2017 Conference Speakers


Abby Jo Krobot (She/Her)
Abby Jo Krobot is a Former Refugee AmeriCorps Member at JFSWM. Her duties included being a non-bilingual interpreter, a community advocate, and an ESOL teacher. She is a graduate of Bay Path University.
Adaku Utah (She/He/They)
Hailing from Nigeria, Adaku Utah is an award winning liberation educator and organizer, healer and performance ritual artist committed to healing and liberation within marginalized communities. For over ten years, her work has centered in movements for radical social change, with a focus on gender, sexuality, race, youth and healing justice. She is the founder and director of Harriet's Apothecary, a healing village led by Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans folks committed to living out Harriet Tubman's legacy of liberation in our tissues and our lineage.
Alex Andrews (She/Her)
As a formerly incarcerated sex worker and the co founder for SWOP Behind Bars, Alex Andrews knew it was critical to start reaching men and women who were experiencing the harm of the criminalization of sex work. As the North American Representative for NSWP, Alex hopes to amplify the voices of incarcerated sex workers around the world.
Alice Wong (She/Her)
Alice Wong is a sociologist, research consultant, and disability activist based in San Francisco, CA. Her areas of interest are accessible healthcare for people with disabilities, Medicaid policies, storytelling, and social media. She is the Founder and Project Coordinator for the Disability Visibility Project (DVP), a community partnership with StoryCorps and an online community dedicated to recording, amplifying, and sharing disability stories and culture.
Allie Cislo (She/Her or They/Them)
Allie Cislo works at Justice Now, where she raises funds to dismantle and abolish the prison-industrial complex in solidarity with people in CA women's prisons. A queer Jewish anti-occupation organizer, full-spectrum doula, and sex educator, Allie is passionate about bringing attention and energy to the intersection of reproductive justice and the many manifestations of incarceration worldwide.
Amy Arrington (She/Her)
Amy Arrington is a medical assistant, doula, lactation counselor, aspiring midwife sailor, songwriter and movie nerd. She is Boston born and raised with time spent in Seattle and New Yok. She wants to do work that supports people of color in their reproductive experiences and that makes the world more sex positive.
Ash Chan (She/Her)
Ash Chan, a Pittsburgh transplant by way of the Bay Area, is a queer youth organizer dedicated to education justice, equity and holistic wellness. Through leadership development and the sharing of lived experiences, Ash aims to create brave, youth-centered spaces to educate, affirm, and empower young folx of color with the skills and resources to become leaders in their schools, communities, and lives. Ash aspires for a long-term career in public health at the intersections of reproductive justice, human rights & environmental sustainability
Ashley Williams
Aurelis Troncoso (She/Her)
Aurelis Troncoso is an Afro-Dominican woman and a Bronx native whose studies at Hampshire College included Multicultural Education, Gender Studies, and African Diaspora Studies. Her capstone research explored the resistance of Black Cuban womxn in the Yoruba spiritual tradition, Lukumi. She currently resides in Holyoke and is an educator and advisor at LightHouse Holyoke.
Avital Norman Nathman (She/Her)
Avital Norman Nathman is the editor of The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality, and a freelance writer who reports on everything from parenting to pop culture and pot. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan.com, Rolling Stone, The Establishment and more.
Bianca Campbell (She/Her and They/Them)
Bianca Campbell works with the National Network of Abortion Funds, prompting members to not only fund abortion, provide rides and lodging -- but also to build power that wins the hearts, minds and support of communities and shifts policy. Locally, she helps grow the Access Reproductive Care - Southeast as well!
Bré Anne Campbell (She/Her)
Bré Anne Campbell is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Trans Sistas of Color Project – Detroit. She is a board member of Positive Women's Network USA, a 2015 Victory Fund Empowerment Fellow, a National Advisory Board member of Positively Trans and a member of the 2016 Brown Boi LGBT Executive Director Training Program. She is featured in the Greater Than AIDS "EMPOWERED: Trans Women & HIV" campaign. She also serves as an Executive Producer of a forthcoming documentary exploring the narratives of TWOC in Detroit.
Briana Perry (She/Her)
Briana Perry is a Black feminist born, raised, and currently situated in the South. Her work centers around Black feminism, reproductive justice, storytelling, and punitive disciplinary policies within schools. She is in community with the official Black Lives Matter Memphis Chapter, the Nashville Feminist Collective, and Healthy and Free Tennessee.
Brittany Brathwaite (She/Her)
Brittany Brathwaite is a reproductive justice activist, youth worker and community accountable scholar with a deep-seated commitment to supporting the leadership, organizing, and healing of girls of color. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology from Syracuse University and a Master of Public Health and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. When she’s not attempting to save the world, you can catch her in Brooklyn curating The Homegirl Box and making outfits for her social justice fashion blog, Movement Fly.
Caitlin Hays Gaffin (She/Her)
Caitlin Hays Gaffin is representing WV FREE, a reproductive health, rights, and justice organization based in southern West Virginia.
Cecilia M. Gentili (She/Her)
Originally from Argentina, Cecilia Gentili started working as an intern at the LGBT Center where she found her passion for advocacy and services and after that she ran the Transgender Health Program at Apicha CHC from 2012 to 2016. She currently serves as the Director of Policy and Public Affairs at GMHC. She was a contributor to Trans Bodies Trans Selves and is a collaborator with Translatina Network.
China Martens (She/Her)
China Martens is a Baltimore writer and single mother of a 29-year-old. She is the author of “The Future Generation: The Zine-Book for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends and Others” and the co-editor of "Don't Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways To Support Families In Social Justice Movements & Communities" and "Revolutionary Mothering: Love On The Front Lines."
Christina Martinez (She/Her)
Christina Martinez is an early childhood educator with the Sacramento City Unified School District & a co-founder of #noteenshame. Through her work she advocates for families & youth in the culturally & linguistically diverse communities of California’s capital.
Christina Tesoro (She/Her)
Christina Tesoro is a sex educator and writer from Queens, NY. She works with youth at Mount Sinai's Adolescent Health Center, focusing on sexual violence awareness and prevention, healthy sexuality and relationships, and strives to provide comprehensive sex ed particularly for QTPOC youth.
Cierra Burks
Clare Overlander
Cole Parke (They/Them)
Cole Parke is the LGBTQ & Gender Justice Researcher at Political Research Associates, a social justice think tank based in Boston. PRA is dedicated to supporting organizers and activists on the Left with info and analysis about right-wing opposition to our collective struggle(s) for liberation.
Coya White Hat-Artichoker (She/Her)
Coya is a wandering rogue activist who lives in the Midwest. She's involved in several movements and enjoys planning the resistance with her cat EmJay.
Crystal M. Hayes (She/Her)
Crystal Hayes is a troublemaker who refuses to be silent in the face of oppression. She can be reached via Twitter @motherjustice. She's also working on her doctorate in social work. Her research focuses on the birthing experiences of incarcerated women as a feminist and human rights issue.
Cyntia Domenzain
Cyntia Domenzain is a queer brown femme born in Mexico. She migrated from Mexico City to be reunited with her parents. Cyntia has been involved in the movement since 2012 with Trans Queer Pueblo.
Danny Boucher (She/Her)
Danny Lee Boucher is a fat, white, femme, queer, 35-year-old, non-indigenous Texan recently relocated to Carrboro, NC with her partner and two kids. She is currently a stay-at-home-mom trying to figure out how to handle two toddlers with extreme parenting-related sleep deprivation. Danny is also an artist, fat activist, a home chef, and rabble rouser.
Dori Midnight (She/Her)
Dori Midnight practices community-based intuitive healing that weaves together plant and stone medicine, ancestral and queer magic, and anti-oppression work. Drawing on traditions from her mixed ancestry (Sephardi/Ashkenazi/Roma) and her training as a clinical herbalist and interfaith minister, Dori's work is grounded in self-determinism and collective liberation and is inspired/supported by the works/magics of disability and healing justice and Jewish earth-based practices.
Dr. Krystal Redman (She/Her)
Dr. Redman brings over 12 years of experience in managing low-income and women focused public health access and community-based youth development programs. Prior to her current tenure as Executive Director of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, Dr. Redman served as the Senior Project Director of Maternal and Child Health, at the Georgia Department of Public Health, where she worked on creating greater healthcare access for women throughout the state of Georgia. Dr. Redman received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology from The University of California, Riverside and a Masters of Health Administration from The University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She received her Doctorates of Public Health from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.
Elisabeth Lamar (She/Her)
Elisabeth Lamar is a volunteer with the Sierra Club, The Climate Reality Project, and the ACLU. She advocates for reproductive, gender and climate justice.
Ellen E. Foley (She/Her)
Ellen Foley is trained as a medical anthropologist and works on reproductive justice and sexual and reproductive health in Senegal.
Emily Quinn
Emily R. Champlin (She/Her)
Emily R. Champlin is a lifelong feminist and social justice advocate. After receiving her BA in Feminist Studies, she worked as a domestic violence advocate focusing on LGBTQ survivors. Throughout law school, she was avidly involved in studying and promoting reproductive justice. As a Fellow, her work focuses on the intersecting barriers of racism, limited English proficiency, immigration status, and cultural competency in accessing comprehensive health care.
Emma Cohen Westbrooke (She/Her)
Emma Cohen Westbrooke works as a sexuality educator for Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes in Ithaca, NY providing justice-oriented sexuality education for rural middle and high school aged folks. Her energy goes towards uplifting and celebrating LGBTQ youth and being a white co-conspirator for racial justice work in her community.
Emmett DuPont (They/Them)
Emmett DuPont (they/them) is an undergraduate at Hampshire College and lifelong unschooler. Emmett's previous work includes interning at CLPP as well as with local sex educator Yana Tallon-Hicks. They also work closely with COLAGE, the nation's largest organization for queerspawn (children of LGBTQ+ parents), where they facilitate programming teaching queerspawn about everything from self-expression to trans identities.
Erika Derkas (She/Her or They/Them)
Erika Derkas has a long history of activism/academics focusing on race and gender justice, particularly examining national and international population control targeting poor women, indigenous women and women of color. Her current scholarship investigates reproductive justice in Occupied Palestine. She is a longtime ally member of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and a member of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women.
Erin Matson (She/Her)
Erin Matson is co-founder and co-director of Reproaction, a direct action group formed to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. She lives in Arlington, Va. She is a proud mom.
Farah Diaz-Tello (She/Her)
Farah Diaz-Tello is Senior Counsel for the SIA Legal Team, where she wields law and policy tools to ensure that people can end their pregnancies with dignity without fear of arrest. Her career as a lawyer has been dedicated to the service of Reproductive Justice and Birth Justice. She’s a proud Texpat and mother of boys who love CLPP and justice.
Frederick Clarkson (He/Him)
Frederick Clarkson is Senior Fellow at Political Research Associates. He is surprised that he has been researching and writing about the Religious and Political Right for about 3 decades.
Glenn H. Northern (He/Him)
Glenn Northern, domestic program senior associate at Catholics for Choice, builds strategic relationships with prochoice Catholics, policymakers, reproductive health providers, activists and collegial organizations, to promote CFC’s activities and strengthen prochoice advocacy, from a Catholic perspective on the local, state and national levels. Mr. Northern uses his extensive experience in public policy, training and technical assistance to help CFC inform and influence debates on sexual and reproductive rights and health, social justice and religious liberty.
Gloria Malone (She/Her)
Gloria Malone is a reproductive justice advocate and co founder of #NoTeenShame. She can be found online at GloriaMalone.com and on social media as @GloriaMalone.
Hannah Davidson (She/Her)
Hannah Davidson studies maternal health at Hampshire College from a foundation of reproductive justice, anthropology, public health, and biology. She envisions a reproductive justice movement that is sensitive to the needs and voices of families, and hopes to become a Nurse-Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner after graduating in 2018. She currently serves as the CLPP Student Group Co-Coordinator.
Jack Qu'emi Gutierrez (They/Them)
Jack Qu'emi Gutierrez is a queer, nonbinary, femme writer with too many feelings to carry so they blog about them.
Jade S. Sasser (She/Her)
Jade S. Sasser is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of California, Riverside. She is currently writing a book about why population debates are becoming popular in the context of climate change. Her broader research interests include climate justice, international development, women’s health, and the intersections between gender and technology.
Jamila Umi Jackson (She/Her)
Jamila Jackson is a dancer and community organizer. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and a Hampshire College Alum, her work focuses on youth leadership, embodiment, healing, and community building.
Janhavi Madabushi (They/Them)
Janhavi Madabushi is a South Indian immigrant, queer and nonbinary person. They are a full-spectrum doula, a racial justice organizer and a yoga teacher trainee who works in the Boston metro area.
Jasmine Burnett (She/Her)
Jasmine Burnett is a writer, consultant, social justice strategist, and entrepreneur who works as Director of Community Organizing with New Voices for Reproductive Justice. As a writer with Echoing Ida, a Black women's writing collective and program of Forward Together, she has been published on issues reflecting the range of Black women's leadership and visibility. As a creative, Jasmine is currently in the 7th cohort of Generative Fellows with the CoreAlign Generative Fellowship. She is also a 2017 fellow with the Rockwood Leadership Fellowship for Leaders in Reproductive, Health, Rights, & Justice.
Jasmine Errico (She/Her)
Jasmine Errico is a full spectrum doula, childbirth educator and proud parent. A student at Holyoke Community College, she is a RRASC alumni and currently works with Prison Birth Project in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Her reproductive justice activism focuses on providing free accessible support to parents at the intersection of poverty, incarceration and substance use.
Jasmine Jones (She/Her)
Jasmine Jones is an archivist at Smith College's Special Collections and works with information systems. Jasmine serves as an advisory archivist on the People’s Archive of Police Violence in Cleveland and as a member of the Inclusivity Committee for the Digital Library Federation Forum. She holds an M.S. in Library Science, Archives Concentration and an M.A. in History from Simmons College.
Jaspreet Chowdhary (She/Her)
Jaspreet Chowdhary received a B.A. in English and Women’s Studies from Goucher College, a M.P.H. in Epidemiology from Tulane University, and a J.D. from Seattle University School of Law. She is currently the Senior Policy Specialist at the 30 for 30 campaign. She was part of the inaugural class of the If/When/How Fellowship program and was placed at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.
Jaz Walker (She/Her)
Jazmyne Walker organizes with Black On Both Sides, which addresses issues of state violence against black mothers and the Foster Care systems of funneling black youth into the juvenile justice system. Jazmyne is passionate about the work being done and the mentor(s) who model and guide her through this struggle. Through political education and self-awareness, Jazmyne is adamant about applying what she is learning to heal herself along with her community.
Jeff Napolitano (He/Him)
Jeff Napolitano has been the director of the Western Massachusetts program of AFSC for over 8 years, working on issues ranging from antiwar organizing to civil disobedience trainings to sanctuary cities.
Jennifer Warren (She/Her)
Jennifer Warren brings her passion for reproductive justice and her talent for connecting people to CoreAlign in her role as a regional organizer. Based in Memphis, TN, she works to build and strengthen relationships within the southern repro movement. Prior to joining CoreAlign, Jennifer educated young people on their reproductive health, accumulating more than 20 years of experience working with adolescents, and more than 15 years of experience working in the field of HIV/AIDS, STI and pregnancy prevention. When not organizing and convening, she is either spending time with her loving family, singing at church, or cooking delicious meals.
Jessica Riggs (She/Her)
Jessica Riggs is a passionate advocate for reproductive and birth justice and has made it her mission to provide compassionate and culturally appropriate doula care to the families in her community. She is committed to working in the intersections of indigenous women’s health, reproductive justice, environmental justice, and ending violence against girls, women, and Mother Earth. She lives in rural Northern New Mexico, where she is a co-parenting mother of a beloved son.
Juana Peralta (She/Her or They/Them)
Juana Peralta is a queer, fat hard femme Latinx who has been educating and organizing around issues of gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability for 10 years. In 2012, Juana was named one of Chicago’s “30 Under 30” by the Windy City Times. Currently, Juana resides in NYC, and serves as the Director of Outreach and Community Engagement at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. At SRLP, she co-directs the Movement Building Team, and works to strengthen the leadership of transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people; leads cultural/community organizing; and fights for trans liberation, specifically prioritizing the leadership of formerly-/incarcerated, low-/no-income, immigrants, people with different abilities, and TGNCI people of color. Juana has a deep commitment to abolition and organizing around the intersections of prison justice and reproductive justice, and works alongside SRLP’s Prisoner Advisory Committee, using public education to organize around the harms of the prison industrial complex and prisons as centers of reproductive oppression.
Judy Dow (She/Her)
Judy Dow teaches science and history through art to all age levels. She teaches her students how to read the land and do the research necessary to decolonize the science and history they have learned. Mapping the story then creates a new replacement narrative.
Karyna Jaramillo
Karyna Jaramillo is a transgender woman from Cuernavaca, México who emigrated to Phoenix, AZ in 1989 to pursue work. She has spent years living the realities of racism, homophobia, and discrimination in Phoenix from society and from the police. She has been detained by ICE three times, and knows first hand how the government and those in power try to destroy the dreams of tod@s nosotr@s (all of us). Currently, Karyna coordinates Arcoiris Liberation Team/Arizona Queer Undocumented Immigrants Project (AZ QUIP), a project defending LGBTI migrant communities. She works with her community both outside and inside detention centers to fight for the rights and liberty of her community, and more broadly for the autonomy and power de cada un@ de nosotr@s (of each of us).
Katherine M. Koster (She/Her)
Katherine M. Koster has been involved in community organizing, education, and advocacy for women for over 6 years. In addition to working for SWOP-USA, she serves on the board of SWOP Behind Bars where she manages responding to letters from and meeting the needs of incarcerated women with sex trade experience.
Katie Klabusich (She/Her)
Katie Klabusich is a writer, radio host, and social justice activist whose work often focuses on sexuality, reproductive health, mental health, disability, and poverty.
Katie McKay Bryson (She/Her)
Katie McKay Bryson is a single mom & foster parent living on traditional Dena'ina territory in Alaska. Active in environmental, reproductive, and social justice movement work since her early teens, she's currently a grant writer for an Alaska Native tribal coalition, and works to build embrace of Indian Child Welfare Act rights among non-Native activists and foster/adoptive parents.
Katie O'Connell (She/Her)
Katie O'Connell is a queer disabled femme who is committed to radical and intersectional organizing that amplifies the voices of folks who are marginalized in social justice movements. She has worked at the NAF Hotline Fund, Planned Parenthood, and Reproaction.
Kebé (She/Her)
Kebé is an organizer who has used both legal advocacy and community organizing to build toward reproductive justice. She has worked with legal advocates to oppose state punishment of marginalized pregnant and parenting people, and sees community organizing as a powerful tool to increase access to abortion and oppose state violence in our communities.
Kenzie Johnson (She/Her)
As a formally incarcerated woman, being restrained during labor and deliver has made Kenzie Johnson want to stop others from this cruelty. Along with solitary confinement during pregnancy. Incarceration or not, we still have rights and dignity!
Kenzie Wood
Kimberly Mckenzie (She/Her)
Kimberly Mckenzie, Trans Woman of Color. SRLP Intern., Organizer and Advocate Dedicated to organizing around housing, healthcare and economic justice.
Kwajelyn Jackson (She/Her)
Kwajelyn Jackson serves as the Community Education & Advocacy Director at Feminist Women's Health Center, where she manages volunteer engagement, leadership development, community outreach & education, and legislative advocacy to improve reproductive health, rights and justice in Georgia. Kwajelyn also sits on the board of directors for Backline, Abortion Care Network, Soul Food Cypher, ProGeorgia, and the steering committee for the Black Mamas Matter Alliance.
La Loba Loca (She/They/Loba)
La Loba Loca is based in so-called Los Angeles. Loba is a Queer Machona South American Migrant, zine maker, writer, tattooist, crafter, full spectrum companion, aspiring midwife student, seed-saver, and gardener. La Loba Loca is invested in disseminating information with the hope that self-knowledge and (re)cognition of #abuelitaknowledge will create a future where we can depend on ourselves and communities. La Loba Loca’s core philosophy is based on (re)claiming and (re)membering Abuelita Knowledge and learning how to use our roots as a tool for liberation and transformation. IG:@lalobalocashares,lalobaloca.com, facebook.com/lalobaloca, lalobaloca.bigcartel.com
Lael Greenstein M.D. (She/Her)
Lael Greenstein, M.D. is the Reproductive Health and Advocacy Fellow at the Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at Cambridge Health Alliance, where she is being trained to become a provider and teacher of full spectrum reproductive health within family medicine. Her areas of interest are underserved medicine, women’s health and improving access to reproductive health within the community health care setting.
Lani Blechman (She/Her)
Lani Blechman is a Western Massachusetts elementary school librarian and social justice organizer, commonly focusing on white privilege and gender inclusion. She loves it when her worlds collide. Lani is a former CLPP conference coordinator who excitedly re-joined the CLPP Conference Planning Team last May.
LaSharn Maelee
Laura Penney (She/Her)
Laura Penney has been working in the field of domestic and sexual violence for over eight years. She received her BA from UMass Amherst in Social Thought and Political Economy, and is currently an MSW candidate at Westfield State University. Laura is presently the Director of Community Engagement at Safe Passage, and serves as the Project Director for the prevention initiative Say Something.
Laura Riker (She/Her)
A background in Women’s Studies and abortion advocacy led Laura Riker to social work school, where she interned at a community health center and learned about about the clinical side of reproductive rights. At the Reproductive Health Access Project, she organizes primary care clinicians from across the country to work together to expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care.
Lexi J. White (She/Her)
Lexi White is a health and wellness human rights advocate, community organizer, writer-poet and social justice scholar-activist. She focuses on Reproductive Justice and sexual and reproductive health and policy, rooting her work in the experiences and liberation of Black Women, Women of Color, and LGBTQ+ People of Color.
Lill M. Hewko (They/Them or She/Her)
Lill Hewko, an attorney and activist, uses the reproductive justice framework to bring incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals together to advocate for systemic change. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Law. Lill identifies as a queer, mixed-Latinx from a working-class background.
Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz (She/Her)
Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz is the Executive for Program and Strategic Partnerships at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She began organizing around racial and gender justice at Wheaton College in Massachusetts in the early 90’s. After college she began a 25 year journey as a movement builder, cultural worker and writer working across issues of LGBT liberation, racial, disability and gender justice. She was on the first LGBTQ delegation to Palestine in 2012 and has been a frequent blogger and writer for many feminist and racial justice publications. In 2002, she was a contributing author to the groundbreaking anthology Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism.
Lorena García Zermeño (She/Her)
Lorena García Zermeño is the Program Coordinator for California Latinas for Reproductive Justice where she spearheads their long-term initiative, Justice for Young Families (J4YF). She studied Anthropology and Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz with a concentration in Law, Politics, and Social Change. RJ has helped her learn to channel her voice and passion for social justice into advocacy work and be unapologetically chingona.
Loretta J. Ross (She/Her)
Loretta J. Ross was the National Coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective from 2005-2012. She helped create the theory of "Reproductive Justice" in 1994 and led a rape crisis center in the 1970s. She co-authored Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice in 2004, and Reproductive Justice: An Introduction in 2017.
Louisa Thanhauser (She/Her)
Louisa Thanhauser earned her MSW with a concentration in social and economic development and a specialization in policy. She has a background in state-level reproductive health policy and is currently the State Policy Associate at the National Abortion Federation, the professional organization of abortion providers, where her policy and advocacy work is informed by macro-level social work and reproductive justice perspectives.
Lucia Leandro Gimeno (They/Them or He/Him)
Lucia Leandro Gimeno is an Afro-­Latinx, trans masculine femme counselor/bruja/organizer. Lucia Leandro lived in New York City for 15 years organizing with queer and trans communities of color. He is the Director of the Queer & Trans People Of Color Birthwerq Project, an organization dedicated to mending the disconnect between trans justice and reproductive justice. An expert chilaquiles maker, fashion queen and movement builder, some people say you can even hear his laugh from a mile away.
Lyndon Cudlitz (He/Him)
Lyndon Cudlitz trains healthcare providers, community organizations, and others in providing relevant services for queer & trans individuals. As a result of this work, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Upstate NY are now successfully providing hormone access, as well as other trans-affirming reproductive healthcare. Lyndon’s 16 years in social justice advocacy and LGBTQ health education is strongly informed by his transfeminist and working-class perspectives.
Lynn Roberts (She/Her or They/Them)
Lynn Roberts’ current activism and scholarship examines the intersection of race, class and gender in adolescent dating relationships, juvenile justice and reproductive health policies; as well as the impact of models of collaborative inquiry and teaching on civic and political engagement. She is honored to be the mother of four amazing human beings (ages 19-37) and is in constant awe of her four grandchildren.
Madeline Blodgett (They/Them)
Madeline Blodgett is a researcher, advocate, and facilitator working to create sustained culture change around reproduction. Madeline is the Capacity Building Director at the Sea Change Program, partnering with artists, researchers, activists, and organizations to conceptualize, measure, and act on reproductive stigma.
Maelee Johnson (She/Her)
Maelee Johnson is the Founder of the nonprofit organization Phoenix Alliance Foundation and a Disability Rights Activists. Her work in the Disability Community ranges from media representation advocacy to reproductive and marital rights for people with disabilities.
Maggie Schreiner (She/Her)
Maggie Schreiner is an archivist and public historian, working at the intersection of archives, social justice, and community engagement. Maggie is currently a Project Archivist at New York University, and organizes with Interference Archive and Librarians and Archivists with Palestine.
Mai'a Williams (She/Her)
Mai’a Williams is a writer, editor, and visual and performance artist. It was her living and working with Egyptian, Palestinian, Congolese, and Central American indigenous mothers in resistance communities that inspired her life-giving work, radical mothering. She is author of two books of poetry, No God but Ghosts and Monsters and Other Silent Creatures and co-editor of the anthology, Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines.
Malaika Puffer (She/Her)
Malaika Puffer is a psychiatric survivor and subversive innovator who was politicized by her experiences as a survivor of the mental health system. She now spends her paid and unpaid time collaborating with others towards a more effective, respectful, rights-conscious, and just response to emotional distress. To this end, she is a co-founder and active member of the Hive Mutual Support Network, manages peer support services for a community mental health agency, and writes for the website Mad In America.
Margie Del Castillo
Marianne Bullock (She/Her)
Marianne Bullock is currently the Manager at Community Action's Family Center in Franklin Co. She is also a trainer with the Franklin Co. Community Birthworkers. She is a founder of The Prison Birth Project and served as lead doula with them for a decade. She was a lead organizer on Antishackling legislation & Paid Sick Days in Mass.
Marisa Pizii (She/Her)
Marisa Pizii is the Director of Programs with The Prison Birth Project. In addition to her work for reproductive and birth justice, Marisa has a deep commitment to the vision of a community where human rights and love are part of the core operating principles of people and policies.
Marlene Gerber Fried (She/Her)
Marlene Gerber Fried is a long time abortion rights and reproductive justice advocate, faculty director of CLPP, founding president of the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Abortion Rights Fund of Western MA, Co-author with Silliman, Ross and Gutierrez of Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Freedom, Recipient of the NNAF Vanguard Award, the Felicia Stewart Advocacy Award, SisterSong Women Warrior Award, Board Member of Our Bodies Ourselves.
Marlo Barrera (She/Her)
Marlo Barrera is a New Orleans native who began organizing what became the Reproductive Justice Action Collective in 2016. Please check out the Collective’s website! RejacNOLA.org
Mary Durden
Mary Durden is a queer, black woman fighting to uplift survivors of oppression. She volunteers for the Boston Doula Project, an abortion doula collective that provides nonjudgmental support for people experiencing abortion. She is also the Communications and Outreach Manager at Ibis Reproductive Health where she works on the Free the Pill campaign to make a birth control pill available over the counter in the US.
Marylouise Kuti
Marylouise Kuti works within New Mexico and the nation to provide safe platforms to increase access to education, resources and accurate information for expectant and parenting youth, their children, and organizational allies to ensure pregnancy prevention for young parents is not disrespectful and unjust to young families.
Maureen Callahan (She/Her)
Maureen Callahan is an archivist at the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, where she brings in new collections and connects communities with archives. She is committed to memory work as a path to justice, community, self-empowerment and a way to imagine a different future.
Melissa Mikesell (She/Her)
Melissa Mikesell is the Director of the Self-Induced Abortion (“SIA”) Legal Team, a consortium of organizations with an ambitious multi-year strategy to halt the criminalization of abortion, particularly in circumstances where a person ends their own pregnancy outside of the formal health care system. She has more than 15 years’ experience working in the social and economic justice movements and fighting for marginalized communities, including as the West Coast Director for a national civil rights and justice organization. She has co-authored a number of publications on SIA, including an amicus brief on behalf of Reproductive Justice organizations in Purvi Patel’s appeal, a legal primer on SIA, as well as an article on SIA that has been accepted for publication in the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law.
Miriam Yeung (She/Her)
Miriam Yeung is a proud, queer, AAPI, immigrant, woman activist from Brooklyn, NY who is raising her two daughters to be daring. She's spent most of her time at the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum and the NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center working on reproductive justice, racial justice, economic justice, immigrant rights, and LGBTI liberation. @miriamyeung
Miski Noor (They/Them)
Miski Noor is an organizer and writer based in Minneapolis, MN where they work as a Communications Strategist for the Black Lives Matter Global Network and a leader with the local Black Lives Matter--Minneapolis chapter. They are a graduate of the University of Minnesota where they studied Political Science and African and African-American Studies. As a Black, African, immigrant queer person, Miski is committed to working to create a world in which Black life is protected and our collective liberation is realized.
Misty Rojo (She/Her or They/Them)
Misty Rojo comes to prison abolition work after leaving home at 14 and ultimately leaving an abusive relationship at 23, only to end up serving a 10 year prison sentence. While incarcerated, Misty was mentored by true activists and survivors, learning the meaning of self-determination and resilience. Misty's work focuses on campaigns to build coalitions and bring about policy change using an intersectional prison abolition framework. Misty has sponsored two California state bills that directly impact people in CA women's prisons and their families, and continues to work in collaboration with CA RJ groups to expand reproductive rights and access to care in prisons.
Mohini Lal (She/Her)
Mohini Lal is the If/When/How Reproductive Justice Fellow at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF). She is a first-generation immigrant from Texas. Mohini graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law with a J.D. and certificates in Public Interest and Praxis Law. Mohini is committed to creating and implementing policies that provide culturally competent legal and social services.
Mollie Hartford (She/Her)
Mollie Hartford is a Childbirth Educator, a mother, and a Hampshire Alum. When she’s not knitting reproductive anatomy or hats that look like pigeons, she is working to make sure that mothers have the tools in place to care for themselves and their families, and that communities realize their responsibility in raising the next generation.
Monica Simpson (She/Her)
Monica Raye Simpson is the Executive Director of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. A native of rural North Carolina, Monica is deeply invested in southern movement building and the fight for Black liberation. She is also committed to birth justice as a certified Doula. Monica couples her activism with her artistry and created SisterSong's first program focused on creating innovative culture shift strategies. Because of her “artivism” Monica was named as a New Civil Rights Leader by Essence Magazine and chosen as one of Advocate Magazine’s 40 under 40 leaders.
Morgan Collado (She/Her)
Morgan Collado is a working class femme trans latina. She is co-director of Cicada Collective and assistant director of North Texas Abortion Support Network. She is also a facilitator, organizer, performance artist, and published poet of the book Make Love to Rage. Her work centers around leaving a legacy behind for girls like her who are often erased from history and movement spaces.
Morgan Hopkins (She/Her)
Morgan Hopkins creates synthesis between the state, federal, and field work of the All* Above All public education campaign. Previously, she worked at the National Network of Abortion Funds. Morgan has a B.A. with Honors in Psychology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a Masters in Psychology with a certificate in Women's Studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She is a proud member of the #BeyHive.
Morgan Williams (She/Her)
Morgan Williams is a high school student from Erie, PA who volunteers for Planned Parenthood. She attended the 2016 Youth Feminist Collaborative Camp at Hampshire College. She works within her local community volunteering and creating zines voicing her beliefs on intersectional feminism.
Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa (She/Her/They/Them)
Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa is a 25-year-old Kenyan organizer and poet in New Orleans, LA. She is an Anti-Racist and Reproductive Justice organizer who has spent most of her life living and writing at the intersection of arts, education and activism. In New Orleans, she organizes & advocates with BYP100-NOLA and Women With A Vision, does youth work & poetry with the New Orleans Youth Open Mic and Team Slam New Orleans (Team SNO) and is an African Culture/Fashion Blogger with Noirlinians. View her work at www.FreeQuencySpeaks.com & www.Noirlinians.com.
Mwende Katwiwa (She/Her or They/Them)
Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa is a 25-year-old Kenyan organizer and poet in New Orleans, LA. She is an Anti-Racist and Reproductive Justice organizer who has spent most of her life living and writing at the intersection of arts, education and activism. In New Orleans, she organizes & advocates with BYP100-NOLA and Women With A Vision, does youth work & poetry with the New Orleans Youth Open Mic and Team Slam New Orleans (Team SNO) and is an African Culture/Fashion Blogger with Noirlinians. View her work at www.FreeQuencySpeaks.com & www.Noirlinians.com.
Naomi Legros (She/Her)
Naomi Legros is the operations associate at the Reproductive Health Access Project and almost approaching a year with the organization. Her responsibilities support the backbone of the organization, from conference logistics, to HR coordination, website and SEO management, and coordinating RHAP's volunteer program. She is passionate about highlighting reproductive health disparities that are prevalent in communities of color and learning how to maintain intersectionality and inclusivity. Uplifting people of color, especially black womxn is the drive that keeps her going in these trying times.
Nargis Aslami (She/Her)
Nargis Aslami is a third year student at UMass Amherst majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a focus on reproductive rights and justice. She plans on going to law school in the near future and hopes to help build the resistance against the Trump administration. She loves coffee, feminism, and CLPP.
Natasha Vianna
Natasha Vianna is the co-founder of NoTeenShame.org and mom of @KidActivist.
Nathana Bird (She/Her)
Nathana Bird, M.A., is a mother from Ohkay Owingeh and Kewa pueblos in NM and the Women’s Leadership & Economic Freedom Program Manager at Tewa Women United. In the last 3 years with TWU, Ms. Bird has worked primarily with our A'Gin Healthy Sexuality and Body Sovereignty Project in local public and tribal schools.
Nelly Vianna
Nelly Vianna makes art and tells stories about kids in the movement.
Nelson Rafael Roman (He/Him)
Ward 2 City Councilman Nelson Rafael Roman was born and raised in Waterbury, CT. Councilman Roman moved to Holyoke in 2011 and immediately becoming immersed in the culture and fabric that makes Holyoke unique. Overcoming obstacles such as homelessness, contracting HIV and poverty, Councilman Roman immediately began giving back and organizing in the Puerto Rican and LGBT Communities. He has worked for or with many Holyoke Non-for-profits such as Enlace de Familias, New England Farm Workers Council, LightHouse Personalized Education for Teens, Valley Opportunity Council & Nueva Esperanza to name a few. He is currently the Administrative/Volunteer Coordinator for Lorraine's Soup Kitchen & Pantry in Chicopee.
Nicole Clark M.S.W. (She/Her)
Nicole Clark is a licensed social worker, independent consultant and Reproductive Justice activist who uses the RJ framework with nonprofits, government agencies, and community groups to design, implement, and evaluate programs, services and campaign that raises the voices and lived experiences of women and girls of color. Nicole is based in Brooklyn, New York.
Nikita Mitchell (She/Her)
Nikita Mitchell is the Director of Organizing for Black Lives Matter. She started in Black Lives Matter as a chapter member of BLM Bay Area. She believes in the power of this organization because of its ability to affirm Black Lives, while also disrupting the power dynamics that tries to ensure our termination. She started community organizing in high school around educational justice, and hopes to continue organizing, as it is our duty to win.
Noreen Khimji (They/Them)
Noreen Khimji is a desi/South Asian femme trans disabled artist, writer, doula, and community organizer. They are co-founder and co-director of Cicada Collective, as well as sole founder and director of the North Texas Abortion Support Network (NTX ASN), a practical support network that provides transportation and more to individuals seeking abortion in DFW.
Oriaku Njoku (She/Her or They/Them)
Oriaku Njoku, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Access Reproductive Care - Southeast, works at the intersection of abortion access and reproductive justice. She supports Southerners in navigating pathways to accessing safe, affordable, and compassionate abortion care through funding, practical support, and advocacy. She truly believes that we can and will create a cultural shift around how we talk about abortion in the South.
Pamela Merritt (She/Her)
Pamela Merritt is co-founder and co-director of Reproaction, a new direct action group forming to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. Merritt blogs at AngryBlackBitch.com, and is a founding member of the Trust Black Women Partnership. She has been a featured contributor on National Public Radio (NPR), and her writing has been published in the Chicago Sun-Times, Rewire, Rolling Stone, and The Guardian.
Parisa Parsa (She/Her)
Parisa Parsa is Executive Director of Essential Partners. Advancing the work of Public Conversations Project, Essential Partners offers facilitation and training for communities building the skills and courage to connect across differences of identity, ideology, and values. From abortion to Israel/Palestine to guns, our approach works with any issue where people find themselves at odds with friends, neighbors and family. We equip communities and their leaders to come together to build trust and understanding that can lead to new solutions, even where ideological agreement may not be possible. Parisa also is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and works with individuals and groups seeking to develop their ability to relate and build shared meaning across cultural differences. Parisa has been a Unitarian Universalist minister for 19 years, and lives with her family in Arlington, MA.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors
Patrisse Khan-Cullors is an artist, organizer and freedom fighter living and working in Los Angeles. She is one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter and a Senior Fellow at MomsRising.
Pilar Herrero (She/Her)
Pilar Herrero is a human rights lawyer working at the intersections of law and health. At the Center for Reproductive Rights, Pilar has worked collaboratively and creatively with a wide range of stakeholders to address racial inequities in U.S. maternal health. Her approach to law, policy and advocacy is informed by many years of community-building for social, racial, and reproductive justice.
Priya Ghosh (She/Her)
Priya Ghosh is an anti-violence activist, community organizer, and UMass student who’s performed extensive policy, advocacy, direct action, and support work for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. As President of CERC, she ran a 2-year campaign for the institution of a Survivor’s Bill of Rights to protect Title IX at UMass. Priya currently works as the Founder & Director of a grassroots nonprofit called The Survivor Justice Project.
Quita Tinsley (She/Her or They/Them)
Quita Tinsley is a fat, Black, queer femme that writes, organizes, and builds toward liberatory change in her home, the South. She is a columnist for Feministing, a board member of Access Reproductive Care – Southeast, and a member of Echoing Ida, a Black women and nonbinary folks’ writing collective of Forward Together.
Rachael Strickler (She/Her)
Rachael Strickler is a recent Hampshire graduate, where she concentrated in Reproductive (In)justice and the Carceral State, CLPP alumna, and mentee of Loretta Ross. Rachael is currently figuring out what the heck she's going to do with her life and looking forward to being published in the Radical Reproductive Justice Anthology later this year.
Rachel J. Brooks (She/Her)
Rachel J Brooks is a Training Coordinator at CoreAlign, where she works to ensure that all people have the resources, rights, and respect to make decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. Rachel also serves as the Steering Committee Chair for Healthy and Free Tennessee, a coalition working to advance sexual healthy and reproductive freedom across the state.
Rachel Rybaczuk (She/Her or They/Them)
Rachel Rybaczuk is as a queer, white, first-gen, working-class organizer and educator who advances social justice by leading trainings and workshops about class(ism) and race(ism), while highlighting the intersections of all forms of oppression. Rybaczuk’s consulting work with activists, educators, and non-profits is informed by her experience growing up poor in a racially diverse neighborhood in miami, as well as her queer feminist perspective on race, class, gender, and sexuality. she will brave new england winter walks if the right company is involved.
Rajani Bhatia (She/Her)
Rajani Bhatia's research interests lie at the intersection of reproductive technologies, health, bioethics and biomedicine. Her first book published by University of Washington Press on the topic of lifestyle sex selection is forthcoming.
Ramelcy Uribe (She/Her)
Ramelcy Uribe is an AfroLatina, regular degular girl from the South Bronx. She sees herself as a budding youth worker & intellectual, as well as a womanist and feminist in process. She is invested in making social justice work and education accessible to folks on the margins. As a believer in the ever-present magic of Womxn of Color, she hopes to continue to imagine, create, and take action to preserve, honor, celebrate, and expand the brilliance her community(s) has to offer.
Rev. Faye London (She/Her)
Rev. Faye London acknowledged a call to ministry with women to dismantle silence and stigma around about sexual abuse. She has done this work with churches in Tennessee before and since earning her Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School. In her capacity at SisterReach, Faye seeks to continue to broaden the conversation around women's bodies as participating fully in the Image of God.
Rev. Rob Keithan (He/His)
Rev. Rob Keithan is a faith organizing and training consultant specializing in reproductive health, rights and justice, intercultural communication, and congregational social justice programs. He is currently focused on long-term culture change related to abortion and reproductive health in ways that engage the complex issues related to religion, morality, and race.
Sadia Arshad (She/Her)
Sadia Arshad is a reproductive justice nerd working in health communications during the day and doing youth empowerment and community engagement work at night. She fell into this work by accident and couldn't be happier.
Sahar Pirzada (She/Her)
Sahar Pirzada is a graduate student with the University of Southern California Masters of Social Work program. She is the Programs and Outreach Manager for HEART Women & Girls and is passionate about creating safe spaces for Muslim survivors of sexual violence.
Sandra Criswell (She/Her)
Sasha Alexander (He/She/They)
Sasha Alexander. is a trans black/south asian, artist, educator, and healer whose worked at the intersections of lgbtq, youth, media, economic, gender and racial justice movements for almost 20 years. Sasha is the founder of Black Trans Media and works as the Membership Director at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP). Sasha uses the pronouns he/she/they and insists you mix it up.
Sean Donovan (He/Him)
Sean Donovan is part of the Western Mass Recovery Learning Community—mutual support and advocacy for and by folks who’ve experienced psychiatric diagnosis, trauma, hospitalization, oppression or just being different. He’s found much wisdom in this community facilitating Alternatives to Suicide and “queer-to-queer” support groups, advocating for rights alongside hospitalized folks and helping create films about chemical imbalance myth and power/oppression in the psych system.
Sebastian Margaret (They/Them)
Sebastian Margaret is an anti-ableism/disability justice community educator. A Disabled TGNC queer immigrant, they are kept deliciously exhausted and hopeful parenting a pair of gorgeous kids. They are passionate about the validity and glory of imperfect body/minds and eroding the exclusion and segregation faced by disabled folks in progressive spaces. Sebastian has been inserting/revealing disability justice issues into progressive movements, and supporting multi-issue capacity and vibrancy in disability communities for decades. sebastian@eqnm.org
Sequoia Ayala (She/Her)
Sequoia Ayala received her law degree and master’s degree in International Relations from the American University Washington College of Law and School of International Service, respectively. As the Law and Policy Fellow at SisterLove, Sequoia works collaboratively with community members, elected officials, and policymakers in advancement of the health, well-being, and human rights of Black women living with HIV/AIDS, those at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, and for all individuals who belong to marginalized communities that are severely and disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS, especially in the Deep South and Global South. Additionally, she is a Georgia licensed attorney who provides low-cost legal assistance in family law and immigration. A proud University of Georgia alumna and native Georgian, Sequoia resides in Atlanta with her husband and two sons.
Shanelle Matthews (She/Her)
Shanelle Matthews is an award-winning political communications strategist with a decade of experience in journalism as well as legislative, litigation, rapid response, and campaign communications. She serves as the Director of Communications for the Black Lives Matter Global Network, organizing to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people by building power and winning immediate improvements in the lives of Black people.
Shantell V. Gomez (She/Her)
Shantell V. Gomez is a member of California Latinas for Reproductive Justice’s Young Parent Leaders Council (YPLC). She is a fierce young parent advocate and proud momma to her 4-year-old son, Aidan. Shantell works part-time while studying English at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles and is planning on pursuing a master’s degree to obtain her teaching credentials.
Sharon Lagos (She/Her)
Sharon is a latina from Honduras studying pre-nursing as an international student. She is passionate about helping those in need.
Shawn Reilly (They/Them or Ze/Zir)
Shawn Reilly is in their final year at Vanderbilt University, where they study Human and Organizational Development, with a focus in education and social justice. While there, they have led a successful campaign to gain gender inclusive housing, and is currently organizing for living wages for union workers. Outside of school, Reilly's work centers around healing arts, education justice, labor organizing, and youth development.
Shelby Chestnut (They/Them or She/Her)
Shelby Chestnut is the Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy at the New York City Anti-Violence Project. For over a decade, Shelby has been organizing with LGBTQ people, people of color, and low income communities to address violence, promote access to resources, and affect local policy change that is for and by the people most impacted by oppression. Shelby holds a BA from Antioch College and an MS from the New School. Shelby is a member of the Assinibouine Nation in Montana. Shelby currently calls Brooklyn, New York home.
Stacy Torres (She/Her)
Stacy Torres Is a politicized healer who is working to provide culturally-relevant care that is responsive to her communities’ needs.She strives to uplift people of color by fostering a (re)connection to past, present, and future generations through our healing legacies and community connections. ​
Steph McCreary (She/Her)
Steph McCreary works as the Doula Project Coordinator for Tewa Women United in rural northern New Mexico. As an instructor of Kundalini Yoga, she is interested in how embodiment, meditation, and healing practices can be woven into our work within the social & reproductive justice movements.
Stephanie Croney (She/Her)
Stephanie Croney is an If/When/How Policy Fellow at the Black Women's Health Imperative. She recently graduated from Howard University's School of Law. She is passionate about child advocacy, intimate partner violence, and family court/foster care/child welfare reform.
Susan Yanow M.S.W. (She/Her)
A long-time reproductive rights activist, Susan Yanow works to expand access to abortion domestically and internationally. She is a co-founder of Women Help Women, an international organization that provides abortion and contraception services and supports women who are self-managing their abortions, and also works with a number of domestic projects that focus on expanding access to abortion.
Syrus Marus (He/Him)
Syrus Marus is a Vanier scholar, visual artist, activist, curator and educator. Syrus is a facilitator/designer at The Banff Centre and the inaugural artist in residence at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto. Syrus is a long time activist, and a core team member of Black Lives Matter - Toronto.
T.K. Tunchez (She/Her)
T.K. Tunchez is a full-time, multi-media working artist, market organizer, and stone worker. Her main spiritual and artistic discipline is currently focused on creating healing wearable art pieces that incorporate stone allies through her business, Las Ofrendas. She is a budding birth attendant, a mama of two amazing young people, and organizes markets that use alternative economic models to support women and community organizations.
Tabitha Skervin (Zie/Zir)
Tabitha Skervin is a Jamaican-born femme living on occupied Lenni-Lenape territory (i.e. Philadelphia). For the past 7 years, Tabitha has been organizing for environmental and social justice, grounding zir’s approach in a vision for collective liberation. Tabitha is currently Community Mobilization Coordinator at Women's Medical Fund, leading the fund’s advocacy efforts to eliminate all barriers to abortion access.
Taja Lindley (She/Her)
Taja Lindley is a healer, artist, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She is the Founder and Managing Member of Colored Girls Hustle, and a member of Echoing Ida and Harriet's Apothecary. Her writing has appeared in EBONY, Salon, Rewire and YES! Magazine. www.TajaLindley.com / www.ColoredGirlsHustle.com
Teodora Mejía Gaspar (She/Her)
Teodora Mejia Gaspar is a Mexican woman who has lived in Phoenix for 8 years. She is a grandmother and mother of two DACAmented daughters, a migrant, a woman of faith, an activist, and program coordinator for Family Acceptance with Trans Queer Pueblo. She works with migrant families of color to bring them on the journey toward LGBTQ migrant justice based on the principles of LOVE and ROOTED CULTURE.
Thanu Yakupitiyage (She/Her)
Thanu Yakupitiyage is a long-time immigrant rights activist, media professional, and cultural organizer based in New York City. She worked for the New York Immigration Coalition for close to seven years where she headed the organization's communications and media relations strategy. Through her work at NYIC, she became an immigration policy expert, using her skills in media and communications to shift narratives on immigration and immigrants themselves. She was a lead organizer in recent efforts to push back against Trump's executive orders in his first week in office that mandated a Muslim Ban and increased enforcement and raids against immigrant communities. Most recently, she has taken on the role of managing U.S Communications for 350.org and bringing a migration perspective to the critical work of climate justice. Thanu has an MA in communications from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a BA in critical media studies and international development from Hampshire College.
Toni M. Bond Leonard (She/Her)
Toni Bond Leonard is a reproductive justice activist and womanist ethicist who works at the intersection of religion and reproductive justice. She is one of the twelve founding mothers who coined the term "reproductive justice" in 1994. She has worked in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements for the past 25 years and has led an abortion fund, co-founded one of the first black women's reproductive justice groups, Black Women for Reproductive Justice, and has chaired the boards of the National Network of Abortion Funds and SisterSong. She is currently a member of the Advisory Committee for CLPP.
Tope Fadiran (She/Her)
Tope Fadiran is a writer whose work addresses the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in American culture. She is a research fellow with Political Research Associates, a progressive social justice think tank. Her work has been featured on TIME.com, The Guardian, Salon, Bitch Magazine, and other outlets.
Vanessa Flores (She/Her)
Vanessa Flores is a 17 year old Mexican-American high school senior from East Harlem, New York City. She is part of East Harlem Tutorial Program. Through this program she has done work in media studies such as EHT-TV and Tribeca Teaches where she promoted issues currently facing her community.
Verónica Bayetti Flores (She/Her)
Verónica Bayetti Flores is a writer, consultant, and cultural critic. She has led national policy and movement building work at the intersections of immigrants’ rights, health care access, police accountability, and LGBTQ liberation. She is co-host of Latinx music podcast Radio Menea, Managing Partner at the Center for Advancing Innovative Policy, and Co-President of the Board of Directors of the National Network of Abortion Funds.
Wendy Davis (She/Her)
Wendy Davis is a former Texas State Senator. Known for her 13 hour filibuster to stop a sweeping anti-abortion bill, Davis founded Deeds Not Words last year to empower young women as the next generation of gender equity activists.
Whitney Peoples (She/Her)
With fifteen years experience in feminist and critical race research, activism, and teaching, Dr. Whitney Peoples has spoken and written on the intersections of race, gender, and popular culture. She has published critical essays on topics including hip-hop feminism, advertising for oral contraceptives, and representations of women in African American film.
Wilberthe Pilate (She/Her)
Wilberthe Pilate is registered nurse who cares for newly postpartum mothers and parents and people experiencing high-risk pregnancy conditions. She is also an abortion doula with the Boston Doula Project. She loves thinking and talking about healing, magic, birth, and death. She’s a Pisces sun/Capricorn moon/Sagittarius rising. She got her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Umass Amherst in 2014.
Xautle Alba-Pizaña (They/Them)
Xautle Alba-Pizaña is a multiply disabled entity, pushing for single issue efforts to be developed into movements that see the human experience as complex as it truly is.
Yabundu Conteh (She/Her)
Yabundu Conteh is a senior at Democracy Prep Charter High School in Harlem, NY. Since attending Sadie Nash Leadership Project’s Summer Institute in 2013, Yabundu has become an unapologetic black woman ready to shake things up and incite change! She is a proud ELLA Fellow and 2016 Bezos Scholar. Her current work includes tackling gentrification in Harlem through the use of multimedia and dialogue.
Yong Chan Miller (She/Her or They/Them)
Yong Chan Miller has been working at the intersections of economic, racial, and reproductive justice for over 20 years. She lives in Oakland, CA.