Frequently Asked Questions for NLNI


1. Why should I consider joining NLNI?

For many members, the network is a primary source for skills-building, strategy design, and peer support. Cross-fertilization of issues and approaches have been instrumental in helping participants to build collaboratively across organizations and communities. Many activists view NLNI as a political home and a space that inspires life-long relationships.

2. How can I join the network?

In order for you to join NLNI, the organization where you work or volunteer must first become a participating organization. This means your organization must review the NLNI Mission Statement and decide to join. If you would like to begin this process, please contact us.

3. When and where does NLNI meet?

NLNI meets twice a year, in the spring and fall. The spring meeting takes place at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, before the annual CLPP conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom. Many spring NLNI participants are speakers or participants at the conference and support each other throughout the weekend. The fall meeting convenes in a different location each year in order to build relationships with local communities and highlight issues specific to that region.

4. What about travel, lodging, and food?

CLPP arranges all lodging and meals for NLNI meetings, and participants utilize our travel agent to arrange flights or train travel. For participants whose organizations cannot afford the costs of attending a NLNI meeting, CLPP covers travel, food, and lodging.

5. What support do you provide for parents and children?

CLPP supports parents who participate in NLNI by arranging quality childcare, finding kid-friendly meeting spaces, and reserving separate hotel rooms for families. We have limited funds available to support parents traveling with children, which is intended for use by those who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.

6. What support do you provide for people with disabilities?

All of us bring our varied identities to NLNI, and CLPP staff strive to provide the accessible spaces necessary for everyone to be able to participate. We do have funds available to support the attendance of people with disabilities; please contact us for more information.

7. Who should I contact to join or learn more?

Please contact Program Coordinator Amanda Major at or 413.559.5422.