Creating a more accessible conference

Please help us to diminish access barriers at the conference and continue to work and build with us so that the conference is more accessible to more people each year.

We recognize the disability justice movement’s rich history with reproductive justice. Part of what makes the conference such a joyful space is the huge range of people, experiences, and abilities that are present.

One affirming cultural practice is to be accepting of the many ways people communicate, think, and move, and the differing ways we all experience emotion, health, and sensory input. Please make an effort to hold that perspective with you during the conference weekend. To learn more, check out our disability justice resource page for more information, as well as these articles discussing disability etiquette, and this discussion of ableist language.

Please help us maintain clear walkways in all conference spaces and avoid sitting on the floor near exits.

Workshop monitors may close the doors of a session once it at capacity for safety and access reasons. Please respect our community safety and accessibility needs by not entering a session once it is full. Workshops that are at capacity will have a sign on the door that reads “FULL”.

Please be scent/fragrance-free to the extent that you are able to, so that beloved community members with chemical sensitivities can attend the conference. We know that scented products, including essential oils, perfumes, and hair products, can be an important part of one's identity, and we don't require you to refrain from using those products. However, we ask all participants who will be in shared conference spaces over the weekend to recognize how using certain products can create access barriers for others wishing to use the same spaces.

Because flashing lights can trigger seizures or other symptoms, we ask that you avoid wearing or carrying decorative flashing lights and avoid flash photography. If you must use a flash, please check with people around you first. Please do not flash overhead lights on and off in any conference spaces.

Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas on campus and at least 50 feet away from all buildings. If you smoke, please wash your hands afterward to reduce residue and remove your coats/jackets/outerwear once inside.

Conference accessibility

A copy of the Hampshire College campus map will be provided in your conference program booklet.

All conference programming takes place in wheelchair accessible buildings. Some doors are non-automatic; you can pick up a remote to open them at the registration table.

Most bathrooms at Hampshire College are designated "All-Gender," with notes on whether or not they have urinals. Many are single stall.

This is a reduced scent/fragrance conference. All participants are asked to help us diminish access barriers by being scent/fragrance free to the extent they are able to. Hampshire College itself is not a reduced scent/fragrance campus.

We have designated scent-safer and priority seating in conference spaces and will maintain clear pathways for folks who use wheelchairs and other access devices in our conference spaces.

We will have some wheelchairs available on-site. If you think you might need to borrow a wheelchair for the conference, please register for the conference by March 1st and indicate your access needs in the registration form.

If you need assistance navigating conference spaces or finding single-stall, all-gender, and/or wheelchair accessible bathrooms, please ask at the registration table. We can provide rides across campus for those who need them. It takes 5-10 minutes to move between buildings in a wheelchair.

Large print programs will be available upon request at the registration table. The program is also available in our conference app.

Conference spaces

There is fluorescent lighting in almost all buildings.

Some lecture halls do have stairs with “movie theater” style seating and only the back rows are accessible on wheels. Some classrooms have seating with built-in desks. Additional chairs will be available for those who need them.

Most bathrooms on campus are labelled as having urinals or not having urinals. Please ask staff members if you need access to single-stall, non-gendered accessible bathrooms.

How are you feeling today?

You are welcome to wear a sticker on your nametag that indicates your preferences for socializing with other conference participants. You are welcome to take a few of each sticker with you, and change them whenever you wish. They will also be available at the registration desk throughout the day.

Each color means the following:

Green: I am open and welcome to socializing with other attendants!

Yellow: I would prefer to interact with as few people as possible. If I don’t already know you, this is not a good time to approach me.

Red: I would prefer to not engage in conversation with anyone at this time.

Interpretation and language access

If you need ASL interpretation, please register for the conference by March 17th and indicate your access needs in the registration form. We cannot guarantee ASL interpretation to on-site registrants.

This is a spoken, English-language event. Some sessions may be presented in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation, as noted in the program.


We are proud to provide free childcare to all participants! Please register for the conference by March 17th if you need childcare. Read more about conference childcare and support for parents and families here.


CLPP provides meals throughout the conference, beginning with dinner on Friday night and ending with breakfast on Sunday. Vegetarian and vegan options are available for everyone. Gluten-free options are available by request from food service staff. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated for those who register ahead of time. During meals, please refer to the food service staff for specific questions about meals or ask any of the conference organizers to assist you.

During meal times, please feel empowered to go to the front of the food line if for any reason you or your children cannot stand in line or ask a conference staff person for assistance getting food.

There is quiet seating available during mealtimes.

Food and beverages can be purchased on campus. Hours of operation are listed here.

Navigating the Amherst area:

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), our local public transportation system, has several area buses that are free to the public. The buses that stop at Hampshire College are the R29 ($1.25) and the 38 and 39 (free).

Conference organizers wearing staff T-shirts are happy to help you read maps and schedules.

If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions, or want to volunteer or help organize around access, please email and/or let us know in your evaluation forms.