Spring 2017 NLNI Meeting

On April 7, 2017, 50 emerging activist leaders in the reproductive justice movement convened for CLPP’s annual Spring New Leadership Networking Initiative (NLNI) meeting at the Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. NLNIs represented 37 organizations and came from 20 states. Folks came together to connect and collaborate on emerging reproductive justice movement issues, including maternal mortality and cyber security.

Pilar Herrero and Breana Campbell of the Center for Reproductive Rights presented the first workshop, “Black Mamas Matter: Building a Multi-Disciplinary Movement to Transform Black Maternal Health.” Pilar and Breana discussed racial disparities in maternal health through the lenses of reproductive and racial justice, and human rights. The workshop gave an overview of the Black Mamas Matter Alliance work that confronts the normalization of Black maternal mortality and morbidity, reframes maternal health as a social justice advocacy issue, and builds a multi-disciplinary network of leaders and stakeholders committed to change. NLNIs engaged in an interactive brainstorming session around the challenges and opportunities of mobilizing for maternal health in our current political climate.

During lunch, NLNIs led and engaged in small group discussions on self-selected topics. These group discussions during lunch allowed NLNIs to network on issues directly connected to their work and interests. Table topics included: mental health in movement work, divisions between African Americans and Latinx folx in Reproductive Justice Movement work, expanding the Reproductive Justice Movement beyond the Rights framework, locating, saving, and protecting Reproductive Justice Movement data, alternate economies, sustainable leadership programs, and the role of white people in the Reproductive Justice Movement.

The afternoon session—A Secured Revolution: Safety and Security in this Political Moment—was led by Oriaku Njoku and Quita Tinsley of Access Reproductive Care - Southeast and Bianca Campbell of the National Network of Abortion Funds. NLNIs distilled and discussed security and safety in the current political moment. NLNIs also crowdsourced best practices for cyber security (preventatively and reactively) for our movement work.

Spring 2017 NLNIs came together to share ideas and skills to strengthen and sustain the future of the reproductive justice movement. At the close of the meeting, the NLNIs left to attend CLPP’s annual activist conference, “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom.”

1. ADRIAN BALLOU | Civil Liberties and Public Policy

2. ALLIE CISLO | Justice Now

3. AMBER GARCIA | Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

4. ASH CHAN | New Voices for Reproductive Justice

5. ASH WILLIAMS | Sistersong

6. BIANCA CAMPBELL | National Network of Abortion Funds

7. BIANCA GOMEZ | Freedom Inc.

8. BRÉ ANNE CAMPBELL | Trans Sistas of Color Project-Detroit

9. BREANA LIPSCOMB | Center for Reproductive Rights

10. BRIANNA SUSLOVIC | Sisters Unchained


12. CANDACE LIGER | Abstract Ebon Collective

13. CIERRA BURKS | Trans Sistas of Color Project

14. CONSTANCE C LUO | Texas Organizing Project



17. EMILY QUINN | interACT

18. EMMA RODERICK | Prison Birth Project

19. JANHAVI MADABUSHI | Boston Abortion Support Network

20. JASMINE ERRICO | Prison Birth Project

21. JAZ WALKER | Black On Both Sides

22. JESSICA RIGGS | Tewa Women United

23. JESSICA WILLIAMS | Freedom Inc.

24. KASSANDRA RENDÓN-MORALES | Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

25. KATHERINE KOSTER | Sex Workers Outreach Project

26. LAEL GREENSTEIN | Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at Cambridge Health Alliance

27. LAURA RIKER | Reproductive Health Access Project

28. LILL HEWKO | Surge Reproductive Justice

29. LILY BENSON KOFKE | Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

30. LORENA GARCÍA ZERMEÑO | California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

31. MARGIE DEL CASTILLO | National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

32. MARISA PIZII | The Prison Birth Project

33. MARLO BARRERA | Reproductive Justice Action Collective (ReJAC NOLA)

34. MARY DURDEN | Boston Abortion Support Network/Ibis Reproductive Health

35. MISTY ROJO | Justice Now

36. NAOMI LEGROS | Reproductive Health Access Project

37. NIKIA PAULETTE | Planned Parenthood St Louis Region & Southwest MO

38. ORIAKU NJOKU | Access Reproductive Care - Southeast

39. PILAR HERRERO | Center for Reproductive Rights

40. QUITA TINSLEY | Access Reproductive Care - Southeast

41. RAMELCY URIBE | Sadie Nash Leadership Project

42. REV. FAYE LONDON | SisterReach

43. RICARDO SEWELL | Spektra

44. SABLE NELSON | SisterLove, Inc

45. SHANTELL GOMEZ | California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

46. STEPH MCCREARY | Tewa Women United

47. STEPHANIE PINEIRO | Hispanic Federation - Central Florida Women's Emergency Fund

48. WINNIE YE | National Institute for Reproductive Health

49. JEANNA CARTER | Blacks Together/Black on Both Sides

50. LOTTIE STEEL | Blacks Together/Black on Both Sides