PopDev (the Population and Development Program) is a CLPP project that challenges population control and eugenics from social justice perspectives. PopDev takes on the idea that “too many people” are the reason for global problems like environmental degradation, climate change, poverty, hunger and even war. Our work since 1986 has included:

  • Facilitating cross-movement and border collaboration among feminist activists and scholars. For example, our 2016 Old Maps, New Terrain meeting resulted in a co-authored 2019 statement against population control and the co-edited 2020 “Confronting Populationism” themed section of feminist journal of Geography, Gender, Place and Culture.
  • Publishing the work of more than 100 different activists and scholars, 100+ issue papers and reports, and a curriculum for teaching population, food and hunger, environment and climate change in classrooms and activist trainings (published in English and Spanish) as well as other teaching tools, statements and videos.
  • Serving as a key resource for non-profits, journalists, students and activists, including writing the background paper on population for the UN Women flagship report for the 2014 World Survey of the Role of Women in Development: Gender Equality and Sustainable Development.


  • Challenging population control and eugenics

Internship description: 

Interns will work closely with the Director on core efforts. Depending on the skills and goals of the intern, these could include research into issues like Depo-Provera/Sayana Press distribution in US and international family planning; population reduction schemes that ostensibly fight climate change; and population control abuses internationally. Interns will be asked to write a brief summarizing and analyzing what they find, with support from the Director. Interns could also contribute to PopDev's communications by maintaining the project website to ensure the project's publications are available for free download, and updating publication content and delivery platforms. Interns may also be asked to contribute to administrative tasks like building PopDev's outreach database.

Internship skills needed: 

PopDev is looking for candidates with some familiarity with issues of population control, eugenics, and reproductive justice. Candidates should have previous web research experience and the ability to evaluate news articles, non-profit reports, policy reports and social media sources. Candidates should be comfortable analyzing research themes, writing and editing and have demonstrated organizational skills. Preferred skills include a familiarity with WordPress and common presentation programs. All candidates should be comfortable working independently to complete co-designed project tasks.

Office information:

Remote. Will provide accessibility measures depending on the needs of the intern.

COVID-19 changes:

28 hour work week (down from 35)

Work hours: 

15-20 hours per week

How many people work at the organization: 

1, and part of CLPP

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Internship final reports: 
2021Chandani Nash