Decentering the binary: manifesting affirming safe, healthy & informed periods and selves

Pop culture, “feminine hygiene” and healthcare industries reinforce and are guided by limited, antiquated and exclusionary understandings and considerations of QTGNCNB health-issues, including menstruation. Menstruation is a unique, biological function that does not correspond to sameness in experiences, nor to particular gender body parts or bodily functions. From the moment a person starts their first period, we are taught to have an overly sanitized relationship and understanding of our periods. We are inundated with ciscentric and overly-gendered messages that insist we buy and use products that should make us feel fresher, better, clean, sexier or even “proper”. But the truth is, these products not only are packed with stigma, but also contain hidden, unregulated and harmful chemicals and contaminants. With lack of current, accurate and affirming resources, research and products for QTGNCNB folx, how do we vision and manifest safe, healthy and informed periods and selves? This is a closed space for people who identify as queer, trans, GNC, and/or non-binary.


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