zahra alabanza, cassius and marley

Zahra is a life enthusiast. She is a mother, organizer, creative, and adventurer. A project starting, wandering, overlover and outdoor junkie. She utilizes space curation, outdoor adventure, food justice, yoga(ing), and being a creative as the root of her community organizing efforts to enhance the quality of life among Black folk. Her work centers Black women and children and meets at the intersection of justice, living in one's values, healing, quality of life and Black Liberation. She is humbly a co-visionary of the Anna Julia Cooper Learning and Liberation Center where her insights and skills further the development of liberatory living and learning spaces. Currently she serves as the Conference Organizer for the Money for Our Movements National Conference, Co-Founder of Black Freedom Outfitters, and Red, Bike and Green-Atlanta. Cassius is the eldest of the #cassiusandmarley brother duo. He uses cooking, his artistic abilities, and humor to make people happy. He enjoys playing basketball and riding his penny board. In his spare time he likes planting garlic. marley is the youngest in the #cassiusandmarley brother duo. He loves people and talking. He likes drawing, building lego cities, and sharing random facts. He is excited about learning how to build and draw better.

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