Lucie's Place

Lucie's Place is the only homeless shelter and re-housing initiative that exclusively services Trans and Queer young adults that are 18-24 years old in the state of Arkansas. We are a labor co-operative, led by Black and Brown Trans Southerners, who have also experienced violence, displacement, or homelessness. We operate as a comprehensive Trans and Queer Community Wellness and Resource Center, providing a wide range of direct services that help young queer and trans adults facing violence and homelessness develop stability, and creating sustainable options for their wellness.


  • Restorative and Reproductive Justice

Internship description: 

The intern will be a part of a collaborative work environment, where they will be responsible for direct project management and provide project assistance. They will work equitably alongside all of our site service providers, and have the autonomy to design and be self-directed on what project they would most like to work on or alongside. They will be responsible for writing a short report on their experience, and creating some form of media that serves to be informative, and depicts the conditions of living specific to trans and queer southerners, in the Delta Region.

Internship skills needed: 

  • Creative ingenuity
  • Office organization skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Curiosity
  • Vulnerability
  • Direct communication
  • Self-directed
  • Flexible
  • Time-management skills
  • Drivers license age 18+

Office information:

Our internship is designed primarily for an in-person placement, as they will be in part required to do rural outreach. The building location is accessible by public transportation. There is a security system to enter the center. We have 3 offices which are shared between our general staff and include the intern, and which we establish regulated hours to maintain social distancing. We provide access to therapy.

COVID-19 changes:

Our work is in-part, providing direct services, and the continuation of our organization requires remaining open and being available to our member basis. Our staff is asked, to get tested every two weeks and report their results for the safety of our team, and members. While the bulk of our programming has been shifting to a virtual platform, the direct services we provide are still a critical need, and we provide personal safety equipment to both our members and staff who are either performing or receiving services.

Work hours: 

21-28 hours a week

How many people work at the organization: 

4 staff and 3 regular volunteers

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Internship final reports: 
2021Iyanu Bishop