing curriculum, engaging with other reproductive health and reproductive justice organizations, and working with policy and advocacy groups to ensure that the voices of nurses are included in the movement to protect reproductive health options for all women.


  • Reproductive Rights/Justice

Internship description: 

We will be launching our new website shortly, so the bulk of the work will be related to our website and social media communications. We will also be disseminating some of our reports and white papers about nurses in reproductive health, so we will be needing assistance to support this activity.

Internship skills needed: 

It would be great for the intern to have familiarity with social media, as well as good writing skills.

Languages required: 



  • Albuquerque, NM

How to find us: 

University of New Mexico

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Dress code: 

Workplace casual

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Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Yes, work-study students

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