Spring 2011 NLNI Meeting

The spring 2011 meeting of CLPP’s New Leadership Networking Initiative (NLNI) convened at Hampshire College in conjunction with our annual activist conference. Fifty-nine network members attended the meeting.

Trainers from Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) and Brown Boi Project created a workshop entitled Room for Us All: Envisioning Gender Self Determination in the Reproductive Justice Movement. This interactive training helped participants examine their assumptions around gender and privilege, building on conversations begun at previous NLNI meetings.  

In response to the training, Chrystal Nguyen from Forward Together (formerly Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice) reflected, “I’ve learned a lot about the LBGT community and specifically the transgender community. It has opened my eyes to new perspectives. I can use these skills to spread awareness and work for the rights of transgendered people in the criminal justice system.”  

Gina de Vries, a longtime activist on gender issues and staff member at St. James Infirmary, reported, “The SRLP presentation regarding intersections between trans oppression and Reproductive Justice gave me a new framework.”

After lunch, participants chose from three concurrent workshops: Feminism and Human Resources; We ARE Strong Families: Changing the Traditional Definition of Family; and Re-envisioning Reproductive Justice and Christianity: From Family to Federal Policy.

After the close of the meeting, participants attended panels and workshops at CLPP’s 30th anniversary conference, where many presented on their own organizing and advocacy achievements.  The conversations begun at NLNI permeated spaces and conversations throughout the conference weekend, illustrating the important connections between CLPP's different programs.

NLNI Spring 2011 Meeting Participants and Presenters

Wyndi Anderson - Abortion Access Project
Jasmine Archer - Different Avenues
Urooj Arshad - Advocates for Youth
Lindsey Bartgis - Oklahomans for Reproductive Justice
Dee Borrego - Positive Women’s Network
Katie McKay Bryson - Population and Development Program
Marianne Bullock - The Prison Birth Project
Rachel Caballero - La Semilla Childcare Collective
Hadiyah Charles - AVAC -  Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention
Kenydra “Kiki” Christopher - Women With A Vision
B. Cole - Brown Boi Project
Gina de Vries - St. James Infirmary and The Center for Sex and Culture
Amanda Dennis - Ibis Reproductive Health
Kelli Dorsey - Different Avenues
Grace Ebiasah - Different Avenues
Tara Ellison - Third Wave Foundation and NOLOSE
Gabriel Foster - Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Pooja Gehi - Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Reina Gossett - Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Christine Soyong Harley - National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
Paris Hatcher - SPARK
Deon Haywood - Women With A Vision
Clinee Hedspeth - Black Women for Reproductive Justice
Steph Herold - New York Abortion Access Fund
Coco Jervis - Treatment Action Group
Morgan Marshall - Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US (SIECUS)
Theresa Martinez - Justice Now
Erin Matson - National Organization for Women
Rebecca Medina - National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
Mariko Miki - Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Shanelle Morgan - Law Students for Reproductive Justice
Chrystal Nguyen - Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
Huong Nguyen - Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans
Minh Nguyen - Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans
Maegan “La Mamita Mala” Ortiz - VivirLatino
Naima Paz - Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Rebecca Poswolsky - Center for New Community
Lilianna Reyes - not currently affiliated
Nia Robinson - not currently affiliated
Corrine Sanchez - Tewa Women United
Amanda Scheper - Justice Now
Mari Schimmer - Choice USA
Shannon Sennott - Translate Gender
Lorie Seruntine - not currently affiliated
Meghan Shalvoy - Feminist Majority Foundation
Sarah Shanks - Feminist Majority Foundation
Meghan Smith - Catholics for Choice
Tones Smith - Translate Gender
C. Angel Torres - Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Yvonne Tran - Forward Together
Jos Truitt - Feministing
tk Karakashian Tunchez - To Tell You the Truth
Ratema Uch - Forward Together
Amanda Wake - Forward Together
Wagatwe Wanjuki - SAFER
Rev. Matthew Westfox - Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Tonya Williams - SPARK
Rye Young - Third Wave Foundation
Anders Wyatt Zanichkowsky - Genderqueer Madison