Disability Justice and Reproductive Justice: Clarifying Our Values

In this closed, discussion-oriented session, attendees and facilitators will work together to articulate shared values for reproductive and disability justice that continue to center the needs and experiences of those most marginalized in our communities. We'll begin with a discussion of current barriers to anti-ableist reproductive justice work and move into visioning creative solutions for change. This session is a closed space for participants with disabilities or who identify as disabled, or who could otherwise be considered a part of/benefit from disability community. This includes physical disabilities, learning/cognitive disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or pain, neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries, mental illness/emotional disabilities/psychic/psychiatric disabilities/madness/psychiatric survivors, Autistics, Deaf people, Blind people, all different kinds of neurovariance (including migraines, PTSD, epilepsy, et al.), and any kind of visible or invisible differences of bodies or brains including unusual appearances/deformities.


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