Student Leaders

IonaPearl Reid-Eaton
IonaPearl Reid-Eaton is a feminist and third year student at Hampshire College studying Reproductive Justice, Sexuality Education and Journalism. A Programs Intern with CLPP since her first semester at Hampshire (F13), IonaPearl was also a member of the CLPP Student Group and served as co-chair for the Accessibility, Hospitality and Transportation committee for two years. In her free time, IonaPearl enjoys reading (Our Bodies, Ourselves), eating (Sour Patch Children) and climbing (the Hampshire Tree). IonaPearl is honored to serve as a co-coordinator for student group this year and is excited for this year’s conference and CLPP’s 35th anniversary!
Rachael Strickler
Rachael Strickler is a third year student at Hampshire College.This will be her second year as one of CLPP’s Student Group coordinators. Being part of CLPP has been a life-changing experience for her in all of the best ways possible. It has been a whirlwind of incredible opportunities to learn, explore, and act. She hopes to provide others with experiences similar to her own and to ensure everyone, from student group members to conference speakers, not only has a positive experience but also an empowering one in an atmosphere explicitly intended to fight oppressions and encourage growth. In her academic and personal ventures she hopes to learn what can be done to work towards and achieve positive and sustainable social change. In her studies, Rachael critically analyzes issues of injustice and oppression using a reproductive justice lens as her guide and focusing on the carceral state.