Maine Family Planning


To ensure that all Maine people have access to high-quality, affordable reproductive health care, comprehensive sexual health education, and the right to control their reproductive lives. MFP is a Title X grantee, nonprofit sexual & reproductive health care & independent abortion care provider that operates 18 family planning clinics across the state. We provide medication and aspiration abortion care. We also have a Public Affairs department that focuses on maintaining and advancing the political and social conditions that allow our clinics to continue operating and which improve the lives of low income women, teens, and LGBTQ+ people statewide. Our Education department trains and supports educators and staff at youth-serving organizations in delivering our evidence-based sexuality education curriculum.

The Public Affairs department applies a reproductive justice lens to all our political work. This means that in addition to advocating for rights and access to abortion, contraceptives, and other family planning services, we also fight against criminalization of pregnant women (especially those using substances and incarcerated); for the expansion of our public safety net; and against policies that encroach on the self-determination and safety of women of color, immigrants, and young people.


  • Reproductive Rights and Justice

Internship description: 

This internship would be located in the Public Affairs department. While there are options for clinical engagement, the primary focus would be grassroots organizing efforts related to the policy and broader social & political agenda of the organization. In 2018, we are focusing on candidate and voter education in the context of the 2018 gubernatorial and congressional elections, as well as ongoing abortion stigma work, and more localized grassroots initiatives in communities where we operate clinics.

Internship skills needed: 

  • Openness to learning and applying an anti-oppression (pro-Black, pro-poor, pro-woman, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-immigrant) lens to work within a "transformational organizing" framework.
  • Support for abortion rights and willingness to speak and be publicly identified as working with an abortion care provider.
  • Flexibility and willingness to shift in the consistently unpredictable world of politics, both local and federal.
  • Strong writing skills preferred.
  • Comfort and/or willingness to regularly engage strangers on topics of sex, sexuality, abortion, and health.
  • Driver's license and access to reliable personal transportation.

Languages required: 

English is the primary language used for all communication across the organization.


  • Augusta
  • ME

How to find us: 

The base of operations for MFP is 43 Gabriel Drive in Augusta. However, the internship will require working in multiple locations across the state, with some travel necessary.

Work hours: 

Typical office hours in Augusta are 8 am-4 pm, but organizing hours will include some nights and weekends, and can be flexible. Some work can also be done remotely--which is to say, coming into the office will not be an expectation for every work day.

Dress code: 

Clean, casual to business casual when in the office; when canvassing or doing outreach, casual works well.

Office building accessibility: 

The office is located in a single floor building without steps. The bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

How many people work at the organization: 

98 across 18 sites; roughly 20 in the admin side (which is where the internship would be located).

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

We do not currently have any summer interns. We might, but this would really depend on if we have an interested RRASC intern.

Internship dates: