Graduates Connect Academics to Activism

CLPP Anna and Marlene Gerber Fried

In 2012, 45 of our students joined the group of CLPP and PopDev alums who are expanding and strengthening the movement for reproductive freedom. Read on to see how four of them particularly connected academic projects to their work with CLPP.

  • Student Conference Coordinator and Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps (RRASC) intern Anna Saeger worked with CLPP Faculty Director Marlene Gerber Fried on her Division III (thesis) project, "Utilizing Peer Sexual Health Education as a Tool of Health Promotion and Positive Youth Development."
  • Bailey Hanselman's RRASC internship with Generations Ahead inspired her Division III project, "How Do You Feel About Your Ova? An Ethnographic Study of College Age Women and Biomaterial Donation."
  • For her Division III, Student Conference Coordinator and RRASC intern Leticia Contreras created a multimedia art installation called "viviendo entre la herida abierta" ("living within the open wound"), based on oral histories of Chicana women. The show was exhibited during our 26th annual conference and won the college's Sander Thoenes Award.
  • Student Group committee chair and CLPP office intern Sara Osgood traveled with CLPP to the Creating Change conference and met leaders whose work informed her Division III. In "Country Tough: Queer Rurality and Resiliency in the American Countryside," she documented LGBTQ people's experiences in rural New England.

If you're inspired by our graduates' stories, now is a great time to give to CLPP! We rely on donors like you to support our programs. Giving online is quick and easy. Your gift of any amount will help our students make connections, develop their leadership, and bring energy and enthusiasm to work for a better world.

We've been connecting academics to activism for more than 30 years and we can't wait to continue working with our graduates in the future. We'll be updating our alumni news blog regularly—we'd love to hear from you, too!

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