I F^#*ed Up! Here’s What I Learned and How I Apologized

There’s no conference on failure, even though almost all of us have experienced failure in our professional lives. Failure is a natural part of our personal and professional lives and yet we rarely acknowledge the topic outside of supervision and self-reflection. In this session, we are putting a spotlight on failing and moving forward! Two professionals from the field of sex education will share personal stories and reflections on professional failures. We will discuss failure, a topic that brings up strong feelings of shame, guilt, and insecurity; with the goal of showing participants how to learn from failure and move forward in a meaningful way. We will provide examples from popular culture and best practices (and worst practices!) in apologizing to those we’ve harmed in our failure. Worksheets, resources, and coping strategies will be introduced for participants to use in their professional work environments with children, youth, and in intergenerational settings. This session is open to all with a focus on women and femmes of color.


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