De-colonial Dreams: a family roundtable on raising parents and kids with radical values

Many of us were raised either by a parent or a caregiver. Some of us were raised in the streets. How do children and young people, hopefully destined to become adults, learn collectivity, embody difference as joy, consent, boundaries and other radical ideas? How do parents build a foundation of decolonizing systems and concepts of power in an everyday way? What are helpful ways for parents to get in touch with their own feelings and internal biases when raising young people? What do kids teach parents about how to be better parents to themselves and to their kids? This session is not about telling you how to raise your children. It is a workshop to hear from kids, young people and their parent or caregivers about how they are building new or different ways of growing up to be autonomous, loving, discerning and that there are all kinds of people who are fat, disabled, queer and trans. It will be a playful roundtable of families so feel free to bring your kids, teenagers, or the young ones in your life that you are invested in.


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