Free the Pill: Making a birth control pill available over the counter that is accessible to all

The Free the Pill campaign strives to make a birth control pill available over the counter (OTC) in the US that is low cost, covered by insurance, and accessible to people of all ages. This workshop will introduce Free the Pill’s vision of access and share key initiatives that our coalition of advocates, health care providers, and researchers are working on to help improve access for under-served communities such as people living in rural areas, people of color, transgender and gender-expansive individuals, and young people. Attendees will contribute to the development of strategies to ensure that a future OTC pill is available to all and speak to how their own communities could benefit from OTC access through a collaborative brainwriting activity as they ask themselves, “How could my community benefit from an OTC birth control pill, and what do we need to explore in order for that to happen?”


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