Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts


The Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts (PPAF) is the advocacy and political arm of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM). Formed in 1984, PPAF believes that working within the political process is critical to advancing PPLM’s mission to increase access to sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education for people across Massachusetts. For more information, visit


  • Reproductive Rights/Justice

Internship description: 

We are seeking an undergraduate intern who will work with our Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of MA. The RRASC intern will receive robust training, ongoing mentorship from PPAF staff, and opportunities to do hands-on work in the field. Interns will be trained in grassroots organizing, communications, policy advocacy, lobbying, and usage of VAN, the Voter Activation Network. Interns will be able to participate in community events, trainings, and other projects as needed.


Responsibilities may include:

·       Advocating on behalf of Planned Parenthood to help pass legislation around comprehensive sexual education and expanding abortion access

·       Supporting the work of our patient advocacy programs such as the Speakers Bureau, a group of trained storytellers who share their sexual and reproductive health care experiences, and the Health Center Advocacy Program

·       Managing and tracking supporter engagement through the Voter Activation Network

·       Spearheading volunteer engagement events such as phone banks, letter writing parties, team meetings, and one on one meetings

·       Supporting the work of the ten Planned Parenthood Generation Action Campus chapters across the state and our campus organizing program

·       Helping to plan and facilitate trainings, meetings, and tabling events

Internship skills needed: 

·       Enthusiasm and desire to have conversations with new people

·       Ability to work with diverse staff and volunteers

·       Basic computer and Microsoft Office proficiency

·       Ability to multi-task and shift priorities due to rapid response needs

·       Interest in community and grassroots organizing as well as policy advocacy

Languages required: 

None, but Spanish language is a plus.


  • Boston
  • Boston, MA

How to find us: 

We are based in the Allston area of Boston, MA. Public transportation is available into Boston via the MBTA bus and subway and commuter rail from surrounding areas. Our office is located off of the B Green Line.

Work hours: 

General 9-5 schedule but must have some weeknight and weekend availability for volunteer events

Dress code: 

Casual/ Business Casual

Office building accessibility: 

There is an elevator leading to our second floor office. There is one non-essential area of our building that is only accessed by six stairs.

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Yes- Interns from our Planned Parenthood Advocacy and Campaign team are in the office once a week

Internship dates: 

Flexible May-August