Constructing [and deconstructing] the "Good Mom"

What is it like to be a mom on welfare? How do unstably housed mothers navigate challenges? What makes a person unfit to parent? And who gets to decide? The (lack of the) right to have and raise children is a major reproductive INjustice experienced by parents on the margins. For drug users, people involved in the sex trade, and/or low income and homeless parents, parental rights are frequently denied when systems judge ‘parental fit-ness’ based on stereotypes about these groups or establish standards that are beyond their reach. Led by community organizers and mothers, this workshop will use discussion and small-group activities to help attendees explore their own beliefs about “fit” or ‘unfit” parents, deconstruct biases we hold, learn more about the challenges many parents face, and how we can work together to create space for parents to live with their children.


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