National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights

NNIRR is a center for human rights education and organizing dedicated to advancing and defending the rights of immigrants and refugees, regardless of immigration status. We work at the intersections of migration, labor, environmental, women’s rights, racial justice, and international human rights. As a national organization for migrant rights, NNIRR lifts up the experiences, struggles and organizing efforts of local members with a particular emphasis on communities at the US-Mexico border, a region often invisibilized in the greater immigrant rights movement and in national advocacy reform efforts for migrant rights. NNIRR serves as a hub for shared resources and popular education tools for community organizing and capacity building, policy development, and advocacy.


  • Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Internship description: 

NNIRR summer interns engage in programmatic and communications work which may entail in-depth research, interviews of community partners, (virtual) event preparation and content presentation, writing, content development and or updates, and social media messaging and design.

Our program areas include: Just Borders, US Immigration Policy and International Migrant Rights. We take into account personal topic preference however depending on the program focus or campaign at the time, we may match interns where there is most need and a compatibility of skill.

Internship skills needed: 

  • Excellent writing, research and communications skills
  • Social media messaging and design savvy
  • Bilingual, Spanish & English, although other languages are welcome as well
  • Self-driven and directed but also able and willing to work in close collaboration with a team
  • Spanish is a plus

Office information:

Our Oakland office is ADA and accessible by public transportation, however this does not apply to virtual placements. We are committed to accommodations to meet need.

COVID-19 changes:

We are working remotely and conducting all weekly one-on-one and weekly staff meetings over Zoom. We are also improving collaborative workflow and utilizing google drive and Slack, as well as shared teams on other applications. Our one-on-ones and staff meetings also take care to check-in on personal well-being to ensure our team is engaging in self-care and supporting one another during these times. We strongly encourage team-work and cross-project collaboration to help mitigate isolation and strengthen our collective contributions.


  • Oakland, CA
  • El Paso, TX

Work hours: 

20-28 hours per week

How many people work at the organization: 

2 staff: 1 in Oakland, 1 in El Paso; volunteers 10

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: