The Fight for Reproductive Freedom: Spring 2011

In this newsletter:

  • OK4RJ! Catalyzing Activism Along the I-35 Corridor by Akira Céspedes Pérez, 2009 CLPP Conference Coordinator
    On January 21st, I had the privilege of joining Dr. Carol Mason and her students for a regional workshop discussing interdisciplinary perspectives on reproductive and sexual health at the Oklahoma State University (OSU) Stillwater campus.
  • When I Dare to be Powerful: Zawadi Nyong'o Returning Home to Help Build a Movement by Corinna Yazbek, CLPP Program Coordinator
    Working with Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Program (BHESP) and the Kenya Sex Worker Alliance (KESWA), CLPP alum Zawadi Nyong’o (Hampshire 00F) helped organize Kenya’s first International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, where 1,000 sex workers marched on the streets of Nairobi for the first time.