2020 Conference Speakers

Abi Hernandez
Abi is a brown nonbinary artist, intuitive spiritual healer, animal communicator, and performer. She has roots in El Salvador and Port Chester NY. She uses organizing spaces as opportunities to bring in the knowledge and expertise she’s picked up and share it with others.
Adia SQ
Adia SQ is a senior at the Springfield Renaissance School. She likes the Sims 4 and radical politics at the same time.
Aimee Thorne-Thomsen
Aimee is a long-time activist who has focused on advocating with and for communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people and young people around the social justice issues that most affect their lives. Most recently, she was the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships of Advocates for Youth, where she oversaw and coordinated the development, implementation and evaluation of Advocates' strategic partnerships with youth activists and organizations in allied social justice movements.
Aisha Chaudhri
Aisha Chaudhri (pronounced: Ī-shuh CHOH-dhree) (pronouns: she/her/they/them) has been a social justice activist for over 20 years and has been working in nonprofits on Reproductive Justice issues for over 12 years. Aisha’s anti-oppression work in domestic violence, sex ed, contraception, abortion, and birth justice is rooted in the experiences of marginalized communities including her own Brown, queer, femme, immigrant, Muslim identities.
Alejandra Pablos
Alejandra Pablos is a nationally recognized immigrant and reproductive justice community organizer who was recently detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement for 43 days, after being singled out and arrested at a protest in VA. She was granted bond and brought home in Arizona after communities nationwide organized to bring her home.
Aleksander Meyer
Alek Meyer is a Div III student at Hampshire College. He studies public health and medical anthropology, with a focus on healthcare inequality and transgender health.
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson is a Board Member of the New York Abortion Access Fund and National Organizer and Student Network Manager at Americans United for Separation of Church and State. She specializes in volunteer management, grassroots organizing, organizational development, policy advocacy, and youth leadership. She has managed campaigns; trained and built the capacity of youth and adult advocates and leaders; and helped pass city and state policies to help people and communities thrive.
Allison Scott
Allison Scott is a graduate of the Adhikara Yoga School. They have studied yoga to deepen their own practice, build facilitation skills and knowledge, and strengthen community. Yoga has provided them with a space for grounding, reflection, and connectedness. Allison seeks to expand access to yoga, particularly in non-typical settings and reaching diverse communities. They currently teach for AmeriCorps members and youth workers, and participate in Queer & Trans yoga community.
Amanda Lewis
Amanda Lewis is a white queer paraeducator at Amherst Regional High School. She is a staff adviser for the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) and the Community Youth Action Club.
Amanda Strauss
Amanda Strauss has spent the last two decades building community activism in North Dakota region and creating opportunities for growth using grass roots campaigns. Her work mainly focuses on Reproductive Health and Native American rights. She is based in Fargo, working as an Educator and Outreach Specialist with Planned Parenthood, a board member for North Dakota Human Rights Coalition and an organizer for Murdered and Missing Indigenous peoples task force. She is also a photographer and jewelry designer.
Amelea Lowery
Amelea Lowery (she/her) is Black-American and Chinese, and strives to look through a Black queer feminist lens to make strides for reproductive and racial justice for all. Amelea is a Community Research Fellow and a volunteer doula.
Angela M. Hardison
Angela Marie Hardison is an educator, birth-worker, healer and community organizer. She has worked within the public school system as well as part of community based organizations such as Sista II Sista and El Puente (New York) and Power U (Miami) as an educator and young women's group facilitator. She has travelled extensively as an advocate for women's rights in general, and reproductive/birth justice specifically. Angela has also written curriculum for and co-facilitated childbirth education classes as part of Southern Birth Justice Network (formerly Mobile Midwife)'s Circle of Mamas program for pregnant teens, in addition to working as a coordinator of SBJN / MM's Doula Support Program. She is currently board member and curriculum consultant for SBJN.
Angela Williams
Angela Williams (she/her/hers) is a queer community organizer and faith leader living in Austin, TX. She organizes faith communities for LGBTQ Equality and Reproductive Freedom with Texas Freedom Network. When she's not working, she enjoys listening to podcasts, exploring creation, and experiencing music.
Angie Marie Luna
I started my involvement with the reproductive justice movement with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and after that, connected with Advocates for Youth and participated in the I in 3 Campaign. Then, I became a storyteller at We Testify and have done different work such as lobbying, testifying and storytelling. I am currently doing a fellowship with Reproaction around CPCs and debunking the abortion pill reversal myth.
Ann Marie Benitez
Ann Marie serves as the Senior Director of Government Relations at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, where she is responsible for NLIRH’s government relations and policy advocacy work. She came to NLIRH with over a dozen years of experience in the policy and political arena. For over six years, she was the public policy director for Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, Inc. (PPAC) and Interim Vice President at the end of her tenure. Prior to moving to Sacramento, Ann Marie worked on Capitol Hill for over three years as a Legislative Aide for Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. https://www.latinainstitute.org/en/content/ann-marie-benitez
Anne Hendrixson
Anne Hendrixson is the Director of PopDev, the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College.
Anqa Khan
Anqa is a Kashmiri-American advocate, organizer, and educator based in New York City. They are a founding member of the Reconcavo Collective, where they teach sex ed to Muslim women and TGNC folks. Anqa also works on abortion access at Abortion AF and organizes with the South Asia Solidarity Initiative.
Arpita Appannagari
Arpita Appannagari is the Policy and Partnerships Manager at the National Institute for Reproductive Health. At NIRH, Arpita supports state and local advocates to create and pass proactive policies around reproductive rights and justice. Her background and work experience are primarily in community organizing, policy advocacy, and movement building.
Asasawemin Ikwe (Amanda Vivier)
Asasawemin Ikwe (ChokeCherry Woman) also known as Amanda Vivier is a mother of 4 and a grandmother. She is one of the co-founders and task force member's for the MMIW/P Human Trafficking Task Force in the F-M area. Her work in this area is grounded in community education and bringing awareness into the community through public outcry and a blanket exercise that brings participants in a hands-on teaching of the past 500 years of relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to teach our counterparts a fast rundown on true history. She does this to bring understanding and relationship building. Asasawemin Ikwe also brings all those who have been heavily impacted by intergenerational and historical trauma to traditional ceremonies and gatherings she has a deep belief that revitalizing traditional knowledge and culture is a vital tool to to use with and for the epidemic of MMIW/P. Asasawemin Ikwe is the Spiritual Director and Minister for a small Native American Ministry by the name of The Way formally known as Native American Christian Ministry.
Avital Norman Nathman
Avital Norman Nathman is a freelance writer and editor, working on everything from website copy to public health documents, weekly columns for Snoop Dogg, press releases, and a variety of print and online articles for outlets like The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, VOX, and many more. Currently, Avital is the Media Coordinator for the non-profit UnKoch My Campus.
Beth Vial
Beth Vial is an abortion storyteller and program coordinator for We Testify as well as a board member with the Northwest Abortion Access Fund based in Portland, OR.
Carmen Antonetty
Carmen Antonetty is a full spectrum Birth Justice Doula. Her work is grounded in dismantling white supremacy through reclaiming ancestral practices and grassroots organizing. She is unapologetically Black and she believes that when your support black mothers you help raise up a nation.
Carol McMurrich
Carol McMurrich is the director of Empty Arms Bereavement Support, which has supported families experiencing all types of perinatal loss for 12 years. Empty Arms has always been passionate about supporting families who have made the devastating choice to terminate pregnancies due to poor prenatal diagnosis, and we are honored to be at CLPP to share our families' experiences with you.
Catherine Hodes
Catherine Hodes was previously the director of survivor supports at Hampshire College and is now the community program director at Safe Passage, providing advocacy and support for survivors of intimate partner violence.
Catherine Labiran
Catherine Labiran is the Gender Justice Program Coordinator at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration where she focuses on research, advocacy and policy. As a Nigerian woman who was born in New York and raised in London, Catherine believes that global Black solidarity is essential in the fight for our liberation. Catherine represents BAJI on national committees that focus on prison abolition, the HIV epidemic, access to healthcare, and more.
Christy Hall
Christy Hall is a Radical Full Spectrum Doula in Portland, Oregon. She has been practicing for 19 years attending births, and abortions, providing support to pregnant people through their experiences regardless of outcome. In addition to private practice, she works as a doula in an innovative program called Project Nurture, which provides comprehensive services for pregnant people who are struggling with opiate addiction. She also runs a small apprenticeship program.
corinthia caldera fraire
I am a senior at UTEP, I'm a Health Promotion major with a minor in Community. After graduation I would like to continue on and be a certified sexual health educator and enroll in a AASECT program.
Courtney Chambers, MPH
Courtney Chambers, MPH is the Texas Advocacy Director for Whole Woman's Health Alliance, an abortion provider and advocacy organization. Courtney has over 15 years of experience working in sexual and reproductive health care, education, and advocacy. She is committed to eradicating the stigma associated with accessing sexual and reproductive health care, especially the stigma associated with accessing abortion care.
Deana Ayers
Deana Ayers is a student organizer at the University of North Texas. They serve as the SGA Vice President as well as an executive member of ROSE. Deana is pursing a social work degree with a minor in political science, and they will be graduating in May 2020.
Desireé Caro
I am a queer Puerto Rican educator from The Bronx with over 15 years experience in youth development and wellness education. My background is in social work and sexual violence prevention, with expertise in gender, sexuality, media literacy, and reproductive justice.
Desiree Luckey
Desireé S. Luckey (she/her) is a Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellow at the National Women’s Law Center, focusing on issues of health equity. Outside of work, Desireé serves on several boards and commission, reads voraciously, bakes, cooks, and eats with joy, and is Co-Founder and Principal of The ACD Strategy Group, a progressive political consulting firm.
Deva Cats-Baril
Deva Cats-Baril is an Arab, Jewish American activist focused on abortion access and racial justice in the southern U.S. Deva has her Masters in Public Health, and works on the decolonization of science and social movements. She is based out of Miami, Florida, but organizes across borders. Deva co-created and moderates #DecolonizeMENA, advocating for the decolonization of social thinking regarding the MENA.
Dr. Madeline L. Peters
Dr. Peters has worked in higher education for the past 42 years, in the field of disability studies. She is the editor of the Ableism sections in the Books Reading for Diversity and Social Justice and a contributor in Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice. An accommodation expert, advocate and social justice educator. Dr. Peters won a national lawsuit for people with disabilities in creating equal access.
Dusti Gurule
As the founding Executive Director of the Latina Initiative from 2004 to 2010, she built the organization to a nationally recognized civic engagement and political leadership entity, visioning and launching programs like Colorado Latina/o Advocacy Day and Latinas Increasing Political Strength (LIPS). Dusti has received numerous awards and accolades for her leadership in civic engagement and community building. In 2003, Dusti was COLOR's first paid staff member and returned 15 years later and currently serves as Executive Director for COLOR and COLOR Action Fund.
Elaina Ramsey
Elaina serves as the Executive Director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. A former fundamentalist evangelical, Elaina practices compassionate care as a pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice Christian. In 2019, she was recognized as a Coolidge Scholar by Auburn Theological Seminary for her work in religion and reproductive justice. She holds master's degrees in both Theological Studies and International Peace & Conflict Resolution.
Erika Galindo
Erika Galindo is the Organizing Program Manager at Lilith Fund. Galindo is originally from the Rio Grande Valley, where she organized around labor, immigration and defending queer and trans rights during the 85th Texas legislative session. Based in Austin, she works with fund clients and local communities to build grassroots power and skills to defend and advance access to abortion for all Texans.
Fallon J. Speaker, Esq.
Fallon is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and the Director of The Jeanette Lipman Family Law Clinic at The University of Richmond School of Law where she provides holistic legal defense to parents involved in child welfare proceedings. She is active in community organizing, coalition building, and creating legislation to reform the child welfare system and state central registry.
Gabrielle Pagliocca
Gabrielle Pagliocca, a freshman in college, majoring in biology. Also a proud bisexual, Mexican American woman who believes in women's autonomous rights and fights to uplift the youth and our voices.
Glory Perez
Glory Perez is a graduate from the University of North Texas. She came into the RJ movement by joining ROSE, serving on the Exec Board, and connecting with RJ orgs across Texas. She is currently living in Indianapolis, and hopes to find and build community there. You can find her reading the latest picks from the For Colored Girls Book Club, based in Indy!
Grace Ramsay
Grace is the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at Tapestry, a local reproductive health/harm reduction agency. She a proud abortion funder and a member of Resource Generation's Western Massachusetts chapter. Grace has been involved with CLPP since 2014 when she was an RRASC intern at If/When/How.
Hailey earned her B.A. in African American Studies from Wesleyan University. She joined RHAP’s Reproductive Health Access Network team in August 2018. The Network is a community of primary care clinicians organizing to integrate abortion, EPL, and contraception into primary care. Hailey is particularly interested in fostering coalitions within reproductive health, rights, and justice fields to address systematic reproductive oppression in marginalized communities.
Hannah Freedman
Hannah Freedman (she/her) is an organizer and tech worker excited about making data and systems accessible and empowering for everyone. She works as the Member Systems Associate at the National Network of Abortion Funds and, outside of work, organizes local community safety networks, digital security trainings for organizers, and Jewish community transformation work. You can find her living life on the edge biking through the terrifying streets of the Boston metro area, perfecting her bread baking, or taking long walks with other people’s dogs.
Haylin Belay
As a youth development and health promotion professional, Haylin brings over a decade of experience in classrooms, sex shops, and public health programs to her work with Sex Ed For All, where she offers peer-to-peer counseling, professional development, and comprehensive sex ed for ages 12+. She's also a yoga instructor and practicing witch working at the intersection of consent, intuition, and pleasure.
Heron Greenesmith
Heron Greenesmith is the Senior Research Analyst for LGBTQI Justice at Political Research Associates, where they focus on researching anti-trans advocacy, white feminism, and the spread of gender ideology rhetoric. They have worked in LGBTQ advocacy for over a decade with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, the Movement Advancement Project, Family Equality Council, and the National LGBTQ Task Force.
Isa Zuluaga
isa zuluaga is a nonbinary migrant brujx of iquiteña and paisa descent currently living on Tequesta, Miccosukee and Seminole lands (aka Miami, FL). They do graphics for @thefeministgriote and use magick for power shifting and manifesting.
Isabela Rosales
Isabela is a graduate student of Social Justice and Ethics at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. She also does advocacy and community organizing work for the Colorado Organization of Latinx Opportunity & Reproductive Rights (COLOR) and Platform4Womxn.
Israel Cook
Israel Cook is a Reproductive Justice State Fellow at SisterReach in Memphis TN. She graduated from American University Washington College of Law in May of 2019.
Jaira Burke
Jaira Burke is a political strategist with over 8 years of state and local advocacy campaign experience. With an emphasis in policy design, Jaira is passionate about engaging impacted communities in addressing pressing issues. She currently serves as Campaign Manager of Amplify GA, working to protect and affirm abortion in Georgia cities, in which she developed a Reproductive Justice Commission model that was established in Atlanta.
Janae Brown
My name is Janae Brown. I'm a high school student from Springfield Mass.
Jasmine Banks
Jasmine Banks is a queer Black feminist from the South, mother of 4, and Executive Director of UnKoch My Campus.
Jay Thibodeau
Jay Thibodeau, MPH (she/ her) is the Communications Director at Abortion Care Network, where she works alongside independent abortion care providers to amplify their voices and illuminate the work they do in the public conversation. As queer person who’s had an abortion, Jay’s career has been dedicated to advancing sexual health and reproductive freedom.
Jenny Dodson Mistry
Jenny Dodson Mistry is the Associate Director of Local Advocacy at the National Institute for Reproductive Health, where she supports organizations engaged in local-level, proactive policy work, and leads NIRH’s Local Reproductive Freedom Index initiative. She also oversees NIRH’s LARC Access Project. Jenny holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan and a MPH from Columbia University.
Jessy Rosales
Jessy is the Southern California campus coordinator for the justCARE Campaign. Through the campaign she and others were able to pass SB24 through the CA legislature, making it the first abortion mandate of the nation. Jessy is also an abortion story teller. Follow the campaign @justcareca and Jessy at @jessyzuko
Kallie McLoughlin
Kallie is the Operations Associate at the Reproductive Health Access Project. She has prior experience as a sexual health educator and was the leader of her campus’ Bedsider chapter for Power to Decide. Kallie is passionate about policy and wants to learn how to use it to make effective change.
Kavleen Singh
Kavleen is a California State Organizer for the justCARE campaign. She is supporting young people in CA as they lead reproductive equity movements on their campuses and in their communities, especially around medication abortion implementation at CSU & UC student health centers.
Kendall Bentsen
Kendall Bentsen (MSW) is a political social worker and graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work. Prior to joining NAPW, Kendall ran a young women’s leadership program at a settlement house in Queens, co-authored a report for members of Congress on the need to reauthorize and expand the 2018 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for the National Organization for Women-NYC, and was an Organizer at Ready for Hillary.
Kenyette Tisha Barnes
Kenyette Tisha Barnes, is a political strategist, lobbyist, mother and CEO of Nia Vizyon, LLC, a social justice, consulting and political strategy lobbying firm; and the National Co-Founder of #MuteRKelly.
Kimya Forouzan, MPH, Esq.
Kimya Forouzan, MPH, Esq. is currently an If/When/How Reproductive Justice Legal Fellow at the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF). She also serves on the board of directors for HEART Women & Girls and as a volunteer for Jane's Due Process. As both an attorney and public health expert, Kimya seeks to use these skills to advance reproductive justice. She is a proud Iranian-American.
Kwajelyn Jackson
Kwajelyn Jackson currently serves as Executive Director at Feminist Women's Health Center (FWHC), an independent, non-profit, Feminist, multi-generational, multi-racial reproductive health, rights, and justice organization, providing compassionate abortion care in the South. Since 2013 she has led the expansion of FWHC’s statewide and national impact and deepened its community partnerships, leading the organization’s civic engagement, advocacy, education, and outreach teams, before becoming the organization’s first Black woman Executive Director.
LaKia Williams
LaKia Williams is a junior studying Neuroscience at Tulane University. She is the president of Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) and the Director of Student Health and Wellness. LaKia began a free 24/7 peer-to-peer emergency contraceptive distribution program serving two universities. She is an advocate for reproductive justice and believes in access to reproductive healthcare and dismantling systems of oppression that restrict reproductive autonomy.
Lani Blechman
Lani Blechman is a white elementary school library teacher; a board member of her teacher's union local, Amherst-Pelham Education Association; and a former CLPP staff person.
Layidua Salazar
Layidua migrated from Mexico with her family at age five and firmly planted her Oakland roots. A self identified movement baby, she has been actively organizing in social justice since she was 14. Layidua is an abortion story teller with We Testify, and serves on the board for Access Women's Health Justice.
Leslie Lopez
Leslie is a Black Latina living in North Texas who came into the RJ movement through her 2018 RRASC placement. She is the Co-Founder and Exec Board member of ROSE, a collegiate group that works to educate the student body about the various issues centered in the reproductive justice movement. In her spare time, she can be found tending to her plant children.
Lily Bolourian
Lily Bolourian is an Iranian-American reproductive and environmental justice organizer, writer, and speaker based out of Maryland. Lily has delivered keynotes, held workshops, spoken on national panels, and organized countless mobilizations in favor of abortion access and racial/disability/survivor/immigrant/environmental/reproductive justice for all. Lily is a trained clinic escort and likes to spend her (nonexistent) free time collecting records and making magic in her vegetable garden with her Docs on. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from George Mason University and is a law student studying Health Law and Policy at Hofstra University Maurice A. Deane School of Law.
Lily Trotta
Lily Trotta's introduction to advocacy was sparked by her time in the service industry, where rampant issues of discrimination and harassment based on gender, sexuality, race, and immigration status prompted a desire to inform and represent her peers in a more effective way. Lily is committed to providing excellent support to the Reproductive Health Access Network.
Linda Barron
I first got into activism because I saw an issue arise in my community. I knew I needed to help others so I got into an internship. It is called The Fronterizx Community Project, which helps promote sexual health among teens. Through this internship I've been able to advocate for reproductive health and justice for all people.
Loretta J. Ross
Loretta J. Ross is a Visiting Professor in Women and Gender Studies at Smith College, and co-founder of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. In 1994, she co-created the theory of reproductive justice. She has addressed women’s issues, hate groups, and human rights on CNN, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today.
Lori Rodriguez
Lori Rodriguez is a writer and communications specialist who has worked for PPFA's media department, helped found a startup media company, and now does comms at ACN. She loves a good meme.
Lucia Hernandez
Lucia has a rich history of working with El Paso, Texas School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs) on sexual health education related issues. She guides West Fund and the Fronterizx Community Project in the advancement of the sexual health education policy in local school districts. She advocates for comprehensive, evidence-based, age and culturally appropriate sexual health education.
Lucie Arvallo
Lucie Arvallo (St. Mary’s University School of Law ’19) is an If/When/How Reproductive Justice Legal Fellow with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health in Washington D.C. Her work focuses on building power in Latina/x communities to fight for reproductive justice. Prior to her time with If/When/How, Lucie served as a senior associate editor for the St. Mary’s Law Journal, and Volunteer Attorney Coordinator for the San Antonio Bar Associations’ Veterans Legal Aid Clinic.
Lyndsey Godwin
Lyndsey Godwin serves on the SisterSong Board as Secretary, and is the Assistant Director for the Carpenter Program in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality at Vanderbilt Divinity. She’s a queer, white, feminist sexuality educator who works collaboratively to develop anti-racist, anti-oppression spaces of mutual learning. She partners with academics, organizers, artists, ministers, educators and more to develop visionary leaders who are committed to liberation.
Madeline McCubbins
Madeline McCubbins is a writer, artist, and facilitator from Louisville, KY. They facilitate restorative justice support circles for students, young folks, sex workers, and organizations seeking support with conflict resolution and healing and create watercolor paintings for the revolution.
Maeve Driskill
Maeve is a third-year student at Hampshire College. Originally from Santa Clarita, CA, Maeve studies sexuality, personal, and relationship health education. Maeve has not had the chance to do much professionally in this field yet but hopes to host workshops and other community events that foster acceptance, passion, and celebration.
Mai Doan
mai doan is the Program Associate for Third Wave Fund and manages their rapid response grantmaking through the Mobilize Power Fund. For the past 13 years, mai has supported young women, femmes, and queer and trans young people of color to heal, create, and resist through her work as as a writer, facilitator, youth worker, and community organizer. Through her role at Third Wave, she works to support grassroots, youth leaders in their visions and labor towards gender justice and collective liberation.
Marandah Field-Elliot
Marandah Field-Elliot has a background in student organizing, policy advocacy, as well as storytelling and theatre, and is passionate about building creative, youth-led campaigns. As Co-Director of Students United for Reproductive Justice at UC Berkeley, Marandah helped found the initiative to bring medication abortion to their student health center. That initiative became part of a statewide legislative effort (The College Student Right to Access Act, which was signed into law in 2019), in which Marandah worked as an organizer for the JustCARE Campaign. Marandah is now the State Campaign Manager for Abortion Access at Advocates for Youth, where she works with youth activists to build policy-oriented campaigns in their own states and communities.
Marcela Howell
Marcela Howell is the founder and president/CEO of the In Our Own Voice: National Black Women's Reproductive Justice Agenda, a national Black women’s Reproductive Justice organization with a goal of lifting up the voices of Black women leaders on issues that impact their lives and the lives of their families. With over 45 years as an advocate and policy strategist, Marcela is recognized for her expertise in strategic communications, leadership development, policy forecasting and advocating for reproductive health, rights and justice.
Maria Ignacia Miranda Santis
Maria Ignacia is Chilean and has been living in the states for 13 years. She is the Program and Outreach Manager at Women’s Voices for the Earth, where she leads the outreach and leadership development work within the organizations’ work areas: safe cleaning products, intimate care and period product safety, fragrance ingredient disclosure, and salon product and workers safety. For more info: womensvoices.org
Maria Jose Castillo Venegas
My name is Maria Jose Castillo Venegas, I am a 21 year old Latina, and I live in Racine, Wisconsin. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin- Parkside double majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. I am also a mathematics tutor, a lab technician, and in my free time, the Participant Coordinator for Miss Latina Racine (a scholarship program).
Marianne Bullock
Marianne has over a decade of experience implementing and directing innovative programs and policies that center families’ autonomy and well-being. She led the passing of legislation to outlaw the practice of shackling incarcerated pregnant people in Massachusetts. She has organized for a range of community, legislative, and administrative policies on a state and national level related to paid sick days, family leave, equal pay, and other issues. Marianne is currently working on two pilot projects with the state of Mass, a project providing peer supports for pregnant people that are substance using, and a project with a radical new approach to supporting domestic violence and sexual assault survivors who are experiencing housing instability.
Marlene Gerber Fried
Marlene Gerber Fried is a nationally and internationally known activist scholar. She was founding president of NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds), and is currently on the advisory board of the Abortion Rights Fund of Western MA. She was the interim president of Hampshire in 2010-2011. She edited From Abortion to Reproductive Freedom: Transforming a Movement, and co-authored Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice. She is co-authoring a book on abortion with Loretta Ross.
Maya Neal
Maya Neal is an organizer and strategist from Milwaukee, WI. She focuses her work on Black liberation, reproductive justice, and youth empowerment. Maya currently works with Leaders Igniting Transformation to build youth political power and end the school-to-prison pipeline.
Meg Sasse Stern
Meg began abortion access work as a volunteer clinic escort in Louisville KY in 1999. She has since co-founded KHJN's Abortion Support Fund, and frequently speaks about abortion access on a variety of platforms. As a queer Southerner, Meg's abortion access justice work is smothered in racial, gender, and economic justice.
Miasia Ocasio
Miasia is a Disability Rights Activist in Providence and mother of four. She has been a Generation Action Intern with Planned Parenthood of Southern New England since 2018 and has worked to organize other people with disabilities around parental rights in Rhode Island.
Miray Philips
Miray Philips is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Minnesota and a Visiting Research Scholar at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Her research is on politics and representations of Middle East Christians within the US policy field of International Religious Freedom.
Moira Tan
Moira Tan (she/her) is a reproductive justice organizer and legal scholar. A Hampshire College graduate, her Division III research investigated the limits of reproductive rights jurisprudence. After graduation, she joined the National Women’s Law Center as the Program Assistant for Reproductive Rights & Health. She is a proud alumna of Civil Liberties & Public Policy’s Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps and CLPP Student Group and the National Network of Abortion Funds’ Movement Makers Leadership Program. Moira is the Abortion Rights Fellow for Data for Progress and serves on the Leadership Council of the Young Womxn of Color 4 Reproductive Justice Collective at Advocates for Youth.
Nargis Aslami
Nargis Aslami is a 23-year-old Afghan-American woman living in Western Massachusetts. She graduated from UMass Amherst in May 2018 with a degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a certificate in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice. From 2016-2018, Nargis was the Student Group Co-Coordinator for CLPP, where she facilitated weekly meetings op topics of reproductive justice and organized CLPP’s annual conference. Nargis has presented on student organizing at SisterSong’s Let’s Talk About Sex! conference in 2017 and 2019, as well as at CLPP’s conference in 2018 and 2019. Right now, Nargis is working as a Civilian Advocate for Victims of Sexual & Domestic Violence for a local rape crisis center and with partnering police departments. She is also serving on the Board of Directors for CLPP and for Voices From Inside (VFI). Nargis is heading off to law school in the fall to pursue social justice lawyering!
Natalie Krumdieck
I am a family medicine physician currently completing Reproductive Health and Advocacy fellowship at Tufts University Department of Family Medicine/Cambridge Health Alliance. I have had a passion for reproductive health and advocacy since attending Smith College. In my current role, I provide integrated contraception services and abortion care in addition to general family medicine care. I am also involved in teaching medical students and residents.
Nazia Ashraful, MPH
Nazia Ashraful is a committed advocate for minority populations and women’s rights. She has a MPH from Boston University and specialized in Reproductive Justice. She currently serves on the Community Advisory Board of the Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge, dedicated to equity in reproductive health access Massachusetts. Nazia believes her purpose is to pass the mic (and cape!) to unheard individuals and communities.
Negar Esfandiari
Negar Esfandiari is descended from a long line of resisters who have always questioned, challenged, and disrupted the status quo to advocate for civic equity. She has continued the family tradition with her thesis research on symbolic violence against people of color, her organizing efforts with the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, and her mission to ensure accurate representation of the Asian diaspora. An Iranian American originally from Oakland, CA, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY.
Nilofar Ganjaie
Nilofar (she/her) is an Iranian-American, an organizer, a political strategist, and a passionate advocate for abortion access (among other things!). Nilofar serves on the Board of Directors for the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, an abortion fund primarily serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. She lives in Seattle where she works as the Political & Communications Director for the State Senate Democrats Campaign.
Nushin Bhimani
Nushin is the Development Officer for the Reproductive Health Access Project. She is very passionate about finding ways to connect donors and the community to the reproductive justice movement while raising funds to support programs that provide access to sexual and reproductive healthcare.
Olivia Lawrence-Weilmann
Olivia Lawrence-Weilmann is Program Coordinator at Political Research Associates and an organizer with Never Again Action. She is a former member of the Civil Liberties and Public Policy student group and believes that protecting ourselves and our communities from digital threats is a collective responsibility based in community care.
Olivia Pearl
Olivia Pearl is a transracial adoptee from Russia. She has extensive experience in campus organizing and grassroots campaigns. Prior to her role with NAPAWF, she worked in Bangkok, Thailand creating curriculum and teaching Advanced Biology to high school seniors at Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning. She is passionate about eliminating global public health disparities.
Phoebe Suva
Phoebe is a queer, transracial adoptee who grew up in Portland, ME. She is passionate about building space within the Asian American community for other transracial adoptees. Phoebe graduated from St. Lawrence University with a B.A. in Government, and a minor in gender and sexuality studies.
Preston Mitchum
Preston Mitchum is an unapologetically Black and queer civil rights advocate, public speaker, writer, and professor hailing from Ohio and residing in the nation’s capital. Preston is the Director of Policy at URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, where he shapes local, state, and federal strategies and reproductive justice policies that center the voices and leadership of young people in the South and Midwest. Follow him on social media and subscribe to his website at www.prestonmitchum.com.
Priyana Cabraal
My name is Priyana Cabraal, I am a young high school student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am passionate about social justice, especially for those who are typically disadvantaged.
Rashel Vargas
She's a junior in high school.
Rev. Dr. Chris Davies
Rev. Dr. Chris S. Davies is a Connecticut native and a Cleveland transplant and a wandering Irish Rover at heart. She attended Smith College for her undergrad work and Andover Newton for both a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry. Chris grew up in the United Church of Christ, and was baptized and ordained within her home congregation in Connecticut. She is currently serving on the National Staff of the United Church of Christ, is involved at Preterm Cleveland on the Board of Directors, with Ohio RCRC, and with SURJ Northeast Ohio. Chris is a queer femme, a local beer enthusiast, and a creative networker of communities.
Rev. Erika Forbes
Reverend Erika Forbes is a licensed ordained interfaith minister and the faith based outreach coordinator for Texas Freedom Network. She is a lead facilitator on subjects at the intersection of spirituality, social justice, and change leadership. She is a sought-after trainer, diversity consultant and presenter at major LGBTQ conferences. She is currently working on a book on social justice and spirituality for 20 somethings.
SabriAnan Micha
SabriAnan is a young, Black, queer and trans child of immigrants. They came to reproductive justice work through college, under the guidance of incredible womxn of color. They graduated from Amherst College in 2019 with a B.A. in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies and a certificate in Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice. They hope to continue their studies in the coming years with a focus on transgender healthcare and healing. They move through the world with the love and support of their family, community, and ancestors.
Samantha Parsons
Samantha Parsons is a first-generation high school and college graduate who has a passion for equipping communities with the resources needed to share their stories of resilience in a way that directly confronts the harms caused by the Koch network’s anti-democratic policy agenda. She grew up on a farm in rural Virginia and is most energized by organizing communities in the South to disrupt White Supremacy.
Sean Saifa Wall is an intersex activist based in Atlanta GA. He is co-founder of the Intersex Justice Project, a grassroots organization that uses direct action to create a safer world for intersex infants and children. When he is not out in the world fighting for change, you can find him at home with his beloved dog, Justice.
Shira Breen
Shira currently works at Safe Passage, and as a College Student Organizing Fellow for Resource Generation (RG) supporting students to start chapters and build capacity for more organizing around wealth redistribution on campuses. They are currently working with the Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network finance committee to develop a sustainable, anti-capitalist fundraising program and look forward to connecting with people interested in doing work around wealth redistribution and fundraising with anti-capitalist movements.
Shireen Rose Shakouri
Shireen Shakouri (she/her) is Iranian and Italian-American, and the fire in her belly for reproductive justice work is largely driven by a commitment to affirming the leadership of earth-colored people, with direct action and direct service as her favored tools. In her day job, she is Senior Campaign Lead at Reproaction. She is also an abortion doula, a member of NAPAWF, and a clinic escort.
Simran Singh Jain
Simran Singh Jain is a community activist and poet, currently working as a Youth Justice Specialist at the Center for Community Alternatives in Syracuse. She recently graduated Tulane University in New Orleans where she studied Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her work focuses on violence prevention, reproductive justice, and restorative justice.
Soe Herman-Dunphy
Soe is a 4th year student at Hampshire College, studying biology, sexuality, and reproductive justice. At Hampshire, Soe co-leads a student group, Sexperts, that teaches peer sex education on campus. She is completing a year-long thesis project on sex culture and behavior on college campuses. Soe emphasizes consent as a central topic in her work as sex educator and is dedicated to survivor justice as an activist.
Sonja Goetsch-Avila
Sonja joined justCARE as a Campus Coordinator in January, 2019, but has worked in the "realm of repro" since she was a peer educator in high school. In 2015, she worked as a Healthline Intern at ACCESS WHJ in Oakland, and later served as the Client Care Coordinator for the Women's Community Clinic in San Francisco. Sonja has a B.A. in Feminist Studies & Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz.
Sonja Miller
Sonja Miller is the Outreach and Faith Director for Texas Freedom Network, a grassroots political advocacy organization founded by Cecile Richards. Sonja directs TFN’s work with clergy and faith communities, with a focus on reproductive rights/justice. She manages Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Freedom, TFN’s project for creating culture change around abortion by countering the dominant toxic faith narrative in Texas.
Sung Yeon Choimorrow
Sung Yeon is a first generation immigrant working mom who is passionate about building power to create change so her daughter can live in a more just world than the one she inherited. Sung Yeon initially came to NAPAWF as it’s National Field Director with a vision to build infrastructure for building a robust base of community leaders who are most affected by the policy issues that NAPAWF works on, namely immigrant rights, economic justice, and reproductive right and health, using the reproductive justice framework. Sung Yeon has continued to lead NAPAWF with the vision of building power with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women and girls as she took on the role of Executive Director at NAPAWF. Under Sung Yeon’s leadership, NAPAWF has gone from one organizer (her!) to now a team of nine on the organizing team. Sung Yeon deeply believes that policies should be made by the people for the people and when people are equipped with tools to build power and create change, we will get the job done. Before working at NAPAWF, Sung Yeon was the Director of Organizing at Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) leading collaborative work with community organizations, unions and faith communities on worker organizing and worker justice public policy. Prior to IWJ, Sung Yeon was a Community Organizer at Asian American Institute where she helped organize the pan-Asian American community in Chicago to work together on presidential and mayoral elections, immigration reform, the state budget, and redistricting. Sung Yeon was born in South Korea and spent her childhood in Singapore and India. Sung Yeon came to the U.S. at the age of 18 to study Political Science and Urban Studies at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL and earned an M.Div from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. Sung Yeon is an Ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church(U.S.A.). Sung Yeon is a board member of the Hana Center, a Chicago based organization that builds power with Korean Americans, immigrants, and multi-racial communities for just policies that impact immigrant families.
Susan Yannow MSW
Susan Yannow MSW is a cofounder of Women Help Women, an international organization that provides medication abortion services, and is the spokesperson for SASS – Self-Managed Abortion; Safe and Supported in the USA. She consults to the Later Abortion Initiative at Ibis Reproductive Health and coordinates EASE – Expanding Abortion Services in the South. She serves on the Boards of the ACLU of Massachusetts and Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health.
Taylor Martinez
I am Taylor Martinez, I am currently a junior at the University of Texas at El Paso in their nursing program. I am planning on becoming a nurse practitioner as an OBGYN or WHP. I am part of the Fronterizx Community Project whose goal is to propose a new sex ed policy be placed in high schools, of which I am very proud to be a part of.
Tiara Mack
Tiara is a passionate organizer and advocate for reproductive health, rights and justice and has been an active intern and volunteer for Planned Parenthood over the last several years. She has advocated and spoken out at the RI State House for the Reproductive Health Care Act/Reproductive Privacy Act and the Doula bill in the 2019 legislative session. She also has experience teaching sex education in Providence schools as an undergraduate in the Brown University SHAPE (Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education) program.
Tiffany Panko
As a researcher in her last year as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Rochester, Tiffany Panko is passionate about reproductive justice, especially for deaf women like herself who use American Sign Language. Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Rochester.
Tina Vasquez
Tina Vasquez is a journalist whose work focuses on racial injustice, immigration, and reproductive justice. Currently, she is the gender justice reporter at Prism. Her work has appeared in the New York Review of Books, NPR, and The Nation. She is based in North Carolina.
Tyrece Williams
Tyrece Williams, a First-Generation Black Puerto Rican student at the University of North Texas, acts on the Exec Board of the Reproductive Rights Organization of Student Educators (ROSE) where he seeks to build knowledge of reproductive justice within the student body. Tyrece envisions becoming a social worker to provide social services to LGBTQ+ people of forced migration.
Urooba Ahmed Fatima
Urooba Fatima is Division III student at Hampshire College. She is concentrating in Anthropology and Public Health. Her Div III project focuses on exploring connections between menstrual equity and education equity in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a member of Clinton Global Initiative University's Class of 2020 where she is working on setting up a social enterprise to manufacture eco-friendly menstrual products for a small community.
Victoria St. Clair
Victoria St. Clair is a graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College where she studied Sociology, Health and Nutrition, and Public Health. She became very involved on campus to bridge the gap between available resources and students' access to them. She acted as a peer mentor and a tutor at the college. As a result of her passion to create an equal and accessible learning environment for her peers, as well as her scholarly achievements, she was selected to be featured in various publications on the college's website, newspaper, and social media pages. She has assisted various administrative departments in higher education to create a process that provides the most efficient services to students.
Xavier T. de Janon
Xavier is a current law student and organizer committed to prison abolition and supporting social movements with the most oppressed. He has experience working in immigration, criminal justice, and queer spaces, and aspires to become a movement lawyer in the footsteps of Evelyn Williams and Oscar Acosta. Xavier is currently based in Oakland, CA.
Xochitl Lopez-Ayala
Xochitl lives in Homer with her husband and their dogs. Currently, her focus is on advocating for all Alaskans’ right to safe, accessible reproductive health services. She has been working to ensure these rights are represented & protected via the legislative session. On top of full time employment, she is holding positions on Board of Directors; Vice President of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) & Northwest Abortion Access Fund (NWAAF).