The Afiya Center

The Afiya Center (TAC) was established in response to the increasing disparities between HIV incidences worldwide and the extraordinary  prevalence of HIV among Black women and girls in Texas. TAC is unique in  that it is the only Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization in North  Texas founded and directed by Black women. Our mission is to serve Black  women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual  and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of  reproduction oppression.


  • Reproductive Justice

Internship description: 

The intern will work with staff to understand Reproductive Justice. The intern will also assist with research on the current pillars of the work of The Afiya Center: abortion, HIV, and Maternal Mortality. In the odd years, they will assist with the work that occurs during the Legislative Session. In addition, we will encourage them to do a special project.

Internship skills needed: 

The main skill is a willingness to learn and participate in the work of Reproductive Justice. The Afiya Center is interested in providing a young person with the opportunity to understand the lived experience of Black womxn. We want to provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in ending reproductive oppression. We want to serve expanding the Reproductive Justice lens of young Black and people of color. This environment is conducive to support both male and female identified individuals. We want to support a curious mind.

Office information:

ADA accessible space, healing room and open and airy. The intern will have access to their own workspace and will also be able to work remotely. We make space for staff to set their schedule. We do our work in a collective way that honors every voice.

COVID-19 changes:

Remote and/or in-person. So that we can simulate the work environment and maintain the safety of individuals, we are offering an open Zoom room to simulate the office environment. The office environment is also set up to respect distancing, etc.

Work hours: 

20-24 hours per week

How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: