Curls and Condoms: What's Your Sexual Health Regimen?

What if conversations about our curls happened in tandem with our conversations about condoms? History shows us that women of color (WOC) are often met with shame, stigma and violence because our aesthetic does not appeal or conform to white hegemonic standards of beauty. Historically and currently, these white standards show up in our conversations, bodies, reproductive choices, and sexual health. Let’s liberate ourselves. The natural hair community encourages women to unapologetically reclaim who they are by embracing their natural curls, kinks and coils. Through multiple outlets such as meet-ups and social media, women have honest, open, informational and supportive dialogue about their hair care regimens. Let’s use this same approach to foster an environment where we can feel just as empowered, liberated, and supported to talk about our sexual and reproductive experiences from birth control and condoms, to abortion and relationships. This session will center the experiences of Black women and femmes.


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