ACCESS Women's Health Justice


ACCESS removes barriers to sexual and reproductive health care and builds the power of California women and girls to demand health, justice and dignity. We envision a future where people decide for themselves whether, when and how to have children. We envision a future where people are treated with dignity and respect in their family planning decisions and where those decisions are free from stigma. We envision a future where our voices are clear and strong; where each pregnant person trusts themselves, knows their own power and uses it to demand that everyone have the social, political, and economic power and resources to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

The heart of our work is our bilingual Healthline, which connects women and girls throughout California to information, referrals and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health issues. We help women navigate programs that pay for health care and are experts in offering resources for abortion, adoption and parenting. When women are in need of housing, food or transportation to ensure timely access to abortion care, we connect them to a network of volunteers who can provide this support or to funds when volunteer resources are unavailable.


  • Reproductive Rights/Justice

Internship description: 

The healthline intern will be responsible for answering phones and connecting our callers to the support, resources and information they need. The majority of the calls will require connecting our callers with a volunteers who can house, feed, provide transportation or doula support. The intern will be responsible in building relationships with clinics throughout the state of California to be able to have the most up to date information on clinical and policy changes being implemented. The intern will also be responsible in maintaining communication with our volunteers on any organizational or clinical changes happening. When needed, the intern will have access to lawyers, doctors and researchers who are on standby whenever we hear from callers of a malpractice or rights being denied. There is also some policy involvement. The intern will be responsible of recording all of our caller's information on our Salesforce database and build reports according to their supervisors' needs. Other projects will be delegated depending on desired acquired skills.

Internship skills needed: 

No skills are required as long as the intern has a passion for justice.


  • San Leandro, CA

How to find us: 

Confidential but 10 min walk to Bart and bus lines

Work hours: 

30 per week

Dress code: 


Office building accessibility: 


How many people work at the organization: 


Are there other interns at the organization during the summer: 

Possibly 4 to 5

Internship dates: 

Internship final reports: 
2020Andrea Ponce Mata
2018Nohelya Zambrano
2017Daisy Orellana