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Use this page to offer or request house-sharing for the CLPP conference. You can also read about local hotels here.

If you are seeking:
Create a new comment with the word "SEEKING" in the subject line.

In the body of the post:
Tell us a little about yourself and any needs you might have in a home-stay. Allergies? Access/disability concerns?

If you are offering:
Create a new comment with the word "OFFER" in the subject line.

In the body of the post:
Please post as much information about your offer as possible: How many can your home accommodate? Do you have beds? Couches? Floor space? How far are you from campus and are you on a bus line? Do you have cats or dogs? Is your home wheelchair or scent-accessible?

Please include your contact information so that you can connect with people who are reading your posts. You will also want to check back on the board from time to time to see if anyone has posted a comment on your listing.

Please take note:

  • Hampshire College staff have not evaluated any of the housing opportunities listed on this website for safety, convenience, or any other consideration.
  • Persons seeking housing have not been qualified in any way.
  • Persons using this website understand and agree that Hampshire College, its trustees, employees, volunteers, and students are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage that any person may sustain as a result of accepting or providing housing or any other services at any location listed on this website.
  • Persons using this website understand and agree that they use this website and house-sharing at their own risk.
  • This website is created solely for the personal convenience of persons seeking housing or providing housing for the conference. Finding housing is the responsibility of Conference attendees, and housing for the Conference is not guaranteed.

SEEKING: Housing

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a 25 year old grassroots feminist organizer. I am looking for someone who will allow for me to stay on their couch during the conference! I am driving to the conference and don't have much else in my budget to cover accommodations. Any help would be appreciated!

My e-mail is


Two women seeking conference housing for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. Please email

Seeking Lodging Roommate

Hi friends! Is anyone in this group attending the CLPP Conference (Civil Liberties and Public Policy) at Hampshire College? I am looking for someone to split lodging with on Friday, April 7 and Saturday April 8.

Please e-mail me at



About housing:
-Bed that fits 2 with bedding
-floor space for 2 more, no bedding
-there are 3 steps to get inside the house
-Scent free household
-Pet free household
-substance free household
-Must take 20 min bus from Northampton to Amherst to conference costs $1.25/fair or carpool with others, bus lets off very close to conference and you can get on across the st from my house
-Good fit for someone who already knows the area/is independent as I can't attend much of the conference
-best fit for non students /21+

About me:
-I've lived in the area since 2009
-I work in health and violence prevention at the 5 colleges
-I'm trans non binary identified
-I was born owning class and am committed to redistribution of wealth
-I am white and committed to anti-racism work in my community
-I organize with resource generation and SURJ locally

Priority given to conference attendees with the access needs stated in the description, but all who are Trans affirming are welcome.

Email- by April 3rd

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