2008 Summer Leadership Institute

This year, over 30 reproductive rights and social justice activists gathered in the beautiful coastal region of Essex, MA at the Essex Conference and Retreat Center for four days of networking, learning, and laughing.

Our fourth annual Summer Leadership Institute took place from July 8 – July 11, 2008, and offered trainings, workshops, and talks on various subjects at the intersections of Reproductive Justice. We began our program with a History of the Movement and Introduction to the Reproductive Justice Framework and the week culminated with a talent show featuring the creative talents of many participants, mentors, speakers, and some lively cheerleading by CLPP staff.

Other workshops and activities included:

  • Lifetimes of Activism
  • Understanding the Right as a Prerequisite to Reproductive Justice
  • Population Control and Climate Justice
  • Class and the Economy
  • Media Skills
  • Gender Diversity
  • Prisons, Reproductive Oppression and Abolition
  • Wanderlust: Traveling, Sharing Stories and Building the Movement for Reproductive Justice
  • Yoga and movement for activists
  • Spoken word performances, Reproductive Justice skits, and fire dancing

2008 Summer Leadership Institute Participants: