The Reproaction Education Fund leads bold action to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. We are a left-flank culture change organization with deep chops in strategic communications, fearless opposition research, and community organizing, including but not limited to non-violent direct action. We are committed to racial justice, and to holding all sides accountable to working towards a more just future for all.


  • Reproductive Justice

Internship description: 

This position would advance Reproaction's cutting edge campaigns, funneling bold opposition research into accountability actions, public education and consciousness-raising, and digital campaigning to advance reproductive justice. Some of the areas Reproaction works in include raising awareness about self-managed abortion with pills, knee-capping the movement to legitimize anti-abortion fake clinics (CPCs), and nullifying laws that harm pregnant people who have used or are suspected to have used controlled substances. A highly collaborative work culture at Reproaction means the position could be tailored to the professional development desires and existing skills of the candidate, but ideally a candidate would bring an interest and aptitude in campaign-building, grassroots organizing, and opposition research.

Internship skills needed: 

  • Fierce and firm commitment to reproductive justice, including but not limited to abortion rights without exceptions
  • Ability to work with a remote supervision
  • Ability to work in a home office or other self-chosen professional environment with Internet access and minimal background noise
  • Strong interpersonal skills, especially the ability to work with diverse groups and willingness to consider alternative points of view

Office information:

We are an all-remote organization.

COVID-19 changes:

We are an all-remote organization and have committed to holding no in-person events through at least June 2021, with the possibility of extending that guidance pending public health directives. We have flexible work hours and other accommodations, and have reduced staff hours (with full pay) during the pandemic.

Work hours: 

Up to 20 hours a week

How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Internship final reports: