Conference 2017 Vision Statement



Join us next April for #CLPP2017  -- "From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom"

Each year, CLPP staff begin planning our annual conference by discussing our vision and priorities — the issues we want to raise up, conversations we want to have, and movement work we wish to bring together at the conference. 

This year, our statement focuses on the process — our vision for the experience of coming together to connect our movements. Look back to get a sense of the breadth, depth, and nuance with which we uplift issues of reproductive, environmental and social justice at the conference. And know that you are a part of our vision.

Join us on April 7-9, 2017 to participate in these conversations, connect, and learn from one another. Email us and let us know what you think!

From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom is the conference where CLPP invites people who are completely new to reproductive and social justice to learn alongside those who have shaped, shaken up, and laid new ground for our movements for years. We are students, activists, researchers, scholars, advocates, and justice-seekers. We come together. We vision. We share our successes and challenges. We hold each other accountable. We share our experiences. 
With lifelong activists, newly inspired justice-seekers, veteran CLPP conference goers, and first-timers, the conference home that we are creating is approaching its 40th year. We celebrate our strength because we survive and share our resources so that we continue to thrive.  We come together to share power and build new skills. We come together to build the movement for reproductive freedom. We come home.
Our communities are strong and resilient. The reproductive justice movement was birthed by women of color who said, We can’t experience our power without abortion, without support for our families, without celebrating our choices to parent or not to parent, and without justice. At the annual CLPP conference, we join together to celebrate this strong legacy of justice-making and to build our movements.
At the conference, we strive to create a space where those at the frontlines of our struggles for justice are centered and our lived experiences are valued. Our vision is to create a home for the visible leadership of those most impacted by reproductive injustices: women of color, trans women, LGBTQ people, those who have been incarcerated, poor and working class people, youth, students, people with disabilities, immigrants, indigenous people, and others who are most acutely affected by reproductive, environmental, and social injustices. 
We come together to listen and learn, to hold space to respond to the traumas inflicted upon our communities. We know that coming home is not always comfortable. We interrogate our discomfort. We expand our conversations about race and racism—about white supremacy—affirming that Black Lives Matter is central to achieving reproductive justice. 
We know that coming home is hard work. At the CLPP conference, we center our desires for justice, and we hold back the tide. We vision for ourselves, our communities, our environments, and our society. 
We celebrate the ways that we are creating the world that we want to live in. We tell our stories of abortions that we wanted, that we didn’t want, that we had to fight for, and that we could not live without. We celebrate our creations—our art, our stories, our families, our communities. We tell stories of the children and families we have had to fight to create. We celebrate through story, and we envision a world where each of us experiences power, pleasure, and autonomy.
Come home to the CLPP conference to be inspired. Come to the conference to recalibrate for action. Come to celebrate the beauty and resilience of our movements. Reconnect with old friends, meet new strategic partners and mentors. Come create space with your communities and with new communities—to build a vision centering diverse histories, identities, experiences and narratives. We don’t all come to the CLPP conference as leaders, but we all take back new stories and skills to empower our communities.  
We hope you will share both your experiences and your desire to learn with us on April 7-9, 2017. Join us to find out how your work, your communities, and the issues you care about are part of the movement we are building for reproductive freedom.