Justice Now


Justice Now works with people in women's prisons and local communities to build a world without prisons. We believe that prisons and policing are not making our communities safe and whole but that, instead, the current system harms both the people it imprisons and their communities. From using a gender justice framework, we understand that all of the violence we face is interconnected. Efforts to criminalize violence against women, transphobic violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence have not ended those harms. Instead, criminalization has only extended the reach of the prison industrial complex. We are interested not only in challenging what we see happening in prisons, but also in building a different world, a world where all of us have affordable housing, food, healthcare, economic opportunity, and freedom from both individual and state violence. This vision includes creating new ways to respond when people harm each other in ways that no longer rely on violence and control.


  • Legal and Public Policy
  • Prisons and Criminalization

Internship description: 

Justice Now interns collaborate with people in California women's prisons and communities outside to challenge prison expansion and promote alternatives to the prison industrial complex. We partner with people inside to document conditions and share their lived experiences as a way to expose and push back against the inherent violence of the prison industrial complex. This includes abuses of the human rights, access to reproductive and healthcare services and other violations of their humanity.

Interns work closely with Justice Now staff to provide clients with direct legal services and advocacy to provide respite from the daily violence and oppression of the prison system. Interns take their own caseloads and are responsible for interviewing clients in prison and advocating for clients' medical and legal needs. We also provide legal and medical resources to assist people in California women's prisons in safeguarding their legal and human rights, including self-help materials created in partnership with people in women's prisons to address the many issues about which we regularly receive inquiries.

We challenge overcrowding in California prisons and seek to dramatically reduce the number of people in prison in California by working with women, transgender men and gender queer people in women's prisons to develop clear messaging that promotes release from prison rather than prison expansion.

Interns are closely supervised so they have assistance and mentorship throughout their work. They build relationships with leaders and currently imprisoned activists to build a movement, undertake personal and political development, and leverage privilege to challenge systemic harms.

Internship skills needed: 

Justice Now is organized as a legal and social justice training clinic, providing internships year-round to community members and students. We encourage applications from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds and prioritize applications of those who have been directly impacted by the prison industrial complex. We take seriously our goal of training the next generation of activists and lawyers in a multifaceted approach to social change work. Interns are trained and supervised in performing the majority of our programmatic work in collaboration with people in women's prisons. Personal experience with the criminal legal system, background/interest in analyses of oppression, and/or Spanish language ability a plus.

Languages required: 

English required, Spanish a plus


  • San Francisco/Oakland, CA

How to find us: 

Justice Now is located in downtown Oakland, CA. We are two blocks from 12th Street BART and located next to many bay area transit/bus routes. We are located on the second floor of our building with access to both stairs and elevator.

Work hours: 


Dress code: 

Office is casual, prison visits are business casual

Office building accessibility: 


How many people work at the organization: 

4 staff members

Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Yes, usually between 6 and 10

Internship dates: 

Still being determined but usually the beginning the week after Memorial Day and ends 10 weeks out from that date.