The Audre Lorde Project


The Audre Lorde Project The Audre Lorde Project (ALP) is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non Conforming (LGBTSTGNC) People of Color (POC) center for community organizing, focusing on the New York City area. Through mobilization, education and capacity building, we work for community wellness, and progressive social and economic justice. ALP is the only intergenerational LGBTSTGNC People of Color Community Organizing Center in New York City, and one of the few in the country. Since our founding in 1996, ALP's social justice work has been situated at the intersections of race, class, sexual orientation and gender identity. We have successfully won grassroots campaigns to change policy and other demands generated for the dignity and survival of our communities including and campaigns confronting policing, community violence and building racial and economic justice that center LGBTSTGNC POC in New York City. For 17 years we continue to expand in our organizing strategies to build collective safety, wellness and liberation within our communities, and movements.



Internship description: 

Summers are a busy time at ALP. The RRASC intern would hold a combined role:

  1. Supporting building our 3rd Space program to develop our wellness/advocacy resources and referrals database to advocate for LGBTSGNC POC
  2. Grassroots fundraising to sustain the visionary work of our members; and
  3. Supporting the organizing and political education coordinated by our two organizing programs; Safe OUTside the System Collective that is leading the Safe Neighborhood Campaign in Central Brooklyn to organize for community led safety strategies that intervene on interpersonal/communal and state violence including racial profiling and gender policing; and TransJustice building campaigns that center the leadership and survival needs of Trans & Gender Non Conforming People of Color including quality and dignified trans inclusive healthcare, housing, and building safety strategies that intervene on gender policing and transphobic violence.

Our main office is located in the Miss Major Jay Toole Building (named in honoring the legacy of living queer leaders, Miss Major & Jay Toole) where we are housed with FIERCE, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project & Streetwise and Safe. Our office in Brooklyn is in a historical neighborhood of Black and Caribbean community (confronting rapid gentrification) and we are located in the basement of a community church above the former Underground Railroad. (For both locations public transportation includes subways, buses and biking.)

Internship skills needed: 

Skills required:

  • Lived experience as an LGBTSTGNC person of color with an interest in organizing.
  • Writing and administrative skills with some knowledge of social media and computer literacy (include Excel & Microsoft Word)
  • Preferred: A good sense of humor and an interest in building LGBTSTGNC/ POC liberation


  • New York, NY

How to find us: 

Manhattan and Brooklyn NY (our main office is in Chelsea, a neighborhood of New York City; and Fort Green in Brooklyn

Work hours: 

10 - 6 for M/TH/F; and 1 - 9 for T/W though subject to change based on actions

Dress code: 


Office building accessibility: 

Our main office is elevator accessible; the satellite office in Brooklyn is not.

How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Possibly 1-2 more

Internship dates: 

Internship final reports: 
2015Sequoyah Moore
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