Deeds Not Words: Building Intergenerational Intersectional Activism Campaigns

Wendy Davis stood on the Texas Senate floor for 13 hours as she filibustered a conservative bill that would decimate the right of Texas women to access reproductive services. Since then, she’s built Deeds Not Words, a nonprofit focused on empowering the next generation to achieve equality for women. Our approach is intersectional. With a coalition of partners across various issues, we connect young people to campaigns and legislative efforts they can plug into; and in turn, we lift up the creativity and passion young people have to change the world. Young people are invited to learn core components of campaign building, activist and organizing best practices, and how to utilize your creativity and innovation as only your generations can. Everyone is invited to explore the power of intergenerational organizing as we build programming to train and mobilize students to advocate for what they believe in. We believe in engaging and listening to our young #Changemakers in order to provide them with tools to make lasting change.


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