Student Leaders

Najaih Muhammad
My name is Najaih Muhammad and I am apart of the class of 2022. I was raised in Philadelphia. My main academic focuses are English, Health, African American Studies on a pre-law track. My academic sub-areas include research, reproductive health, and legal writing. My post-graduate plans are to attend law school with the focus of health law. I am the signer for Muslim Students Association on campus and the secretary for Fundcom. I am also certified as a Paralegal through the university of George Mason in Arlington! My purpose is to gain experience and learn as much as I can through fellow students with similar interests and staff members.
Vaness Flores
Vaness Flores is a DIV II student and plans to concentrate in working with young folks through effective discussions around sexuality, gender identity, and inclusive sexual education. In the summer of 2016, they were part of the Young Feminist Collaborative program as a high schooler, which then led them to facilitate a workshop at the 2017 CLPP conference. During their first year at Hampshire, they were a member of student group and have continued to be involved in the CLPP community.