Disowning Columbus, Celebrating People's Resistance

columbus day flyer


Monday, October 10, 2011 - 11:00am to 11:00pm

CLPP is co-sponsoring this all-day event, and we look forward to the energy and outcomes from this day spent acknowledging genocide.

This 'Columbus Day,' October 10th, join Hampshire College's 'In Solidarity With Immigrants' for a day of workshops, discussion and art surrounding colonialism and its effects on present-day US immigration policy. All workshops take place in Hampshire College's Franklin Patterson Hall from 11am to 4:30pm. The day will culminate in a performance by Rebel Diaz at Food For Thought Books in Amherst! Attend and share here.

Workshops will include:

11am Opening Remarks from In Solidarity With Immigrants

11:15-12:15pm The Truth About Columbus
with the Toolbox for Education and Social Action

12:15-1pm Lunch and Art Activities! (we will provide food)

Breakout #1 (two workshops at the same time)
1-1:45pm Want to be an Ally? - Hampshire student and alumni
AND Know Your Rights - with William Cano of the Alliance to Develop Power

Breakout #2 (two workshops at the same time)
1:55-2:50pm Breaking Down Borders to Education
AND Local Projects, Local People - presenters from the Pioneer Valley Project, the Alliance to Develop Power and the Preserving our Civil Rights Campaign

3-4:30pm Hip-Hop and Activism with REBEL DIAZ

Presented by In Solidarity with Immigrants (ISWI).


Please Contact Insolidaritywithimmigrants@riseup.net if you have any accessibility or dietary needs that you'd like to have accommodated.

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