Legal Services for Prisoners with Children


Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) organizes communities impacted by the criminal justice system and advocates to release incarcerated people, to restore human and civil rights and to reunify families and communities. We build public awareness of structural racism in policing, the courts and prison system and we advance racial and gender justice in all our work. Our strategies include legal support, trainings, advocacy, public education, grassroots mobilization and developing community partnerships.


  • Prisons and Criminalization
  • Legal and Public Policy

Internship description: 

Interns at Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) are assigned to a variety of projects, depending on current programmatic needs and intern skill and interest. Summer internships are full-time (35+ hours per week).

Examples of possible intern projects include:

  • Answering prisoner letters: We receive a significant number of letters from incarcerated people regarding a variety of issues and we respond with legal information and referrals. Interns are able to gain experience researching case law, communicating with clients, and conducting real-life problem solving for this work, as well as to gain familiarity with California criminal, family, and civil rights law.
  • All of Us or None organizing: AOUON is a collective of formerly incarcerated people, our loved ones, and allies organizing communities to end the discrimination faced by formerly incarcerated people in areas of employment, housing, education, and civil rights. Interns may assist AOUON with planning or staffing community events, conducting outreach, and various administrative support.
  • Family Unity Project support: This program focuses on the impact of incarceration on children and family members, as well as on helping incarcerated parents stay connected with their children. We believe all children have the right to lifelong relationships with their parents, so we help parents in prison enforce their rights to be visited by their children. Within this project, we engage in impact litigation, write reports and conduct investigations, and make educational presentations inside and outside of prisons.
  • Law and policy support: LSPC fights to change the legal structures that perpetuate the oppression of people of color and low-income people through policing, criminal records, and incarceration. While we do not take individual cases, we do litigate a small number of impact cases. We also engage in legislative and administrative policy advocacy by sponsoring bills and lobbying at a state and local level. Our legal staff and interns also periodically provide legal information during record clearance clinics. Priority is given to law students in assignment of law and policy projects.
  • Updating manuals: We publish several manuals and informational packets regarding prison issues, civil rights, and California family and criminal law. These materials are designed to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people legally represent themselves and interns may assist with updating or writing these materials.
  • Communications and media support: LSPC maintains ongoing communication with legal services providers, communities directly impacted by incarceration, allies, and the public through our social media pages, website and blog, monthly e-news, op-eds and press releases, and annual Justice Journal, among other means. Applications are encouraged from individuals with communications experience.
  • Fundraising support: Interns with fundraising background and/ or interest may assist our development team by providing support in drafting donor communications, tracking staff progress on grant deliverables, managing grant applications and reporting deadlines, and managing peer-to-peer fundraising.

Internship skills needed: 

Ideal LSPC interns would have:

  • Demonstrated passion about social justice and have some prior understanding of racial justice, gender justice, and intersectionality
  • Possess strong research and writing skills, with good attention to detail and editing abilities
  • Be reliable, hard working, and organized; take initiative; and work well with a diverse staff
  • Prior experience with criminal justice reform and language and/or social media skills are preferred, but not required


  • San Francisco/Oakland, CA

How to find us: 

Centrally located in San Francisco, near MUNI and BART lines.

Work hours: 

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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How many people work at the organization: 

18 staff members

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