Hitting the Spot: Pleasure-Based Sex Ed for All

Our formal, school-based sex education is lacking. But what about our sexual pleasure education? It’s practically non-existent. How do we learn to make ourselves and our partners feel sexual pleasure? Often by accident, often by guess-and-check, and way-too-often in ways that are terribly misinformed by Google, social mores, and sweeping generalizations about what “everyone likes." This workshop will explore how we learn about pleasure by touching on some of our most pleasurable spots—the G-Spot, C-Spot (clitoris), and P-Spot (prostate). Where are these spots? Why do they feel good? What kind of sex toys, lubricants and communication strategies can we use to help us make them feel good? Walk away feeling empowered by new knowledge about how to bring yourself and your partners intentional pleasure in a straight-forward and relaxed learning environment. Propel radical sex education forward by starting in the most familiar place: with your own bodies, between your own sheets. This workshop does not equate anatomy with gender and will use language in line with those beliefs.


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