Congratulations Graduates

It’s graduation season in the Pioneer Valley, and we at CLPP send heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all the graduates we have worked with. As office interns, student group members, and interns with the Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps, you have contributed your talents and developed your expertise.

We are excited for you and proud to have worked with you. We hope you’ll keep in touch—and keep building the movement for reproductive freedom!

CLPP Office Interns

Anna Saeger
Leticia Contreras
Sara Osgood
Will Delphia

CLPP Student Group Members

Alicia Smith-Scherliss
Andrew Emmons
Avian Weiswerda
Katie Coupe
Dot Goldberger
Ellie Gordon
Gillian Cannon
Jamie Blair
Jaymes Winell
Katie Klein
Kirsten Riccardi
Maggie Debevec
Maia Jacoby
Maia Sanchez-Acero
Molly Smith
Adelaida McIntire
Sarah Roberts
Sophia Olkhova
Staci Akselrod
Stephanie Katz
Summer Hirtzel

RRASC Interns

Bailey Hanselman (Hampshire)
Brittany Williams (Hampshire)
Chiedza Mufunde (Mount Holyoke)
Corina Leu (Mount Holyoke)
Diana Castillo  (Smith)
Emily McGranachan (Mount Holyoke)
Hayley Maier (Hampshire)
Ivonne Ortega (Amherst)
Kandace Montgomery (UMass)
Mara Montalvo (UMass)
Megan Donahue (Smith)
Meredith Nicholson (Smith)
Monika Martinez (Hampshire)
Nadine McKenzie (Smith)
Naja Sobers (UMass)
Rahel Teka (Hampshire)
Rebeca Escalona (Hampshire)
Tiffany Tai (UMass)
Xuanzi Jia (Smith)
Yandalis Reyes (Westfield State)

Many students take on multiple leadership roles within CLPP programs throughout their time in college. Several people on this list belong in more than one of these groups! If we have missed anyone, please let us know.

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