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Letter from Avery Walton to the CLPP Community

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Dear RRASC Community, 

I have made the difficult decision to depart from CLPP. I will go on to other things but will always be involved with the movement.

I would like to first and foremost give thanks to the many incredible folks who have guided, coached, and believed in me through the RJ movement. I would not be here without any of you.

CLPP has been my gateway to Reproductive Justice from the very beginning. I have never grown so much in so little time than when cultivated by CLPP’s leadership. From receiving an RRASC internship in 2017 and the opportunity to learn and grow in a world so unfamiliar to me, to being trusted to lead and help incredible folks who are sitting where I was just three years ago. CLPP is the root, the soil, the sunshine, the water, and the love, care, and patience it takes to grow and develop an activist, an academic, a movement leader, and all three in anybody.

These times have been trying for many folks. The challenges we all faced during the pandemic brought a gauntlet of hardships on our professional and personal lives. As many of us know, when one is affected, both will feel it.

Before and throughout this pandemic, I had a myriad of challenges, losses, and decisions that took my focus away from work until I was just trying to stay afloat. My decision to separate from CLPP to focus on other issues is something I choose to do. I have only received love, support, and understanding from my leadership and peers at CLPP and I am thankful each day for them.

My time with CLPP has not endedonly my employment. I am still wholly committed to the Reproductive Justice movement and CLPP. I believe that this organization can and will be a massive part of the future of the movement and the development of its future leaders. CLPP is a place where any and all can come together to learn from one another, exchange ideas, and build powerful bonds to aid in our journey for Justice.

I wish CLPP all the best and look forward to seeing how they grow in the time to come.

Avery Walton 

Per Ardua ad Astra. Dum Spiro Spero.


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