Creating Conference Community

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Creating Conference Community

Event Series

April - May 2021


Just as our in-person conference is a space for learning, collaboration, growth, and supporting one another as we work to create change, we intend for this online event series to meet the same goals. As you ask questions and communicate with your fellow movement people, we ask you to honor each other’s humanness, lead with curiosity, and assume good intent.

In the age of online community-building and events, our communication methods with each other have changed, but we still hold our conference culture as one of respect that acknowledges and honors the differences in our identity and politics. Our differences can be points of strength and the many diverse identities and perspectives we hold make for a stronger and more vibrant reproductive justice movement.

Another affirming cultural practice is to be accepting of the many ways people communicate, think, and move, and the different ways we all experience emotion, health, and sensory input. Please make an effort to hold that perspective with you during the live event series. To learn more, check out our disability justice resource page for more information, as well as these articles discussing disability etiquette, and this discussion of ableist language.


Interacting with Panelists

It is one of our greatest joys seeing the community you all create during our in-person workshops, discussions, and activities. We know we can’t ever replace an in-person conference community full of cross-chatter, hallway mingling, and lunch breaks, but we will try our best.

During our plenary sessions, we want you to have those side conversations, friendly debates, catching up with fellow movement people, and still have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. To differentiate the chat from the questions to the panelists, we ask participants to format their questions with an all-caps “QUESTION:” at the beginning of the sentence.

Interacting with other participants

This year, we’ve partnered with Hopin to host our meeting platform. One of the great features they offer is the ability to break-out from the group event and into short 1:1 sessions with another participant. Both individuals must consent to be in a conversation before their private chat rooms will be open. Any and all conversations between you and the other participant is strictly private and will not be saved or seen by any moderators or other participants. We will hold time at the end of each event for networking and connection.

If at any point you have an issue with another participant, please let one of the moderators know by clicking on their name and sending them a private message or flagging the question in Hopin itself. We are committed to keeping safe[r] space virtually and in-person. Less urgent comments can be shared with us via conference evaluation forms. We are invested in making sure that participants feel respected and welcome in our space at all times, and we welcome your feedback on your conference experience.

If members of the event community feel that participants are not upholding these community norms, those participants may be asked to leave the online event.