Gynoticians & the Fourth Estate: Debunking Media Myths & Anti-Choice Lies in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle

According to the Guttmacher Institute, more than 282 anti-choice restrictions have been enacted since 2010, including many based on junk science and outright lies. Misinformation about abortion is running rampant as conservatives and their media allies gear up for the 2016 elections. With many candidates touting their anti-choice track records to appeal to an increasingly extreme base, it's more important than ever that those organizing working to protect access to a full range of reproductive health services are armed with the facts, messaging, and strategy to combat this misinformation in the media and in the field. This workshop will provide attendees with the skills to identify and pushback on this misinformation when they encounter it in the context of the breakneck pace of an election media news cycle.


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