Have you met new CLPP students and staff?

Collage of photos from CLPP conference along with text reading "Ain't No Border High Enough," "A World Without Prisons," "Say No to Occupation," "Disability Justice," "Racial Justice," "Immigration Justice," and "Young Activists Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom."CLPP's Emerging Leaders Convene at Let's Talk about Sex!

CLPP was thrilled to join SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective for their 20th birthday celebration at the Let's Talk About Sex! conference in New Orleans in October.

Many CLPP staff, students, and alums presented at the conference, including:

  • Nargis Aslami and Sofía Monterroso, 2017-18 CLPP Student Group Co-Coordinators;
  • Marlene Gerber Fried, CLPP faculty director, Toni Bond Leonard, CLPP Fundraising Advisory Board member, and Rachael Strickler, CLPP alum, all participated in a book signing for an anthology they contributed to, Radical Reproductive Justice), along with two of the editors, Lynn Roberts and Loretta Ross; 
  • CLPP Advisory Board member Toni Bond Leonard;
  • Deon Haywood, NLNI participant, RRASC supervisor, and CLPP conference speaker, who was honored at SisterSong's Warrior Women Celebration;
  • Rachael Strickler, former CLPP Student Group Co-Coordinator;
  • and long-time CLPP conference speakers and friends of CLPP Coya Hope White Hat-Artichoker, Marisa Pizii, Misty Dawn Rojo, and Mwende Katwiwa.

We are grateful for the incredible labor of all the conference organizers! And we were honored to hold space for thirty new and emerging leaders at our New Leadership Networking Initiative (NLNI), a day-long workshopping retreat before the Let's Talk about Sex! conference.

NLNIs learned about on-the-ground activism in New Orleans, including working to create free access to Plan B, local youth work, and advocacy around the intersection of HIV and reproductive justice. NLNIs also participated in working strategy sessions for collaborative projects. And The Icarus Project led a session on self care and burnout with a focus on accountability structures and collective care to help us build a sustainable movement.

A big thank you to all of our Valley Gives donors, who helped make it possible for us to bring these new and emerging leaders to New Orleans!

CLPP Student Organizers Launching Programs for the Year

We are excited to introduce Nargis Aslami and Sofía Monterroso, the CLPP Student Group Co-Coordinators for the 2017-18 academic year. They run sessions on reproductive justice organizing every other week in the fall, and will meet with Student Group members weekly in the spring to plan the #CLPP2018 conference. Click here to learn more about Nargis and Sofía – and enjoy this collage (above) by Sofia Monterroso!

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for the opening of summer 2018 applications for the Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps (RRASC), CLPP's paid social justice internship program for undergraduates.

Isa Zuluaga and Justice Now staff are posing in front of a colorful mural.RRASC 2017 intern at Justice Now, Isa Zuluaga, is pictured at left (third from the right) with Justice Now staff. Isa says, "This internship gave me a tangible understanding of why we need more people of color and system-involved folks working in the legal system. The lessons learned at Justice Now will continue guiding my work and giving it purpose.

CLPP alum Lauren Mitchell of The Doula Project is co-editing an anthology that is slated to be published through Demeter Press in 2019. It's called On the Precipice of Parenthood: Narratives of Pregnancy, Conception, and Birth. Lauren encourages academic abstract proposals and creative submissions, including from undergraduates--click here for more info.

A Warm Welcome to...

Join us in issuing a warm welcome to Sasha Jimenez, CLPP's new operations coordinator! Learn more about Sasha:

Sasha Jimenez smiles at the camera. Sasha uses she/her pronouns, and identifies as a queer Afro-Latinx. She is a Springfield Native - born and raised in the North End. Sasha has always been passionate about reproductive justice and systemic change.

Sasha worked with youth in Springfield, Massachusetts as the site coordinator for the Baystate Springfield Educational Partnership Program (BSEP) for over six years. She received her Associate's Degree at Springfield Technical Community College and is currently completing her degree in English at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

She is excited to be joining CLPP, and looks forward to working with such an amazing group of people. She enjoys stargazing, cooking, reading, knitting, and outdoor adventures with her daughter, Leela, her soul mate, Mr. Ramos, and dogs, Sawyer and Pharaoh.Black, white, and red logo that reads "Reproductive justice now." The O makes a female sign with a power fist in the middle.

Loretta Ross is working with CLPP as visiting faculty this academic year, advising students and teaching classes on reproductive justice. She's speaking at a variety of events in the Five Colleges. On Thursday, November 30, if you are able to travel to Amherst, Massachusetts, come to "Loretta Ross and Rickie Solinger: How Scholars and Activists Can Partner for Reproductive and Racial Justice" at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. To RSVP and to learn more, click on this link.

News from the CLPP Network

Dr. Willie Parker, Toni Bond Leonard, and Katey Zeh talking in a video on contraception, faith, and reproductive justice.CLPP staff, students, speakers, and alums are regularly in the news­. Recent headlines include:

Congratulations to these CLPP alums:

Keep us posted on what you’re up to—drop us a line and let us know! And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates about our alums, and to stay connected with current reproductive justice news.

In solidarity,

Staff and students from the 2017 CLPP conference are smiling at the camera.

CLPP students and staff

P.S. In case you missed it, check out all the incredible movement building that happened at CLPP last year!

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